GTA V: Is Los Santos Customs Always Closed? Here’s How To Fix It

gta 5 los santos customs closed

The mechanics at Los Santos Customs can be a real helping hand for just about any Grand Theft Auto player – of course, when the shop’s actually open. Quite a few players have found that Los Santos Customs always seems to be closed for no apparent reason in their GTA 5 playthrough, and many are curious to find out how to fix it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Los Santos Customs will be temporarily closed if the store is damaged or if the mechanic is killed in GTA 5 and GTA Online, but some players may experience widespread issues due to bugs, glitches, and errors.
  • These encounters may range from a particular Los Santos Customs location being closed to some or all of them, and players may be able to resolve the issue by restarting GTA 5, reinstalling GTA 5, disabling GTA 5 mods, or completing a short mission.

Los Santos Customs in GTA 5

While the GTA 5 saga certainly flaunts a ton of incredible content for fans, including amazing missions and heists and some awesome events for GTA Online players (such as the weekly Prize Ride Challenge), cars are undoubtedly the backbone of the entire franchise. Whether it be flashy sports cars, luxury vehicles, or stylish off-roaders for rugged terrain, there’s a vehicle cut out for just about every GTA 5 player.

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Los Santos Customs is one of the most beneficial locations for players. As a result, offering a range of amazing upgrades for vehicles of all calibers – including mods, custom wheels, and even some handy features such as Tracking and Insurance in order to keep your beloved vehicles safe in GTA 5. This vehicle customization shop is featured in GTA 5 and GTA Online, loosely based on West Coast Customs, which is located in Los Angeles.

Why Is Los Santos Customs Closed in GTA 5 & GTA Online?

Players may find that Los Santos Customs is not always open, which can be quite annoying at the best of times, and even more so if you’re trying to sell a car in GTA 5. This is particularly confusing for many players since Los Santos Customs is supposedly open 24/7, topped off with a mechanic that’s only a phone call away.

This issue is vastly different from cases where the mechanic is not working, which is primarily indicated by the message “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied.” In these cases, the mechanic will usually get back to work as soon as the player has paid him, relocated to a spot near a usable road, or has made themselves available outside of missions, but things are more complex when the actual Los Santos Customs shop is closed altogether.

los santos customs closed

There are a handful of reasons why Los Santos Customs shops may be closed in both GTA 5 Story Mode and GTA Online, indicated by the message “Los Santos Customs is closed. Please come back later”. For the most part, Los Santos Customs will close their doors and will not allow players inside if they have a wanted level and have already been spotted by the police.

However, particularly in GTA Online, the Los Santos Customs store will be closed if the shop is damaged or vandalized by players and if the mechanic is killed by a player.

In these cases, the Los Santos Customs shop will remain closed until the player leaves the area, and players will need to wait until the mechanic respawns. However, there are some cases where players may encounter multiple closed Los Santos Customs stores for no apparent reason, and it’s believed these cases are attributed to bugs, glitches, and errors.

Players have encountered numerous variations of this issue. Some players have found that certain Los Santos Customs locations may be closed around the clock, while others have found that the problem is widespread in their GTA 5 Story Mode playthrough.

In some cases, all of the Los Santos Customs stores may be closed as a whole, and some players have found that the store locations have even disappeared from the map entirely. This can be incredibly infuriating for players simply trying to get through GTA 5 Story Mode, especially since this issue may automatically fail missions requiring fixing vehicles.

How to Get Los Santos Customs to Open in GTA 5 & GTA Online

If the problem is caused by the store being damaged or the mechanic being killed, most likely in GTA Online, players will simply have to wait it out. This may occur even without the player knowing, as many players enjoy placing bombs at Los Santos Customs entrances in GTA Online – simply for fun.

los santos customs 3

Unfortunately, there is no known method that’s guaranteed to fix the issue of Los Santos Customs being closed in GTA 5 Story Mode. Cases caused by bugs, glitches, and errors are tricky to resolve from the player’s end, and Rockstar Games has yet to provide any solid advice for fans experiencing this issue.

At the time of writing, there are only a few methods players can try to fix Los Santos Customs locations being closed as a result of a bug, glitch, or error. While none of the methods below are guaranteed to work, they’re certainly worth a try.

1. Restart GTA 5

Some fans have reported that the age-old gamers’ trick of restarting the game works, although most have found that this does not solve the problem. A handful of players who have restarted their playthrough have found this solved the problem, but some encounter the issue at the same point in GTA 5 Story Mode each time.

2. Reinstall GTA 5

Players have noted that reinstalling the game may help using removing potentially corrupted files. However, many players have also stated that this method only works for a while, after which the same issue will simply return.

3. Disable All Mods

It’s well-known that using GTA 5 mods will automatically risk the inner workings of the actual game, as clarified by Rockstar Games themselves. GTA 5 players adore using mods in Story Mode to enhance their overall experience – but the developers have openly warned that, since mods are game-breaking by nature, using GTA 5 mods can have unforeseen effects.

One of these unforeseen effects may be the aforementioned error with Los Santos Customs being closed – whether it be one location, some locations, or all locations on the entire map. It would be worth a try to disable GTA 5 mods (or potentially uninstall them if necessary), at least to check if it makes a difference.

4. Complete a Short Mission

While this method may seem too good to be true, some players have reported that it actually does the trick. A few players have stated that the problem appears to be resolved after completing a short mission in GTA 5 Story Mode, as Los Santos Customs locations begin reopening.

That’s everything there is to know about why Los Santos Customs may be closed in GTA 5 and in GTA Online, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. Even though this has been an ongoing problem for many players in GTA Story Mode, a few fans have resolved the issue on their own using some of these methods.

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