GTA 4: Here’s How To Set up Split-Screen (All Platforms & Alternatives)

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The Grand Theft Auto saga has been immensely popular for many years, acquiring millions of dedicated fans and players over the course of its running. Those who enjoy GTA 4 often prefer playing the game together, and numerous fans have been eager to find out if you can play GTA 4 in Split Screen mode on different platforms as a result.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • GTA 4 does not include an official Split Screen mode feature, although players can make use of Multiplayer Co-Op mods to get a similar result.
  • GTA 4 players can make use of the Multiplayer Mode feature for PlayStation and Xbox, which is not Split Screen, while GTA Online players have access to numerous multiplayer features.

GTA 4 Does Not Have an Official Split Screen Mode

Playing GTA 4 (GTA IV) is always far more enjoyable and entertaining when you have someone to join you on all your marvelous adventures, and Split Screen mode has been a classic feature among gamers for many years. However, with online gaming taking the world by storm, Split Screen features have become less and less common – and, often, impractical for many modern game titles in terms of development and practicality.

Unfortunately, similar to the case of enjoying a Split Screen Mode feature in GTA 5, GTA 4 does not have an officially developed Split Screen Mode at all. Some GTA 4 players that have Xbox Gold have stated that it may be possible for two players to play GTA 4 at the same time by using two controllers, involving the steps below.

  1. Head to your character’s phone in GTA 4.
  2. Press Multiplayer.
  3. Connect another controller to the console.

With that being said, the vast majority of GTA 4 players have found that it’s not possible for two players to play the game on one console with two controllers. It’s believed that enabling a Split Screen Mode in GTA 4 simply wasn’t possible and that a single Xbox or PlayStation console would not have been capable of continuously rendering two different sections of Liberty City simultaneously.

The only release that’s been known to have a Split Screen Mode is GTA: San Andreas (GTA: SA). However, many players do not enjoy this game as much in recent times, at least when compared to GTA 4 and GTA 5. Players are uncertain if the game will ever receive an update that enables an officially created Split Screen mode – but most fans are doubtful this would ever occur, especially considering how popular online multiplayer variations have become.

GTA 4 Split Screen Mode Alternatives

Although there is no way to officially play GTA 4 with the use of an official Split Screen Mode, there are still a couple of ways players can get a relatively similar gaming experience. The GTA community is vast, with many players, some of whom have devised alternative methods for playing GTA 4 with others.

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These methods involve additional approaches or alternatives, which can allow some multiplayer experiences with or without an actual Split Screen Mode. Below are the best-known methods for getting a great multiplayer experience in GTA 4.

Use Multiplayer Co-Op Mods (Split Screen Mode)

The only known method for setting up a Split Screen Mode in GTA 4 is through the use of Multiplayer Co-Op mods, which have been created by some skilled GTA 4 modders and fans worldwide. These mods will alter the game to an extent, although using mods always comes with relative risks.

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The Nucleus Coop Mod is an amazing way to get a Split Screen Mode experience in GTA 4. While it can be finicky to work with and get running, depending on your chosen gaming platform, players can manage to set up a Split Screen section for multiple players on one monitor or screen.

It allows players to enjoy hundreds of games in Split Screen mode for seamless and smooth coop gameplay. Players only need one gaming platform and one copy of the game in order for the Nucleus Coop Mod to work, and the mod has a large, supportive community that can help you resolve any issues encountered during the process.

GTA 4 Multiplayer Mode

Unlike previous installations within the GTA saga, GTA 4 does actually feature a Multiplayer Mode. This mode immensely expanded the multiplayer functions that were previously limited or absent altogether, allowing GTA fans to enjoy the game together.

Multiplayer in GTA 4 is only hosted on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Games for Windows on PC, and the game requires a working internet connection or it must be connected to a Local Area Network (exclusively for the PC version). The GTA 4 Multiplayer Mode supports up to 16 players on Xbox and PlayStation and up to 32 players on PC.

The multiplayer mode was removed from the PC “Complete Edition” updated version of the game on March 19, 2020, along with the online leaderboards, due to the end of support for Microsoft’s Games on the Windows Live platform. Despite this change, un-patched installations of the game should still have multiplayer enabled – so, players enjoying GTA 4 on this platform might still be able to use the official Multiplayer Mode feature.

With that being said, this Multiplayer Mode feature primarily makes adaptations to the gameplay experience overall, with changes in how pick-ups and armor are deployed across the map, ammunition caps, waypoints, sprinting capacity, and much more. But, it does not add a Split Screen Mode feature for players trying to enjoy the same game session on one console or monitor.

Play GTA Online

Switching from GTA 4 to GTA Online may be an amazing option for players who really love playing the game with others. While GTA Online does not feature an official Split Screen Mode either, and mods should never be used in GTA Online, players can definitely get a seamless multiplayer experience alongside a range of different multiplayer features.

That’s everything there is to know about playing GTA 4 in Split Screen mode. GTA 4 players can play GTA 4 in Split Screen mode using mods, or enjoy GTA 4’s multiplayer mode where applicable. But, switching to GTA Online offers the best experience in terms of multiplayer gameplay – while this version does not feature a Split Screen mode either, players will benefit from this version’s seamless interfaces and social interaction.

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