Here’s When And Where You’ll Be Able To Watch Marvel Shows Once They Leave Netflix

Marvel fans who are subscribed to the still biggest streaming service — Netflix — were shocked earlier this month when they found out that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, and The Defenders will leave Netflix on February 28.

Back in 2015, Netflix started their own franchise of Marvel shows which were canonized as the sub-part of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. These shows might’ve even lasted to this day if Disney didn’t take back the rights and brought all the characters back under Marvel Studios’ umbrella, which resulted in all the shows being ended at Netflix.

The fans weren’t happy with that outcome, so they started online petitions and campaigns to bring the shows back, particularly Daredevil, for more seasons on some other streaming service (Disney+ or its sister site Hulu), or at least bring the characters back through other MCU projects. Those wishes were partially granted when Charlie Cox reprised the role of Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Vicent D’Onofrio returned as Kingpin in Disney+ series Hawkeye.

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Now, it seems like Netflix will lose everything Marvel they have. On February 28, all Marvel shows made for Netflix will be taken down, but no worries, every show will be added on Disney+ on March 16, according to a press release released by Disney+, and shared by Twitter account Shahbaz – The Movie Podcast.

How many Netflix users will cancel their subscription and move to Disney+ due to this big change, remains to be seen. Of course, not every Netflix user is a Marvel fan, but Marvel shows were some of the most popular shows Netflix ever created. With those shows being back at Disney+, the House of Mouse will surely take another victory in this so-called war of streaming services.

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