Berserk Characters: Age, Nationality, Gender, Form, Eye Color, and More

Berserk Characters: Age, Nationality, Gender, Form, Eye Color, and More

In this article, we are going to present the main characters from Berserk. The list is going to contain a number of main characters, of different affiliations, that have appeared in the manga and are set to appear in the anime. You’re going to find out their exact ages in the story and their ages, nationalities, genders, forms, and other important elements. It’s going to be a very fun list, so enjoy!

CharacterGenderAgeNationalityFormEye Color
GriffithMaleUnknownMidlandHuman (formerly)
God Hand member
SchierkeFemaleUnknownUnknownHuman (witch)Blue
Farnese FemaleUnknownUnknownHumanBlue
Skull KnightMale~1,000UnknownUndeadYellow
GanishkaMaleUnknownKushanHuman (formerly)


V38 Guts Manga

Guts is a complex and multifaceted man whose personality has been changing more and more due to the many events in his life. As a child, he was characterized by his constant dedication to please and win the love of Gambino, his master in the arts of being a mercenary, whom he saw as a father (although said empathy was not mutual). This allowed him not to lose his sanity despite being raised on the battlefield and committing his first murder at just seven years old.

When Guts learned that Gambino had been responsible for the rape he had suffered at the hands of one of his trusted men, this empathy turned to despair and anguish. After Gambino’s death (whom he killed in self-defense), Guts spent his adolescence as an apathetic mercenary, lonely and without any regard for his own life, as well as a strong phobia of being touched a result of being assaulted.

When he joined the Band of the Hawk, despite initially trying to keep his distance from the other members, Guts developed strong bonds with his fellow warriors over time.


BTCG Griffith Holding Sabre OI

Griffith is Guts’ antagonist figure as well as his best friend for a time. He was the founder and leader of the mercenary unit known as the Band of the Hawk. Extraordinarily charismatic and intelligent, his skill with a saber and his tactics give him and his gang a certain reputation for invincibility.

After being severely tortured for a year while his gang was persecuted and depleted after he was discovered sleeping with Princess Charlotte, he loses all chance of achieving his ambitions and, in a moment of desperation, uses the Crimson Beherit, with which he was predestined from an early age when it was given to him by a fortune-teller who called him the “Egg of the King,” to invoke the Hand of God and sacrifice his companions in order to achieve his plan of having his own kingdom and achieving his dreams.


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After the eclipse, he was renamed Femto by the Hand of God. A few years later, upon obtaining a new body after the Incarnation Ceremony, Griffith returns to the material world and forms a new Band of the Falcon, counting on powerful apostles among their ranks who faithfully follow him.

In the saga of the Millennium Falcon, together with them, he defends the city of Vritannis from the invasion of the Kushan empire. After defeating Ganishka in the form that Daiba calls “Shiva,” he ends up establishing his own kingdom called Falconia, where he receives all the people who manage to escape from the world chaos after the liberation of the astral plane, an event known as the “Transformation of the World.”


BTCG Casca and Puck OI

She is the only female component in the original Falcon gang, and her swordsmanship is second only to Griffith and Guts. Casca joins the Band of the Hawk after Griffith helps her save herself from an assault by a nobleman.

During the events of the Golden Age, Casca maintains a love-hate relationship with Guts, in addition to her obvious admiration and desire for Griffith, who never reciprocates in a similar way. During the eclipse, she is raped by Griffith transformed into Femto. Due to the severe trauma, this caused her, she ends up losing her memory and the ability to speak.


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Casca is Guts’ pillar to the ground so that he doesn’t go back to just seeking revenge without control. The Skull Knight told Guts that her mental state could be cured on the elven island, Elfhelm.

It should be noted that during the events that happened in the first video game called Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage, whose story was made by Kentaro Miura, Casca regains his sanity for a moment due to her ordeal with mandrakes and the juice from it. She then remembers Guts and her love for him before the Eclipse, telling him that she had been prey to horrible dreams.


Puck Manga

Puck is an elf (a creature analogous to a fairy) who accompanies Guts, out of sheer amazement at his person. He is able to perceive the feelings that float in the environment, and is one of the funniest characters (making multiple references to other series and movies with different puns) in the manga along with Isidro.

