How Did Sersi Turn The Deviant Into A Tree In The Eternals?

How Did Sersi Turn The Deviant Into A Tree In The Eternals?

In the Eternals movie, one of the things that were made clear at the start of the film was that every member of the Eternals had a special power that was specific to them. One such Eternal with a power that was specific only to her was Sersi, who had the power to transmute matter into anything. At first, she couldn’t transmute living objects but was eventually able to transmute a Deviant into a tree. So, how did Sersi turn the Deviant into a tree?

There was no specific answer as to how Sersi was able to turn the Deviant into a tree. However, there are speculations regarding the powers of the Eternals. It is theorized that the Eternals have powers that are still evolving. And Sersi was able to evolve her powers by necessity when she transmuted a Deviant.

If you remember, there was a part wherein Arishem told Sersi that he meant for the Eternals to be artificial creatures because he didn’t want them to evolve, just like how the Deviants were able to evolve into predators. However, because not even the Celestials are absolute, there is a possibility that Arishem was wrong when he didn’t mean for the Eternals to evolve and grow.

What Are Sersi’s Powers?


One of the most interesting things about the Eternals is that each member of the Eternals has their own power. While it might be true that the Eternals are of the same species, every single one of them has a specialty that some of the other Eternals cannot do. This is what makes the Eternals special, as they need each other’s powers to succeed.

Of course, in the film, one of the Eternals that was given more of the spotlight compared to the other Eternals was Sersi. After Ajak’s death, Sersi was the one who was chosen to lead the Eternals as the Prime Eternal. And like Ajak, she is not a combat-oriented Eternal because her powers were better off for supporting the other Eternals. So, what exactly are Sersi’s powers?

Sersi is capable of using cosmic energy and use it to transmute any matter. She has shown the ability by transmuting rock into the water and any other object into something that is inanimate. And her powers work instantly, as the transmutation process doesn’t even take time to work.

However, during the movie, Sersi revealed that her powers only work on non-living or inanimate objects. It doesn’t work on anything that’s living, and that is why she is not capable of transmuting living creatures, which include the Deviants. 

As such, during battle, she is more likely to act as a supporting member that uses her powers of transmutation to try to slow down the Deviants instead of actually killing them. It is usually the job of the combat-oriented Eternals like Ikaris to deal the finishing blow whenever Sersi uses her powers against the Deviants.

How Did Sersi Turn The Deviant Into A Tree?

While it might be true that Sersi was originally intended to have powers that only work on inanimate objects, there was a point in the film wherein her powers actually worked on a Deviant. This happened when a Deviant cornered her. She was seemingly on the verge of death until she surprisingly transmuted the Deviant into a tree.

In the closing portions of the film, Sersi was able to use the uni-mind to utilize the energy of her fellow Eternals. This allowed her to become powerful enough to use her powers to transmute a being as powerful as the Celestial Tiamut into ice. Sersi even used the same energy to transform Sprite into an organic being that’s capable of aging.

As such, at that point of the movie, Sersi was getting better and better with her transmutation powers, such that, with enough energy, she could transmute a living object at will.

With that said, how was Sersi able to transform the Deviant and the Celestial if her powers were only supposed to work on non-living objects?

Unfortunately, neither the film nor the writers were able to answer that question. This remains an unanswered question that fans all over the world are still wondering about because it was never discussed in the movie. However, there are some speculations regarding Sersi’s powers and that of the other Eternals.


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If you can recall, the Celestial Arishem, the one who created the Eternals, revealed to Sersi that he was also the one who created the Deviants. His purpose for creating the Deviants was to protect intelligent life in other planets from the predators living there. However, the Deviants evolved into the predators themselves.

Arishem’s answers to the Deviants were the Eternals, who he created to be artificial beings that were not capable of evolution so that he would not repeat the mistake he made when he created the Deviants, which are organic beings. That is why the Eternals never age and have always stayed as strong as they were since the very start.

However, given the fact that Sersi was able to use a power that she has never used before in her entire life, it could be speculated that she and the other Eternals are actually capable of evolving. Take note that all of the Eternals have displayed powers that have stayed the same ever since they landed on the planet thousands of years ago. They have never evolved since then.

But the fact that Sersi was able to use her power in an entirely different way could mean that she has reached a point where she evolved. The trigger for her evolution could have been the need for her to survive that attack from the Deviant. As she has no powers that can help her fight a Deviant one-on-one, her powers evolved and are now capable of transmuting living objects.

Then again, that is merely speculation that has neither been confirmed nor denied. It could be possible that the writers intentionally left the question unanswered because it might be something that they are looking to explore in the next film.

Of course, considering that Starfox or Eros was introduced as the brother of Thanos, who we know is an organic being, it could be possible that the Eternals are also capable of becoming organic like Thanos and quite possibly Eros. All these questions are surely going to be answered in the future as the MCU moves forward with Phase Four.

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