GTA Online: Here’s Why You Can’t Unlock Car Upgrades Solo

Heres Why You Cant Unlock Car Upgrades Solo in GTA Online

Although the Grand Theft Auto saga is packed with a spread of amazing activities and content, this gaming title has always had a major focus on cars. Players can access numerous car upgrades in-game, but many fans still wonder if you can unlock car upgrades in GTA 5 Online solo.

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  • Unstocking car upgrades in GTA 5 Online solo is impossible, as solo races will not count toward unlocks.
  • Players can host and “trade wins” with others to unlock car upgrades, ideally using the Criminal Records race choosing “Non-Contact,” and players can hit start as soon as the minimum number of players have joined to reduce the time between races.

How to Unlock Car Upgrades in GTA 5 Online Solo

Fans have found that it’s impossible to unlock the Los Santos Customs car upgrades in GTA 5 Online by playing completely solo. This is because even some of the most “solo-friendly” races that unlock car upgrades require a minimum of 2 players.

How to Unlock Car Upgrades in GTA 5 Online Solo

The solo races available in GTA 5 Online can be completed, but they will only offer rewards such as RP and cash. As such, many solo GTA 5 Online players can find the process pretty frustrating – especially when it’s hard to win races with experienced players that one often finds in the lobby.

Some fans have stated that it’s possible to unlock many of the car upgrades by simply purchasing an auto shop, such as the Strawberry Auto Shop, after which they should complete a few missions. However, numerous players have stated that this does not work for them.

Trade Wins with Other GTA 5 Online Players (Best Solo Setup)

While racing alone will not count toward unlocking the car upgrades, solo GTA 5 Online players can still unlock car upgrades by “trading wins” with others. All players must do is complete any of the available Land Races in GTA 5 Online, which allows the use of all land vehicles – including motorbikes, cars, trucks, utility vehicles, SUVs, compact vehicles, and much more.

gta car desert

Players can select certain races to make the process easier and choose specific settings to increase the odds of winning. One of the best races to participate in is the Criminal Records race, ideally with it being set to Non-Contact (as Slip-Streaming and Catch-Up are not available) with no Custom Cars.

To get complete customization control over the races, players must ensure they host the race. Follow the steps and tips below to set up this race in GTA 5 Online.

  1. Select Non-Contact Racing Mode, located on the top part of the menu, where players can select between the GTA Race, Standard Race, or Rally Race.
  2. Set Custom Cars to “None” and Laps to “1” for the shortest race possible in terms of time. Players will need to practice timing their presses to get Boost Starts.
  3. Reduce the odds of competition by pressing “START” as soon as someone joins the session, as this will ensure that only the minimum number of players participate in the race. This will reduce the waiting time before each race and make winning easier, as players only need to focus on beating one opponent. Since the race is Non-Contact, players must rely on their instincts and driving skills.
  4. Increase the odds of winning by getting a headstart. Players should hit the gas as soon as the “GO” has fully faded.
  5. The Criminal Records track is not completely circular, and certain points have slightly tighter turns than others. Players can tell the difference in turns by counting how many “>>>>” signs there are. Two arrows or more indicate a tighter turn, so players should let go of the gas for a second and pull their stick Right before resuming acceleration. For the tightest double-row turn, drive on the lawn on the right side of the track for a perfect turn.

There’s still a ton of room for customization, primarily concerning which car class is chosen. Players found a presumed glitch a few years ago, where choosing the Super Car class would also result in unlocking the same car upgrades for other classes.

As a result, countless GTA 5 Online players started spamming “Super” in the lobby, eager to participate for some quick and easy unlocks. But it’s unknown if this still stands today – some fans claim it still works, while others claim players must complete the necessary races and unlocks for each class.

One will still need to wait around hoping other players will join, but numerous forums can act as a hub for solo players who just want to trade wins in-game. Players will need to win many races to unlock all of the available performance modifications in GTA 5 Online, so it will still take time even with others -although the Criminal Records race can be completed in about 30 seconds on average, cutting down a ton of time.

Can You Get Turbo Racing by Yourself in GTA 5 Online?

Much like unlocking car upgrades in general, players will not be able to unlock Turbo by playing solo in GTA 5 Online. Players will also need to complete races with others as needed, ideally through hosting and “trading wins,” after which they will unlock the Turbo upgrade.

That’s everything there is to know about unlocking car upgrades while playing solo in GTA 5 Online. Although this method takes time and requires other players, it’s simple and can be extremely helpful for any solo GTA 5 Online player.

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