Fallout 4: Here’s Where the Game Saves Screenshots

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Open-world games have always been a perfect opportunity to capture landscapes and various gear you have acquired while roaming its vast worlds. Even though Fallout 4 was never known for its amazing graphics, over time, things have changed, and now the game is pretty much filled with amazing opportunities to capture beautiful screenshots, thanks to the modding community. The first step is capturing screenshots, and the second one is finding them, and this is why we’ve decided to prepare this guide. Let’s see where Fallout 4 saves screenshots. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • If you’re playing the Steam version of Fallout 4, screenshots can be found in Steam’s userdata folder.
  • If you want to capture a screenshot the old-school way via the “print screen” key, those screenshots can be found in the Fallout 4 root folder.  
  • Screenshots on PS4 and Xbox One can be captured via the “Share” button on the controllers.

How do you take a screenshot in Fallout 4? 

If you’re playing Fallout 4 on Steam, the most straightforward way to take a screenshot is to press the F12 key on your keyboard. Taking screenshots this way will upload them automatically to your Steam library most of the time, and you will have the opportunity to view them and organize them through Steam’s user interface. Most of the players are satisfied with this system, as Steam offers you the opportunity to share your creations with the rest of the world instantly, and it saves them forever if you choose to upload them to a cloud. 

For players who choose that navigating the Steam app is too much of a hassle, you can always take Fallout 4 screenshots the old-school way by using the PrtScr key. The same goes for players who have non-Steam copies of the game and don’t have the option of managing their screenshots through the app.  

Alternatively, you can take a screenshot (and edit them) through Nvidia Experience and AMD software that comes with your graphics card drivers. 

To take a screenshot via Nvidia Experience, simply press ALT+F1 or ALT+F2. You can remap those keys to something else at any time. 


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Some games have support for Nvidia Ansel, which is an extremely useful screenshot editing tool built into the driver that allows you to change the game scene and add certain effects to the screenshots in order to make them even more visually appealing. 


For gamers who decide to go for AMD graphics, fear not, as the driver has similar gimmicks. You can take a screenshot via AMD’s game overlay by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+I, and similarly to Nvidia Experience, that key can be remapped. 

amd screenshots 1300x619 1

When playing Fallout 4 on the PS4 or PS5 console, all you have to do to take a screenshot is to press and hold the “SHARE” button on your controller. The same goes for Xbox One. You can video-capture moments from the game through the same button, although you need to hold it longer. 

Where does Fallout 4 save screenshots? 

The location of Fallout 4 screenshots depends on what kind of application you’re using to take them, so it would probably be best to use a single option at the time since organizing several screenshot folders and keeping a tab on them all seems burdensome. 

  1. If you’re playing Fallout 4 on Steam and you’re using Steam to take screenshots, you can find them C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\ folder. You can likewise access screenshots through Steam’s UI by selecting the “manage screenshots” option. Once there, you will get to choose the “show on disk” option, which will automatically open the folder that holds all your Fallout 4 screenshots. 
  2. For non-steam copies of the game, your Fallout 4 screenshots can be found in the root folder of the game. Usually, it’s C:\Games\Fallout 4, depending on where you’ve installed the game. The screenshots are always in the same folder as your “Data” folder, and they are saved in .bmp format. 
  3. If you’re using Nvidia Experience or AMD software to take screenshots, they can be found in  C:\Users\Name_of_your_PC\Videos\Fallout 4 directory. Nvidia Experience screenshots can also be navigated through the in-game overlay by pressing ALT+Z. The videos taken in both programs can be found at the same location, even though both programs might create an identical folder to store their output. 

And that’s pretty much it. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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