Stardew Valley: Here’s How To Break up With Someone (& Pick a New Partner)

Can You Break up With Someone in Stardew Valley Pick a New Partner

Relationships with other NPCs are an important aspect of Stardew Valley. As you progress through the game and increase your disposition with certain NPCs you will be able to date them, marry them, and even have children with them. But what happens once you find another, more suitable NPC to build a relationship with? This is the question we will be addressing today. Let’s see, can you break up with someone in Stardew Valley and pick a new partner?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can break up with your partner in Stardew Valley by giving them a Wilted Bouquet.
  • Breaking up with your partner in Stardew Valley will result in reducing the relationship level to a mere 5 hearts.
  • Unlike divorce, NPCs take breakups a little less seriously so you will be able to interact with them normally and give them presents afterward. You are able to pick a new partner after breaking up with your old partner.

How do you break up with someone in Stardew Valley?

To break up with someone in Stardew Valley, you’re going to have to give them a Wilted Bouquet. This type of bouquet is used as soon as your relationship turns sour. It’s fairly easy to acquire one simply head to Pierre’s General Store, and once there buy an ordinary bouquet for 200 gold coins. Once you have the bouquet in your possession return home and place it into a furnace with coals. This will result in the bouquet turning into a wilted bouquet.

wilted bouquet item
Source: Wiki

Giving a wilted bouquet to your partner will result in a breakup immediately. Naturally, your relationship will suffer but not as drastically as it would if you were married and got a divorce. The relationship you have with your “ex” partner will return to 5 hearts but you will still be able to give them gifts and maybe even date them in the future.

Stardew Valley breakup
NPCs will be disappointed, but you will be able to restore your relationship with them

Can you pick a new partner in Stardew Valley after a breakup?

You can pick a new partner in Stardew Valley after a breakup, you can even date your old partner if you manage to raise the relationship high enough. As long as your previous partner doesn’t hate you and you can gift him or her, you can always woo them again.


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Can you get a divorce in Stardew Valley?

You can get a divorce in Stardew Valley albeit this is a bit more drastic and has more severe consequences when compared to a breakup. It’s also pricy.

divorce stardew valley
Divorce costs 50,000 gold

To get a divorce in Stardew Valley you’re going to have to visit Mayor’s Manor and select the option for divorce from the small book placed inside the manor. Selecting this option will cost you 50,000 coins, however, if you change your mind, you have the time to cancel the divorce until the end of the day.

What happens if you get a divorce in Stardew Valley?

Divorcing your partner will result in them moving out, and your relationship will suffer greatly. You will lose all hearts with that NPC and your interaction will mostly be focused on insults. The unique area that appeared at your farm after you’ve wedded your partner will disappear as well as will all of their stuff.

Any children that you had with your spouse will stay with you at your farmhouse.
Once you get a divorce you are barred from gifting a divorce NPC, they will constantly remind you about the failure of your marriage.
It’s important to note however that if you are by any chance expecting a baby with your partner and you decide to get a divorce during pregnancy, a child will never be born.

Can you remarry a divorced spouse in Stardew Valley?

You can remarry a divorced spouse, but it will cost you as well. To remarry a divorced spouse you will need to wipe their memory clear. Once you do that, you will be able to give them gifts, which will result in the two of you bonding again. To wipe the memories from your former spouse you need to go to Witch’s Hut, there you will find a shrine that allows you to do many sinister things. One of them is an option to wipe the memory of your former spouse. If you select that option, it will cost you 30,000 coins.

dark shrine of memory
Dark Shrine of Memory will allow you to wipe the memory of your former spouse for 30,000 gold

Once your former partner’s memories have been wiped clean, your interactions will change. You will be able to proceed with the NPCs like any other NPC that you’re just starting to interact with. You will be able to give them gifts, date them, even marry them, and have children together. The unique heart events, however, will not show, even if you complete all prerequisites, as those can be seen only once per save the file.


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Can you have multiple partners in Stardew Valley?

You can have multiple partners but you can only marry one NPC. When it comes to relationships, you can date the whole town at the same time, even while being married. There’s no penalty for dating several NPCs at the same time, as they seem to be clueless about it. If you’re married and you want to give a bouquet to another NPC, your current spouse will get severely jealous.

And that’s about it. Now you know that a lot of things are possible in Stardew Valley when it comes to relationships. You can date one, or several NPCs, and you can break up with them. If you decide to go down the path of marriage you can divorce them, remarry them again, and you can even date several NPCs on the side while you’re married. The takeaway however is that no matter what you decide to choose when it comes to breakups and divorces, it’s going to cost you, a lot.

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