How Does Jiraiya Die in Naruto (& in Which Episode)?

How Does Jiraiya Die In Naruto (& in Which Episode)?

Jiraiya’s legacy in the Naruto franchise is enormous. Although he was, for the most part, a supporting character, his influence is enormous, both in-universe and out-of-universe. Jiraiya has been a mentor figure to Naruto and has had a profound influence on him growing up and becoming the shinobi he became.

He was also one of the wisest, strongest, and most experienced shinobi in Kishimoto’s fictional universe. In this article, we are going to be dealing with the issue of Jiraiya’s death in the Naruto franchise.

Jiraiya dies during his battle with Konan, Pain, his former pupil (under the name of Nagato), and the other Pains. Jiraiya has his arm severed and throat crushed before being impaled with multiple black chakra rods, after which he dies. This happened in Episode 133 of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series, titled “The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant”. The episode was first broadcast on October 29, 2009 in Japan.

The rest of this article is going to give you more details on Jiraiya’s death. You’re going to find out the exact circumstances of his death and why it happened, but also what the impact of this event was for the future of the series. We’re also going to tell you whether Jiraiya comes back to life in Naruto.

How Does Jiraiya Die in Naruto?

Jiraiya dies during his battle with pain, after he had managed to inflitrate Amegakure. When he arrived, he was immediately detected by Pain and his Rain Sense technique. After a while, Konan found out and informed Pain that the intruder was Jiraiya. Konan attacked Jiraiya. Jiraiya, surprised to see her, remarked that she had grown up.

Jiraiya asked his former student who Pain was. She attacked him rather than answer him, having been ordered to kill him by Pain. He quickly neutralized her and captured her.

Jiraiya remarked, having believed that Konan and her peers were dead, that he never imagined that they would be members of Akatsuki. Konan then told Jiraiya that he should have listened to Orochimaru instead of sparing their lives and Jiraiya insisted that he had made the right choice. Soon after, seeing Pain’s Rinnegan, Jiraiya assumed, despite his very different appearance, that he was Nagato. The battle would soon begin.

Faced with invocations from his opponent, Jiraiya, with Gamaken to assist him, decided to recover natural energy. Once the energy had accumulated, Jiraiya went into Hermit Mode and summoned Fukasaku and Shima to help him. Having entered Hermit Mode, Jiraiya faces Pain with the help of the two great sages.

Seeing his Rinnegan, they thought back to Jiraiya’s prophecy, which said that he would have a student who would bring to the ninja world either a stability never seen in history, or chaos and destruction. Seeing that Pain had taken the path of destruction, they prepared for battle. Pain also prepared himself by invoking two Paths, Gakidô and Ningendô.

As he couldn’t get rid of Pain’s Paths, Jiraiya took refuge in the sewers and hatched a plan so that the two toads could prepare their genjutsu. When Pain found him, a clone occupied Gakidô by making him absorb flames, Ningendô found himself trapped in the ceiling by the technique of the Underground Marsh and when Chikushodô tried to stop Jiraya, Fukasaku and Shima launched their genjustu.

Jiraiya then planted a large sword in each body. While he thought he was done, Shuradô appeared behind his back and tore off his arm. Jiraiya found himself thrown outside.

The Six Paths of Pain were gathered. He directly recognized one of Pain’s six bodies as Yahiko. He questioned his opponent again about his identity, but Pain’s power proved superior. Jiraiya managed to flee temporarily in a frog, taking with him the body of Chikushodô who then stabbed him with a spear.

Jiraiya withdrew the spear with difficulty because it disturbed his chakra and he recognized the body which was used by Chikushodô thanks to the scar on the forehead of the body. He went out with Fukasaku from the frog and then recognized all the other bodies as he had already encountered them all on his travels.

Shuradô attacked him by surprise and crushed his throat. Although he found out who Pain was, Jiraiya could no longer speak or move. He then found himself stabbed with five spears.

His life began to fade and he remembered the many failures in his life: constantly repelled by Tsunade, powerless to prevent his friend from sinking into the path of evil, unable to protect his master and his disciple, etc. What saddened him the most was dying without having accomplished an achievement that would wipe out all his failures.

He then remembered how Naruto got his name after the protagonist of his first book, as well as the fact that Minato made him Naruto’s godfather. Since Naruto’s nindô was to never give up, Jiraiya, being Naruto’s master, made the choice to do the same, his real choice.

He gathered what little energy he had left and sent one last message to Fukasaku, which meant “He does not really exist” on the toad’s back and the toad fled with the frog containing the body of the toad. Chikushodô and Soul’s remaining ninja Ibiki Morino should question. He then sank to the bottom of the sea and died with a smile on his face.

What Episode Does Jiraiya Die In?

Jiraiya’s death is seen in Episode 133 of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series. The episode’s title was “The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant”. It is an adaptation of Chapters 380-383 of the Naruto manga. The episode originally aired on October 29, 2009 in Japan, and it was first broadcast in the United States on July 10, 2012.


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Where Is Jiraiya’s body?

Jiraiya’s body ended up in the depths of the lake in Amegakure, where he was killed. After he is thrown in the lake thanks to Pain’s attack, Jiraiya’s body slowly drifts into the deep blue waters of the lake, as he drowns and disappears. As he passes away, he remarks that Naruto is the true Child of the Prophecy and not Pain, as he originally thought.

Satisfied with how this final chapter of his life has turned out, Jiraiya officially ends what he titles the Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant. Before he dies, Jiraiya decides that the sequel should be called the Tale of Naruto Uzumaki, and smiles at how good the title is.

Was Jiraiya’s Body Ever Found?

As far as we know, Jiraiya’s body was never found. A memorial grave was built in Konoha, but neither the manga nor the anime have given us any hint that his body was found.

In fact, it seems that no recovery attempt was ever made, although Naruto and the other characters most likely know where his body is. The waters of the lake are deep and they probably just decided it’s for the best to let Jiraiya rest there.

Does Jiraiya Come Back to Life?

Since Naruto is really not that kind of universe, Jiraiya does not come back to life in the series; his death is final. But, his legacy remains long after his death, as his influence on Naruto and a lot of other characters is evident.

Also, during Boruto‘s Time Slip Arc, the characters are sent back in time, where they meet with Jiraiya again. This doesn’t mean that Jiraiya is alive – it is the same Jiraiya that died, but before his death happened in the timeline of the story.

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