Stardew Valley: Here’s How Many Purple Flowers and Starfish Are There

how many purple flowers and starfish are there in Stardew Valley

A lot of locations in Stardew Valley are a mystery when you first start playing the game. You will get familiar with Pelican Town soon enough, and more areas will open gradually when as you progress through the game. One such area is Ginger Island. It offers a lot of opportunities for exploration and a lot of puzzles. Once such a puzzle requires that the player knows the exact number of purple flowers and starfish that are on an island. For players who struggle to count them all, we’ve prepared this guide that covers an answer to this question as well as a short guide through the island. Before we start going through the details, let’s answer the main question first, how many purple flowers and starfish are there in Stardew Valley?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • There are 22 Purple Flowers and 18 Purple Starfish in total in Stardew Valley.
  • The answer is related to the Island Field Office that can be found on Ginger Island.
  • If you guessed wrong for any kind of reason the first time you were answering the survey don’t worry.
  • You will have plenty of opportunities to give them the right answer since you can guess once a day.

What is the Island Field Office in Stardew Valley?

The Island Field Office is a “building” located on Ginger Island. You can reach the Island Field Office as soon as you finish repairing the boat in the back room of Willy’s Fish Shop. When the boat is repaired, you can purchase a ticket to reach Ginger Island which is segmented into several areas Island East, Island North, Island West, and Island South. The Island Field Office is located in the Island North area. It has a similar function to the museum.

Island field office

The person who is in charge of the Island Field Office is Professor Snail, but the first time you enter the office you will not be able to find him, to interact with him and start collecting fossils for the Island Field Office you need to save him first from the nearby cave.


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What is the Field Island Office Survey?

The Field Island office survey is the survey conducted by Professor Snail. It requires knowing the exact amount of purple flowers and purple starfish on an island. If you don’t have nor time nor will to count them by hand, we have the answer prepared for you. There are 22 purple flowers and 18 purple starfish on the island. Once you’ve guessed correctly, you will be awarded 2x golden walnuts, 1 per question.

Golden walnuts are used as an in-game currency and their primary function is to unlock other areas of the island. Professor Snail is not the only source of golden walnuts, they can be acquired by killing monsters on the island as well as doing various other activities.
But you’ve probably figured that out since you need 1x golden walnut to reach the Island North area from the start.

Overall, the reward is not worth it if you plan on counting the flowers and starfish by yourself but using this guide, it’s basically free golden walnuts. You do need to, however, guess the answer correctly in order to get an ostrich incubator, but we will cover this in more detail later.

What should you donate to Professor Snail?

You should donate fossils to Professor Snail in order to unlock valuable rewards. Professor Snail has an affinity for fossils, he is looking for a lot of them which is why he set up the office on an island in the first place.
To be more specific he is looking for fossilized leg, fossilized ribs, fossilized skull, fossilized spine, fossilized tail, mummified frog, mummified bat, snake skull, and snake vertebrae.

The fossils are primarily found on Ginger Island by exploring various places of interest and exploring dig sites. When it comes to dig sites, the tracker profession might come in handy.

complete field island office

Turning in all fossils will result in valuable rewards, mostly consisting of golden walnuts with the addition of banana and mango saplings.
Once you’ve found all fossils you will be rewarded with a recipe for Ostrich Incubator.
With an ostrich incubator, you can hatch ostrich eggs to get ostriches.

And that’s pretty much it, we’ve covered the basic info you need to know about Ginger Island and the Island Field Office. As you can see the existence of the office revolves around you exploring and finding fossils from Professor Snail. Your exploration will not go unrewarded, however. The more fossils you find the more golden walnuts you will earn and in turn, you will be able to unlock other areas of Ginger Island.

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