How Does Overlord End? (Anime & Manga)

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Isekai anime titles have been gaining popularity for many years, and Overlord has become a staple for many fans. But, considering that Overlord comes in various forms and has been around for almost a decade, many people now wonder how Overlord ends in the anime and the manga.

Overlord has not ended, and future chapters/ episodes are still in progress. The Overlord Anime is now on The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc with Season 4 and the Overlord Manga ended on The Magic Caster of Destruction Arc in Chapter 72, while the Overlord Light Novel Series remains the most up-to-date with The Half Elf God-kin Arc.

Although we have not seen the end of Overlord just yet, fans can definitely stay up to date with the storyline by knowing which arcs line up in all of Overlord’s forms. Stick around to find out about Overlord, where we have been left off, as well as how the story progression differs in the anime, manga, and light novel series.

Overlord Anime, Manga & Light Novel (Comparison)

There have been various Overlord adaptations over the years, and all of Overlord’s forms follow the same story but at different paces. The story is nowhere close to ending according to fans, and you can get the best experience possible by enjoying all of the content in Overlord’s various forms.

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Below is an outline of how the Overlord story arcs progress in each form, according to the Overlord Maruyama Wiki:

Overlord ArcOverlord
Light Novel
The Undead King ArcS1EP01 – S1EP04MC01 – MC04Volume 1
The Dark Warrior ArcS1EP05 – S1EP09MC05 – MC09Volume 2
The Bloody Valkyrie ArcS1EP10 – S1EP13MC10 – MC14Volume 3
The Lizard Man
Heroes Arc
S2EP01 – S2EP05MC15 – MC27Volume 4
The Men in the
Kingdom Arc
S2EP06 – S2EP13MC27 – MC52Volume 5 – 6
The Invaders of
the Large Tomb Arc
S3EP06 – S3EP08MC61 – MC67PVolume 7
The Two Leaders ArcS3EP01 – S3EP05MC53 – MC60Volume 8
The Magic Caster
of Destruction Arc
S3EP09 – S3EP13MC67 – MC72Volume 9
The Ruler of
Conspiracy Arc
S4EP01 – S4EP04N/AVolume 10
The Craftsman
of Dwarf Arc
S4EP05 – S4EP07N/AVolume 11
The Paladin of the
Holy Kingdom Arc
N/AN/AVolume 12 – 13
The Witch of the
Falling Kingdom Arc
N/AN/AVolume 14
The Half Elf God-kin ArcN/AN/AVolume 15 – 16

Where Does Overlord End Off? (& Upcoming Releases)

Figuring out how Overlord ends off can be quite tricky if you only watched the anime or read the manga. However, fans can definitely catch up with the Overlord light novel series to stay ahead of the latest or even upcoming releases!

Overlord Anime (The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc)

Overlord’s anime adaptation ended off with the 13th and final episode named “PVP: Player vs Player” in October 2018. Fans are hyped about Overlord season 4, bringing back our favorite Overlord characters after almost four long years of waiting.

season 4 1

“The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc is a major story arc in the Overlord series. This arc is about Ainz Ooal Gown’s visit to the Dwarf Kingdom alongside Aura Bella Fiora and Shalltear Bloodfallen. However, they discover that the dwarves are being threatened by the Quagoa.”

There have only been 7 episodes released so far. The Overlord story has definitely become incredibly popular for many anime and manga lovers around the world. But, like with many other Japanese pieces, the anime version seems to be far more common compared to the readable Overlord content.

Overlord Manga (The Magic Caster of Destruction Arc)

Overlord’s manga version ended off with Chapter 72 of The Magic Caster of Destruction Arc, now awaiting future releases. This chapter last depicted the following events:

“The Magic Caster of Destruction Arc is a major story arc in the Overlord series. This arc is about the annual war between the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire. Ainz Ooal Gown and his newly established nation decide to join the annual war; thereby turning it into a total war.”

The original starter content for Overlord was successfully adapted into a manga series as a result of a collaboration between Satoshi Oshio and artist Hugin Miyama, starting off in 2014 and 2015. It now comprises 17 volumes so far, with the 17th volume being released about a month ago in June 2022.

manga 2022

However, the English versions that many Overlord fans have been enjoying do have a different timeline, as these are licensed by Yen Press for the North American distribution in Engish print. As a result, many may only gain access to 14 volumes, with the 15th being released on August 23rd and the 16th being released on November 22nd.


20 Best Anime Like Overlord You Can’t Skip

It transformed the world of Overlord for fans with stunning imagery and some pretty solid adaptions from the original material. Overlord’s amazing Isekai manga version is still ongoing, but for now, the anime is still further than the manga – so fans could skip the manga and just stick to the Overlord anime and light novel series.

Overlord Light Novel Series (The Half Elf God-kin Arc)

The Overlord story originally started off as a web light novel on an online publishing platform named Arcadia back in 2010. It was only a couple of years later in 2012 that it was serialized on another well-known novel website named Shosetsuka ni Naro.


Overlord’s light novel form has been written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin since 2012, now featuring 15 volumes for fans to enjoy – with the 15th being published only about a month ago in June 2022. As a result, the Overlord light novel is generally more ahead of the curve than any other Overlord form, now on the latest section -The Half Elf God-kin Arc.

“The Half Elf God-kin Arc is a major story arc in the Overlord Series. This arc is about the Slane Theocracy accelerating their plans to overthrow the Elf King. At the same time Ainz Ooal Gown pays a visit to the Elf Country.”

The Overlord light novel is still ongoing, and several Overlord light novel volumes have not been adapted into the anime or manga series just yet. This means that the light novel series of Overlord can definitely be enjoyed as a sequel if you have finished all the Overlord anime episodes available.


Is Overlord Canceled or Still Ongoing?

While Overlord is not finished just yet, plenty of fans want to ensure they are completely up to date. If you really want to stay on top of Overlord’s storyline, your best bet is to follow the light novel series after you finish the latest anime episodes. This will give you all of the canon Overlord knowledge you need to know before upcoming anime episodes hit screens.

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