How Heavy & Long Is Guts’ Sword in Berserk? (& How Feasibly Can He Wield It)

How Heavy Long Is Guts Sword in Berserk How Feasibly Can He Wield It

Berserk is an ongoing manga series that has delighted fans for the last thirty years. The characters, lore, storyline, and art style of the manga are not matched by anything available on the market right now, and fans, even after so many years, are still questioning the details of the manga lore. The story’s main character, Guts, has a unique weapon that got legendary status amongst manga fans, and we wondered why it is so special to everyone. This article will examine how heavy and long Guts’ sword is in Berserk and how feasibly he can wield it.

According to fan speculations, Guts’ Dragon Slayer weighs around 300 pounds or 130 kilograms and is from 60 inches to 72 inches or around 183 centimeters long. These calculations were speculated by Berserk fans who wanted to create real-life replicas of the Dragon Slayer for their collection. Guts being over 6’3 feet high or 190 centimeters and weighing around 110 kilograms or 240 pounds helps him wield this enormous sword, and he can wield it quite feasibly – Berserker Armor and Cannon Arm help in that department.

We will discuss the abilities of Dragon Slayer, its origins, and abilities, and analyze how feasibly Guts can wield his trusted weapon of choice. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

The origins of the Dragon Slayer

Berserk introduced us to many great weapons in the last three decades. One became a legendary weapon amongst manga fans – Guts’ Sword, also known as Dragon Slayer. Now, the creations and origins of this notable weapon are nothing exceptional – Dragon Slayer was created for slaying dragons, as the name suggests. His liege lord ordered the Blacksmith Godot to forge a sword capable of killing a dragon.

According to the Berserk manga, Godot was tired of crafting for rich vassals and decided to for the best weapon possible. However, Godot created a huge sword that no one could wield. The liege was enraged by that fact and threatened the blacksmith’s life – Godot soon escaped the castle town.

How Heavy & Long Is Guts' Sword in Berserk? (& How Feasibly Can He Wield It)
Dragon Slayer is the weapon of choice for Guts.

The Sword was stored untouched for years until Guts himself slayed the creature by himself in only two swings during the fight with an unidentified roaming apostle. Godot was shocked, to say the least, and did not expect the Black Swordsman to wield the weapon so efficiently. After two years of the effective slaying of evil spirits, creatures, and most importantly, apostles, Guts returns to Godot again.

The blacksmith sees that the Dragon Slayer needs renovation after its continuous usage over the last two years, and he decides to reforge the Sword for the Black Swordsman. However, during the Slan arc in the 221 chapter of the Berserk manga series, it was revealed by the Skull Knight that the Dragon Slayer has been tampered with by the malice of countless slayed astral beings and that it could hurt the member of the God Hand, the Goddess of Flame herself, Slan.

She was practically unkillable until Guts impaled her by the Dragon Slayer and ultimately slayed the member of the God Hand. Slan’s demise is only one of Guts’ few huge feats, which he achieved with the Dragon Slayer. This great weapon, once again, proved to be a weakness to the most notorious astral beings in the universe, the members of the God Hand.


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How Heavy & Long Is Guts’ Sword?

Berserk never clearly explained the Dragon Slayer’s measurement, and the fans took it on themselves to speculate. Before we start, a whole Berserk guidebook was created and ultimately dismissed by the Berserk fans who noticed some ridiculous statistics and facts that do not make any sense to the original Berserk manga. For example, the guidebook states that Guts were seven feet tall, which is not true.

How Heavy & Long Is Guts' Sword in Berserk? (& How Feasibly Can He Wield It)
Guts’ Dragon Slayer is an enormous weapon that can be only compared to the sharp maul.

Since we cleared that up, let’s finally talk about the Dragon Slayer’s length and weight. The research was truly a trip since every fan takes information from different sources. We decided to gather the information, check out the manga, and conclude our reasoning about this topic.

The manga introduced us to the Dragon Slayer with this description – “It was much too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was like a slab of raw iron.”

Guts’ Sword in Berserk, or Dragon Slayer, is approximately 60 to 72 inches or 150 to 182 centimeters long. The fans are still debating about the Sword’s stature, but at the end of the day, to determine the nearest length of the Sword, we need to look into the manga, more specifically, Guts.

His stature and height can easily determine the Sword’s approximate length, and to forward this information, at the end of volume one, Zondark, a very tall man, calls Guts “a little man,” which puts him around 190 centimeters or 6’3 feet height.

How Heavy & Long Is Guts' Sword in Berserk? (& How Feasibly Can He Wield It)
Guts is around 190 centimeters or 6’3 feet high.

Dragon Slayer is almost the same height as Guts, and that is why the length of 180 centimeters or 71 inches is not a bad estimation.

When it comes to weight, Dragon Slayer is somewhere around 300 pounds or 130 kilograms. Why? Well, the description of the Sword in the Berserk manga and Wiki says the Sword is enormous compared to the maul. If you see Guts in action with the Sword and how he demolishes his enemies in one or two swings, you can conclude that the Sword is not light.

So yes, Dragon Slayer is an actual monster regarding its size and weight, but if that’s the case, how can Guts feasibly wield this weapon? Let’s find out.

How feasibly can Guts wield his Sword?

After thorough research, we estimated Guts’ height at 6’3 feet or 190 centimeters, and his weight around 240 pounds or 110 kilograms. Considering that Guts’ stature is essentially all muscle, he uses the Berserker Armor, Cannon Arm, and Brand of Sacrifice.

The Berserk Armor is a highly durable body armor that grants the wearers superhuman strength and speed. When activated, the Armor gives Guts an inhuman physicality and ferocity, which allows him to use the Dragon Slayer more efficiently.

The Armor allows the wearer to ignore the pain and invokes the insane bloodlust of the individual. The Cannon Arm is a prosthetic device used by Guts, who lost his left arm as a sacrifice to the Berserker Armor.

How Heavy & Long Is Guts' Sword in Berserk? (& How Feasibly Can He Wield It)
Guts slices and dices his enemies, and crushes them if he needs to with the Dragon Slayer.

The Arm can double up as a miniature cannon and allows the wearer to shoot cannonballs, or if Guts mounts the repeater crossbow, he can shoot multiple arrows in quick succession.

Guts also use his prosthetic if he cannot use his right arm, and the hidden magnet helps him to wield his Sword with the prosthetic. Moreover, Guts was always known for wielding oversized swords since his youth, and his managing to feasibly wield the monstrous sword Dragon Slayer, with the help of the Berserker Armor and Cannon Arm, is not that surprising.


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The Black Swordsman also uses one side of the Sword to slice and dice and the other to destroy and smash his opponents. This is the most feasible and efficient way for Guts to use Dragon Slayer, which is why no one else can wield this notable Sword.

Why? Well, fictional media, from medieval times, always “gave” the main hero of the story the biggest and flashiest swords. This is a common fictional story trope called BFS, used extensively in shōnen manga, video games, animated series, and more.

Guts is a Chosen One in Berserk, and his abilities and stature back up his skill to wield the Dragon Slayer feasibly. Can a normal human wield this Sword? Absolutely not.

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