‘House of the Dragon’: Is Aegon II Dead and Did Aemond Killed Him?

Aegon II death

‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 recently released its 4th episode. We’re finally seeing the war between dragons and Targaryens in full scale as the latest episode cost Rhaenys and Meleys their lives.

One of the most interesting moments in the episode was when Aemond Targaryen arrived at Rook’s Rest on his monstrous Vhagar. At that moment both Criston Cole and Aegon II thought that the day had been saved. However, at one point Aemond decided to point Vhagar’s fire in the direction of his brother and Sunfyre.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with both Aemond and Cole finding Sunfyre and Aegon II in disastrous condition, but no one revealed what the fate of the young king was. Well, if you’ve read the book you know that Aegon II did indeed survive this ordeal, but it had bad consequences for his health and mental stability overall.

Following the battle of Rook’s Rest Aegon II was scarred and twisted beyond belief.

King Aegon II did not die, though his burns brought him such pain
that some say he prayed for death. Carried back to King’s Landing in a
closed litter to hide the extent of his injuries, His Grace did not rise
from his bed for the rest of the year. Septons prayed for him, maesters
attended him with potions and milk of the poppy, but Aegon slept nine
hours out of every ten, waking only long enough to take some meagre
nourishment before he slept again. None was allowed to disturb his
rest, save his mother the Queen Dowager and his Hand, Ser Criston
Cole. His wife never so much as made the attempt, so lost was Helaena
in her own grief and madness.

Fire and Blood

The same can be said for Sunfyre as well, the dragon was almost executed so that she may be spared from suffering but Maesters eventually decided against it. Aegon II was not fit to rule so Prince Aemond took over as lord regent until his brother recovered. Aegon II at one point started refusing milk of the poppy convinced that his brother and his mother were plotting against him, he grew bitter annoyed, and insane due to being unable to rule his kingdom and everyone looking down on him due to his physical state.

Aegon II eventually flies to Dragonstone and captures the castle in his sister’s absence, this event led to Rhaenyra’s eventual death, as Aegon II fed his dragon Sunfyre with Rhaenyra.

Following Aemond’s death during Battle Above the Gods Eye, Aegon II once again assumed the throne, though still heavily twisted and injured. Once Rhaenyra was out of the way the Dance of the Dragons was seemingly over, but it seems his new council, primarily Lord Corlys Velaryon who decided to betray Rhaenyra, Larys Strong and Ser Perkin the Flea considered him too emotionally unstable to rule and decided to poison him.

Aegon II was poisoned while he was drinking his favorite wine, Arbor Red, it was never proved who exactly ordered the death. When Lord Stark arrived in King’s Landing, he arrested those involved in the king’s death. Grand Maester Orwyle was executed for providing the poison, Ser Gyles for allowing the king’s death, and twenty-two others were also judged complicit, mostly from Perkin’s command. Corlys Velaryon confessed but was spared due to Alysanne Blackwood’s persuasion. Larys was executed, and Perkin was sent to the Wall.

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