How Did Ahsoka Get Her Second Lightsaber?

How Did Ahsoka Get Her Second Lightsaber

Ahsoka must be a favorite character to many, so it is only natural we wish to dissect even the smallest things done in Clone Wars. Why two lightsabers? How did she get them? Ahsoka Tano is definitely the character who can yield more lightsabers than only one. We bring you the full story.

Ahsoka got her second lightsaber from Anakin, as a gift. She was, after all, under his mentorship. This lightsaber is very similar to Yoda’s. Ahsoka was a skilled duelist and was able to use two lightsabers, unlike many Jedi.

To find out why was Tano given the second lightsaber, where did she get it from, when, and in which episode (so that you know when to expect her new look), keep reading! Get to know your favorite Jedi even better.

How Did Ahsoka Get Her Second Lightsaber?

Ahsoka Tano used a green-bladed lightsaber as a Padawan, often with a non-standard reverse grip. Under Anakin Skywalker’s mentorship, Ahsoka honed her dueling skills and developed a second green-bladed lightsaber with a shorter, shoto-style blade.

She used this lightsaber with a shorter blade to supplement her primary weapon. Ahsoka used a pair of new lightsabers with white plasma blades during her time with the uprising.

Anakin offered it to her as a present.

The second lightsaber is identical to Yoda’s, although it is a lightsaber shoto blade rather than a regular lightsaber. Shoto blades are half a meter long and are designed for people of short height, such as Yoda. They were also designed as an offhand weapon for those who wished to duel.

Its short length provided more flexibility, preventing the blades from being entangled. It was given to Asoka by Anikin because he thought it would help her block blaster fire more effectively, which it did. It also prepared her for the future as she grew older.

You may have seen Ahsoka in the rebel cartoon series “Fulcrum.” She is holding two white-glowing sabers.

She uses force to detect the harmonics of the crystals that are faithful to her in the book AHSOKA. She is led to them in order to discover that they are in operation.

They have been tainted by the dark side and twisted against their will to be used by an inquisitor. They shine white as she successfully frees the crystals to be used at their own will.

Where Did Ahsoka Get Her New Lightsabers?

How Did Ahsoka Get Her Second Lightsaber

Anakin gave them to her.

After assisting in the rescue of Baron Papanoida’s daughters, Ashoka chose to learn Jar’Kai, the dual lightsaber fighting style.

Her master suggested them after seeing her success with her lightsaber and believing that getting a second saber would further augment her innate agility and offensive capability.

When the Clone Wars began, Jedi lightsabers were only used for ceremonial purposes, and they didn’t see much action.

When a full-fledged battle broke out with Jedi at the helm, lightsabers were critical.

Anakin found that if Ashoka had a shorter, secondary lightsaber, she would be more effective in battle. So Anakin took care of it.

When Did Ahsoka Get Her Second Lightsaber?

Tano then used the lightsabers on missions such as the one to Mortis, where the blades had little impact on the family of Force wielders who lived there.

Tano dueled her master on Mortis after being brainwashed to the dark side by the Son. She later engaged with the sabers in the battle of Lola Sayu, despite the fact that she had not been assigned to the campaign.

Tano, along with Skywalker and Jedi Master Plo Koon, participated in an assault on a Separatist fortification during the Second Battle of Felucia.

Tano’s mission was to scale the fort’s back wall, accompanied by clone troopers from Plo’s 104th Battalion, including Sinker, Boost, and Comet.

However, after all of the troopers had climbed the tower, Tano was ambushed with an electrified net gun by the Trandoshan hunter Lo-Taren, who was looking for living prey for a cruel pastime.

In the tenth episode of the third season, “Heroes on Both Sides,” they gave a few characters new looks, including giving Ahsoka a second lightsaber.

Ahsoka’s white lightsabers first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels season one finale, “Fire Across the Galaxy.”

According to one of the show’s writers, Dave Filoni, the lightsaber blades are white to represent her lack of association with the Jedi or Sith.

The first time we see Ahsoka with two lightsabers is in the episode Heroes on Both Sides, as they gave her a concept upgrade.

What Episode Did Ahsoka Get Her Second Lightsaber?

In the tenth episode of the third season, “Heroes on Both Sides,” they gave a few characters new looks, including giving Ahsoka a second lightsaber.

We see her use two lightsabers in combat for the first time in Altar of Mortis when she fights Anakin and Obi-Wan while under the control of the Son.

They never say how she got her secondary shoto, but it’s thought she designed it herself and received training in Jar’Kai. Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka all received new role models in the season three episode ‘Pursuit of Peace.’

She obtained a second lightsaber and learned how to use it, believing that it would enhance her skills.

She was extremely deadly with them in season 4. Because of the show’s stand-alone, snapshot format, most of her learning took place off-screen. It was most likely dismissed as unimportant.

The blades of the lightsabers are identified as green in Ahsoka’s flashback after the Siege of Mandalore.

However, in the episode “Old Friends Not Forgotten,” Anakin returns the lightsabers to her with blue blades prior to the siege.

The portrayal of the lightsabers was updated in later versions of the novel to reflect the television episode.

Why Does Ahsoka Have Two Lightsabers In Clone Wars?

How Did Ahsoka Get Her Second Lightsaber

According to the official Star Wars website, Ahsoka uses two sabers because she is a “professional duelist.”

They say she “made a second green-bladed lightsaber with a shorter, shoto-style blade,” which she uses to “complement her primary weapon.”

Like the Vaapad combat pose, wielding two blades or a double sword was commonly regarded as too effective for a Jedi to contain.

Mace Windu was the first Jedi to use Vaapad, and his ability to concentrate the dark side of the force to do so was exceptionally rare.

The concept of bonding kyber crystals with its owner was introduced in Star Wars canon, with dark side Force users making them red and light side Force users able to create green, blue, purple, black, and orange.

However, since the kyber crystals Ahsoka was using were already white, the process of purifying them resulted in the unusual white lightsabers.

In canon, all of the lightsaber shades have meanings, such as blue reflecting courage. 

Why Ahsoka has two lightsabers instead of one, as most Force users do, can be traced back to her days as a Jedi padawan.

Like several others, Ahsoka began with a single sword, but she finally forged a second, shorter blade. This is a signature of Ahsoka’s combat style, which she has continued to use several years later.

Ahsoka isn’t the only character in Star Wars canon who regularly wields two lightsabers, but she is the most visible. 

However, most Jedi use only one blade, and their lightsaber hilts are plain, consisting of a straight cylinder with little adornment, whereas the Sith use curved grips or other more exotic stylings.

Although I’ve seen Ahsoka Tano battle with two lightsabers (one in each hand) in The Clone Wars, this seems to be exceptionally unusual for Jedi.

We’ve seen Sith do it before, such as Asajj Ventress, with two lightsabers. Darth Maul used a dual lightsaber against Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and General Grievous wields several lightsabers on each of his limbs.

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