Diablo 3: Here’s How To Get the Furnace

how to get the furnace in diablo

Items are a vital part of progressing through Diablo 3. If you plan on taking up the most difficult encounters, you must be adequately equipped with the best items your level allows for. In the sea of various available items, one two-handed mace stands out from the rest – The Furnace. The Furnace is an extremely useful item, giving you the edge you need to advance through the games and clear the most difficult of waves. Still, it’s also important to come across, so, in today’s guide, we’ve decided to focus on acquiring it. Let’s see how to get the Furnace in Diablo 3. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The easiest way to get The Furnace in Diablo 3 is to craft rare two-handed maces and use Kanai’s Cube to re-roll them.
  • Please keep in mind that you need to be at least level 31 for it to drop, and you will probably fail on your first try, as the drops are heavily RNG-dependent.
  • It might take some time and gambling, but it’s pretty guaranteed to drop if you have the resources available. 

The Furnace is a legendary weapon

The Furnace is a legendary two-handed mace that drops as soon as you reach level 31. It has a unique legendary affix that states that it increases damage by 40 % (min) against elites. As you can see, it’s a pretty powerful weapon. It surpasses the Stone of Jordan, Bane of the Powerful, and Sun Keeper. The Furnace can be equipped by any class whatsoever, and this makes it usable for any class, offering that extra push when it comes to running greater rifts and dealing with especially difficult opponents. 


Its legendary affix is a perfect soul for power extraction with Kanai’s Cube. It’s needless to say, The Furnace is a greatly coveted item, it can drop regularly, but more often than not, RNG will not work in our favor, so we need to get creative. And by creative, I mean we will need to grind.


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How to get Furnace in Diablo 3? 

The fastest way to get Furnace in Diablo 3 is to use Kanai’s Cube to convert a random rare item into a random legendary item of the same level. To get The Furnace you will need a rare two-handed mace, and you will need to use Kanai’s Cube to upgrade it to a random legendary two-handed mace. This is a guaranteed drop as long as you have enough materials to keep conversions going. It might take you a few tries or a few dozen. Who knows. After all, RNG is the factor here, and it’s not something that we can directly affect. 

You will need to be at least level 31 for Furnace to drop, so keep in mind. Some players report that the fastest way to get The Furnace from Kanai’s Cube is to use a level 31 Witch Doctor since Witch Doctor has a limited pool of two-handed maces, but I’m not sure whether that’s something that has any real truth to it or it was simply pure luck.

Kanais cube upgrade

To upgrade rare two-handed mace into a legendary mace, you will need the following materials:

  1. An item that you plan on converting 
  2. Death’s Breath x25
  3. Reusable Parts x50 
  4. Arcane Dust x50
  5. Veiled Crystal x50

As you can see, the conversion calls for quite a lot of material, and by far, the biggest challenge would be farming Death’s Breath. This crafting material drops from “most challenging monsters.” Death’s Breath was added with the Reaper of Souls expansion, and it was an instant bottleneck for many players since the material is difficult to come across but needed for any significant progression regarding crafting and various conversions. 

Deaths breath

Death’s Breath drops from Elites, Treasure Goblins, and Resplendent Chests, and it’s an account-bound item, not character-bound. The fastest way to farm the material is on the highest levels of Torment, with Torments level 11-13 offering the highest chance for the second Death’s Breath to drop. 

How to extract power from the Furnace in Diablo 3?

We’ve mentioned that a Furnace is a popular choice when it comes to extracting power via Kanai’s Cube. This will allow you to extract the legendary affix from the mace and re-use it. Keep in mind that the item that you’ve extracted the powers from will be destroyed in the process and irretrievable. The process is not all that complicated, but it does require quite a few mats as well. To extract power from any legendary item in Diablo 3, you will need the following: 

  • An item that you wish to extract power from 
  • Khanduran Rune x1
  • Caldeum Nightshade x1
  • Arreat War Tapestry x1
  • Corrupted Angel Flesh x1
  • Westmarch Holy Water x1
  • Death’s Breath x5 

Kanduran Rune, Caldeum Nightshade, Arreat War Tapestry, Corrupted Angel Flesh, and Westmarch Holy Water and legendary crafting materials and, as such, drop from Horadric Caches. 

Don’t waste your mats on nonsense, especially when you’re extracting legendaries earlier in the game.

Extract power

As you can see, The Furnace is an extremely powerful weapon that you would want to get your hands on as early as possible in the game. You can always rely on regular loot tables, but this might take too much time and too much grind. To speed up the process of getting The Furnace, you can always craft two-handed maces and convert them to legendaries by using the Kanai’s Cube.


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This process calls for a lot of Death’s Breath, but it might be worth it in the long run since The Furnace will allow you to face more difficult opponents and, in turn, acquire more Death’s Breath. Once you’ve acquired The Furnace, you can again use Kanai’s Cube to extract its legendary power and apply it to any weapon of your choosing. This once again calls for a lot of rare and legendary mats, but it’s worth it. 

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