With the powder from his wings, he can accelerate the healing of recent wounds, saving Guts’s life on several occasions. Although his role within the series has always been mostly comic, when Guts traveled alone, he also had the function of representing the “conscience” of the warrior, repressing him (most of the time without success) on the occasions in which he was too cruel or insensitive to others.

As Guts’ group grew larger, Puck’s role within the series was relegated to the background. His appearance is omitted from the 1997 anime series, unlike in the other adaptations and in the video games, where he is always present.


Schierke Manga

Schierke is an apprentice of the witch Flora. After the death of Flora and the burning of the spiritual tree where they both lived by the apostles of the new Band of the Falcon, she definitively joins the group of Guts. She is capable of powerful elemental spirit summoning as well as minor sorcery, though her actual experience is limited.

Despite this, she is Guts’ link to reality when he wears the Berserker armor. On the day Guts’ company arrived at the spirit tree, Schierke offered each member a magical weapon. Isidro received a dagger that houses spirits of fire within. He picks up a sword and a cloak with the wind spirits inside. Casca and Farnese received a silver mail shirt to ward off evil beings, and the latter received a silver dagger for her defense.

Finally, Schierke offered Guts an ax which he did not accept. She apparently has a crush on Guts, but she doesn’t want to admit it, as Flora tells her that “this” is her destiny.


OI Isidro TCG

Isidro is a clever little thief who follows Guts on his journey from the Doom saga. He is a major supporting character, just like in the video game Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō. From the first time he sees Guts fighting against assassins from the Kushan empire, he is interested in him because this young man wants to be the ultimate swordsman, which is why he asks Guts to teach him his combat techniques.

He is, along with Puck, the comic character in the manga. After the encounter with the magician Flora, he receives a dagger with fire spirits, which he uses together with small bombs and magical berries.


Serpico wind

Serpico is Farnese’s assistant and half-brother (although she is unaware of this fact) since she saved his life as a child by making him her servant. He spent his childhood being mistreated by Farnese, becoming cold and quiet, also due in part to the fact that from a very young age, he had to take care of his mother, who was mentally unstable and, in the end, ended up being burned at the stake by Serpico himself, pressured by the authorities of the Holy See and his loyalty to Farnese.

When Farnese’s father discovered his origin, although he did not make his descendants public due to the already existing fight over the inheritance of the Vandimion house, he decided to use his political influence to grant him a noble title, thus pitying his illegitimate child.


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He is a master of fencing, relying on technique and probably the character with the greatest tactical ability (which has allowed him to be one of the few characters to date to have survived a fight against Guts) and has extensive heraldic knowledge.

He possesses a sword imbued with the spirits of the wind and is capable of cutting through anything. He also has a cape of the said features that allows him to jump and even fly on a full moon. When he gets angry, he usually opens his eyes.

Farnese de Vandimion

Farnese de Vandimion Manga

Farnese of Vandimion is the former leader of the Knights of the Holy Chain. She belongs to the noble house of the Vandimion. She first appears in the Doom Saga when she arrives in a village threatened by fake elves due to rumors about Guts. Farnese, driven by rumors that Guts could be the prophesied “Black Hawk”, pursues him until she discovers the true nature of the warrior and sees in him an opportunity to mature and become stronger.

At that moment, she stops chasing him and decides to accompany him on his way. In the Millennium Falcon saga, Ella Farnese happens to be Casca’s caretaker. Farnese not only follows him to get better, but in Guts she sees more than that. For her, he represents a kind of prophet or “divine warrior” due to his inexhaustible fight against darkness. She clearly has admiration for him, although it is not known if there is something else.

She is one of the characters with the most psychological evolution in the entire manga. She starts out as a capricious sadomasochistic and angry noblewoman, ending as a loving and mature character who tries to take care of her Casca the best she can.


