GTA V: Here’s How To Eat Snacks (& How To Get Them)

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The Grand Theft Auto saga is one of the most iconic gaming titles that ever graced the community, and it is still popular among countless enthusiasts worldwide. However, getting your hands on some tasty snacks and using them in-game can be tricky – many fans still wonder how to eat snacks in GTA 5 and where to get them.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Some snacks in GTA 5 can be used to replenish health.
  • Snacks can be obtained from Convenience Stores for an upfront cost via properties such as Executive Offices and Facility Vending Machines and from the Auto Shop Snack Bar or Kosatka’s Kitchen.
  • Thanks to the Criminal Enterprise update, players can choose a snack to eat using the Interaction Menu or via the Weapon Wheel.

What are snacks in GTA 5?

Being Rockstar Games’ most renowned title to date, there’s plenty to love about GTA – from all of the wild adventures to the tiny details (and even infamous Easter Eggs for the most inquisitive gamers out there). The developers behind the Grand Theft Auto series have tried to fashion quite a few aspects that can be somewhat similar to real life.

Of course, there’s a ton of danger and threat for just about any player – GTA has a pretty hostile environment, comprising numerous missions, heists, fights with other players thanks to GTA 5’s Freemode, and much more. The various snacks featured in GTA 5 are one of these more realistic elements, as they are an amazing way of recovering some of your character’s health in the game.

Snacks come in numerous forms in GTA 5 and can be pretty easy to get your hands on. The most advantageous and disadvantageous consumables and snacks in GTA 5 have been detailed below – based on how much health they recover to players.

Good GTA 5 SnacksBad GTA 5 Snacks
P’s & Q’s, EgoChasers, Meteorite bars, and eCola. These snacks provide energy boosts and replenish health.Pißwasser and Redwood cigarettes. These do not replenish health and can be detrimental to player health in some cases.

Applying health kits and bandaids can be time-consuming and may not always be an option for every scenario. Snacks are extremely useful for cases where you need to replenish some health on the spur of the moment.

Where to find snacks in GTA 5?

GTA 5 players can get their hands on some snacks for free at certain locations. Snacks can be used on the spot, or they can be stored in players’ inventories to be used at a later stage. Below are the most notable locations to acquire snacks in GTA 5.

24/7 Convenience Stores (Upfront Payment)

Getting to a 24/7 Convenience Store is pretty simple in GTA 5, as they are clearly marked on the GTA 5 map. Players will need to head to a store, speak with the cashier, and use the prompt to get some snacks.

snacks in gta

However, this location will always require players to buy snacks. This is generally a more beginner-friendly option, as it makes snacks available to players who haven’t invested in properties yet.

Executive Offices

Executive Offices can be great for getting snacks free of charge. Executive Offices are purchasable property offices in GTA 5, and they typically have some basic snacks spread out on the front reception desks – players simply need to walk up to the reception desk and grab a snack on the go if needed.

Facility Vending Machines

Much like real life, vending machines can be the go-to choice for anyone seeking some storable snacks. However, in GTA 5, the best way to find some good vending machines would be to look out for Facility Properties, which are great investments as they feature multiple purposes in GTA 5.

vending machine gta

Players simply need to head over to the main lobby and grab snacks from the vending machines. This is yet another location that can give out free snacks as well, and it automatically restocks the supply for future use without any additional costs.

Auto Shop Snack Bar

The Auto Shop is a simple and easy place to get some snacks. A snack bar should be inside the shop, where you can get some snacks before heading out.

Kosatka’s Kitchen

This is a spot that many players overlook. All you’ll need to do is go and have a look inside the kitchen – you should find a few snacks you can use to replenish your health.

How to eat snacks in GTA 5?

Once you’ve gotten your hands on some snacks, it’s time to tuck in – or, prepare for the opportune moment. The process for eating snacks in GTA 5 is pretty easy, although it can differ depending on which gaming platform you are using.

meteroite bar gta

Eating snacks in GTA 5 only involves a few simple steps, but there are two main methods to follow. Below is a step-by-step guide for eating snacks in GTA 5 for PC and PlayStation 4 users.

Eating Snacks with the Interaction Menu

The first and most conventional method is via the Main Menu. This method will allow you to access all of your stocked snacks in the game, although it’s relatively slow when compared to the other available methods.

  1. Open the Interaction Menu in GTA 5.
  2. Select the Inventory option.
  3. Navigate to the Snacks tab.
  4. Select your chosen snack.
  5. This selection will launch an animation of your player eating or using the chosen snack.

Although this option may not always be on the table in every scenario, such as during a mission, fight, or heist, due to how slow it is, it’s still a solid method for eating snacks. Just remember to take cover before using this method if needed.

Other than the fact that you will need some protection, the animation of eating the snack can take even more time. Hiding behind objects or aiming while using this method can result in instant health replenishment without the animation.

Eating Snacks with Your Weapon Wheel

Rockstar Games was pretty innovative with the “Weapon Wheel” feature, which allows players to access their stored snacks – initially introduced with the Criminal Enterprise update back in July 2022. Players using PlayStation 4 and PC can use this method effectively in-game, as it’s quick and easy to put into practice, even in the trickiest situations.

  1. Press and hold on to the Weapon Wheel.
  2. The Wheel Menu will pop up alongside two additional single-button input options in the top left corner.
  3. The first option should say,Press C to eat a snack.” Players will simply need to press C, or the relevant button indicated on their console to launch the snack selection, choose a snack, and eat it on the spot.

Players should keep a good snack stockpile before going into missions or heists. But it’s an amazing way to simply have a bite and replenish your health on the spur of the moment without an animation, so it’s far more reliable than the slower method.

That’s everything there is to know about where to find snacks and how to eat them in GTA 5, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. Snacks are incredibly important in GTA 5, as they can save your character’s life in dire situations. While it can feel tricky to obtain snacks in-game, there are many simple and even beginner-friendly ways to acquire them – topped with versatile methods for eating snacks in different situations.

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