Minecraft: Here’s How To Copy & Paste Long Commands

How to copy paste long commands in Minecraft

It might seem simple to copy and paste a line of text in Minecraft, but if you’ve ever tried to do it in-game, you’ll have already noticed that it can get messy and opposite to what you’re already used to on Windows or a Mac PC. So, how do you copy and paste long commands in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To copy a long command in Minecraft on Windows, you’ll need to highlight the text and press CTRL + C, and to paste the command; you’ll have to press CTRL + V.
  • On Mac computers, you’ll copy by pressing Cmd + C and paste by pressing Cmd + V.

Copy-pasting long commands in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock Edition includes all versions of Minecraft coded in C++. Bedrock Edition Minecraft is the most played edition since it’s played on consoles and mobile phones.

On mobile phones, you can easily exit the game and copy a command outside of the game. Usually, you’ll do it by long pressing the text you want to copy, selecting the entirety, and then choosing the copy option. When you enter the game, you won’t be able to long press to get the paste option, so you want to find your clipboard where all your recent copies are located, including the command.

Clipboard on iOS phones

The icon for the clipboard is shown in the picture below. On iOS devices, the clipboard is classified as a shortcut, which means you’ll have to download the default app from the app store.

Then, while in the app, you want to navigate to the gallery located in the app and search for ‘clipboard.’. If you want to find the ‘adjust clipboard,’ tap on it to create a shortcut. You can then edit the clipboard’s contents within the app and paste the commands while in-game.

Clipboard on Android phones

finding the clipboard on Android phones can be tricky because it’s not a one-size-fits-all all situation like it is with iOS devices, but it should still be similar for most. My clipboard is in the upper row of my keyboard, so maybe try looking for it first.

Clipboard Minecraft PE

Copy-pasting commands on consoles

Again, highlighting text can differ from console to console, but let’s see how it’s done on an Xbox. You’ll highlight a given text by clicking A and then dragging the cursor through the text you’re trying to copy. Then, press the three dots button on your controller, which opens the options, and click on copy. You’ll open up the options again to paste the text as well.

On a PS4, you’ll highlight the text by holding down the X button, dragging your cursor through the text, and pressing the options button between the share and PS4 buttons. The rest is the same as the process for copy-pasting on an Xbox.

Highlighting commands in-game

The problem with copy-pasting long commands in Minecraft isn’t with copying or pasting the command. Before you get the chance to do all that, you’ll have to highlight the text, and if you ever tried taking the classic route of highlighting by double-clicking the text, you’ll have noticed by now that it leads to failure every single time.

I can’t begin to describe how many times I’ve wanted to copy a command in a game, only to realize I can’t and then have to search for it online to copy and paste it how you normally would. It’s frustrating, so how do you actually do it, or is it just a bug in the game?

It’s not a bug, and several ways exist to highlight the command in-game. Hold the shift button to highlight a given text and move your arrow keys up until the point you want to highlight. You want to ensure that your pointer is where you want to start highlighting.

Once you’re done, you click on the place where the pointer was and then continue as you would if you don’t want to keep the highlight. An easier way to highlight the whole text is to press CTRL + A, or if you’re a Mac user, Cmd + A.

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