V37 Rickert Manga

Rickert was the youngest in the old Band of the Hawk, practically a child. He is one of the few members of the gang who survived. After the eclipse (in which he was not present), he lived with Godo, the blacksmith who created the ‘Dragon Slayer’, and became his blacksmith apprentice. Over the next two years, Rickert’s talent as a forger grew.

He was in charge of adjusting Guts’ armor and replacing his previous crossbow with a repeater. During his stay with Godo, Rickert never knew what happened in the eclipse, so the past did not mark him like the others. It wasn’t until after Guts, Griffith, and Casca met at the Hill of Swords that he learned how the members of the Band of the Hawk had died. Still, Griffith offers Rickert a position in the Falcon’s new gang.


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Following Godo’s death and the destruction of his mine by Zodd, Rickert travels with Godo’s adopted granddaughter, Erica, until they reach the city of Falconia. There Rickert met again with Griffith, whom he slapped in public, reproaching him for what happened at the Hill of Swords and telling him that he was no longer his general.

As a result, one of the members of the new Band of the Falcon, Rakshas, ​​was sent by another anonymous member to assassinate Rickert, but thanks to the help of Silat and Daiba, Rickert managed to escape Falconia alive along with Erica and flee to the town of assassins from which the Bakiraka clan came.

Skull Knight

BTCG Skull Knight OI

Skull Knight is a mysterious character who occasionally helps Guts. Apparently he was a former user of the Berserker armor. Little has been revealed of his past, though allusions in the manga and movies seem to link him to an ancient emperor named Gaiseric who united the nations and formed Midland, which he ruled until angels descended from heaven and punished him for his sins.

He swallows Beherits of defeated apostles as he seeks to form the Resonance Sword, a powerful artifact that allows him to pass through dimensional spaces. It is theorized that his mount and his shield appear to be gifts from Flora because of the rose emblem engraved on her shield and the very similar image of the sorceress on the breastplate of her steed.


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He is extremely powerful, being able to assassinate apostles with great ease and even engaging in combat with members of the Hand of God. It is also known that his goal seems to be the destruction of the God Hand, especially Void, who he attacked during the Eclipse for some as yet unspecified reason. He was the one who ended the Eclipse in which Femto was born, rescuing Guts and Casca from it before they died.

He apparently sees Guts as a crucial piece in his plan and thus always warns him of approaching dangers (for example, he warned him that something terrible was going to happen as the day of the Eclipse approached).


V32 Ganishka OI

Ganishka is the emperor of the mighty Kushan empire as well as one of the strongest apostles in the world. He ruled ruthlessly, executing anyone who opposed him. He wishes to conquer the entire world, even opposing the plans of the God Hand and Griffith. His vast army combines human forces alongside numerous magically controlled supernatural creatures.

In the battle of Vritannis he is wounded in the forehead by Guts with the help of Zodd, being later defeated by Griffith, who only with his presence is able to subjugate him. He decides to merge with the artificial Beherit (used by the Kushanos to create supernatural creatures), with which he manages to transcend his form, becoming a gigantic being, even visible from miles away. Countless monsters hatch from it and are fought off by the New Band of the Falcon, while Griffith and Zodd head straight for it.

He is eventually defeated by Femto (Griffith) and killed by the Skull Knight while trying to kill Femto. Ganishka’s death would produce the “Transformation of the World,” causing the astral plane to merge with the material plane, which would lead to the near-extinction of humanity outside of Falconia’s territories.


Charlotte Midland hq

Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Windham is the only daughter of the sovereign of Midland. She meets Griffith and falls madly in love with him. She was discovered sleeping with him the night Guts left the Band of the Hawk, for which the enraged king has him captured and sentenced to a year’s torture, but she aids in Griffith’s later rescue by aiding a detachment of the Band of the Falcon to infiltrate where he was imprisoned.

In the saga of Doom, she is about to be the queen of Midland before the vanguard of the Kushan army attacks the kingdom’s capital. In the Millennium Falcon saga, almost all Midland has been overrun and she has been imprisoned along with her servant, Anna, at the top of the Rebirth Tower.

Afterward, she is rescued by Griffith alongside Zodd. After Ganishka’s defeat and the end of the war, she will be the future wife of Griffith and the queen of Falconia.

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