Skyrim: Here’s How To Add Enchantments With Commands

how to add enchantments with commands

One great thing about console commands in Skyrim is that they allow you to do pretty much anything in the game if you know how to navigate them correctly. Some people use them for testing and experimenting; some use them for cheating. Whatever the reason is, it’s nice to have options. We’ve already mentioned you can do practically anything, and that includes enchanting, too. In TES IV: Oblivion you were able to create your own enchantments, sadly that mechanic was removed in Skyrim. The second best thing for making your own custom-enchanted items is by tampering with enchantments through console commands. Let’s see how to add enchantments with commands in Skyrim.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can add enchantments to your items in Skyrim with the use of two console commands.
  • Player.additem refID that will add a generic item with magic effect for you to disenchant, and playerenchantobject <object ID> <MGEF ID> <MGEF ID> (Optional)command that will apply your specified enchantment on the weapon of your choice.

How does enchanting with console commands work in Skyrim?

Enchanting through console commands in Skyrim works just like regular enchanting, so there are a couple of things to be aware of. First, the magnitude & strength of your enchantment will depend on your overall skill in enchanting. If your Enchanting skill is 50, the enchantments applied to your items will have 50% magnitude, 50 damage/+50 health/Magicka/stamina, and 50+1 sec duration. 

You can increase your enchanting skills through commands as well by using: 

AdvSkill enchanting

if the command has been executed successfully, your enchanting skill should be at 100. 

You can also add enchanting perks to your character through commands by using add perk <perk ID>. You can find enchanting perk ID’s on this link. For example, typing player.addperk 00108a44 will add Soul Siphon perk to your character.

It’s probably best if you don’t skip perks while adding them, make sure to always add perks in order in which you would activate them if you were spending your legitimate perk points. For example, before you add yourself Enchanter rank 3, Add ranks 1 and 2 as well. 


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You can also use the help command to find the perkID without having to alt+tab constantly. Simply type help “perkname” and you should be all set. Like this: 

add perk screenshot
If the “help” command gives you too many results you can scroll up and down through them with PgUp and PgDn keys

Next, add yourself a supply of filled grand soul gems by using the command player.additem 0002e4ff x (replace the x with a number of grand soul gems you need) 

How to Add Enchantments With Commands in Skyrim?

You can do it in two ways by using two separate commands, and we’re going to explain them both.

1. Add enchantments through player.additem refid 1 command

  1. type player.additem refID 1 
  2. disenchant the item that has been added to your inventory 
  3. Check your available enchantments they should be there 

Using player.additem refID 1 command will add an item with the wanted enchantment on it. For example with player.additem 000bd811 1 will add one Elven Battleaxe of Consuming to my inventory. I can disenchant this battleaxe to get an “absorb health” magic effect. It works for any generic enchanted item in the game. You can find the list of refID’s on this link or you can simply type help “item name” once again to get the needed refID.

absorb health enchantment

This is honestly my preferred way of getting enchantments since it’s pretty straightforward and easy to navigate.

2. Add enchantments through playerenchantobject <object ID> <MGEF ID> <MGEF ID (optional)>

The command playerenchantobject <object ID> <MGEF ID> <MGEF ID (optional)> is a bit more complicated to use since it requires multiple ID’s. Both item ID and enchantment ID. You can use the help command for both, even for enchantments, or you can visit this link.

For example, If I want to find out what is the enchantment ID for the shock damage effect. I’m going to type help “shock damage.” 

Now, If I want to enchant my Daedric dagger with a shock damage effect, I’m going to type

playerenchantobject 000139b6 0004605c  

one enchantment

This line will result in only one enchantment being applied to my Daedric dagger since I haven’t typed the other optional MGEF ID.

daedric dagger with one effect

If I want to add one more magic effect to my dagger, let’s say, frost damage, I will type:

playerenchantobject 000139b6 0004605c 0004605b

After executing this command a dagger will be added to your inventory that will have both shock damage effect and frost damage effect. 

daedric dagger with two effects

Enchanted items added through this command cannot be disenchanted since the game will register this like you already know this enchantment. 


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Before you attempt to use any of these commands, make sure you back up your save game while tampering with developer commands. A lot of things can go wrong that will make your game unstable.

And that’s pretty much it, a whole guide on how to add enchantments through commands in Skyrim. It’s always easier to enchant stuff the old-fashioned way, but cheats works as well, and we’re not judging!

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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