Here’s How Long It Takes To Download Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 is loved by many gamers, but it can take ages to get the game started. Fans often end up waiting for hours on end before being able to start their playthrough, and many wonder exactly how long it takes to download Fallout 4 on a broad scale.

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  • Players have reported that downloading and installing Fallout 4 can take anywhere between 5 – 30 minutes and 5 – 12 hours, or even longer.
  • Numerous factors can affect the estimated waiting time, including whether the player is downloading the base vanilla game (under 30GB) or is downloading Fallout 4 with DLCs and Texture Packs (almost 80GB in some cases), as well as if the player has a digital or physical copy of the game.

Although Fallout 4 takes a surprising amount of time to download and cannot be played until the game installation is complete, there may be a few ways to speed up the process. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about how long it takes to download Fallout 4 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, why it takes so long, and how some players could potentially get into the game more quickly than others.

How much time does Fallout 4 take to download?

There is an extremely broad estimated waiting time for downloading Fallout 4, and some players have stated that downloading can be quick while the installation process can take a while. Some players have stated that downloading and installing the vanilla base game only takes them approximately 5 to 30 minutes, while others experience waiting times of between 5 and 12 hours – or even longer in some cases.

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However, the general belief is that digital copies take longer when compared to physical disks. Some gamers have experienced longer waiting times when using disks, but these timeframes rarely continue for more than a couple of hours.

Why does Fallout 4 take so long to download?

Many fans have gotten accustomed to waiting for games to install before playing, but this waiting time has skyrocketed with the advancement of game quality. One of the best innovations within the modern generation of gaming involves the ability to interact with the game during installation, provided that a minimum threshold of game data has successfully been copied to the player’s hard drive.


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It’s been a great way to ensure that AAA games with massive files get the necessary amount of time to install properly without the waiting time being too tiresome for gamers. However, Fallout 4 does not have the same setup, and the installation process needs to be completed before players get the chance to interact with the game at all.

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According to Digital Foundry, the reason for the lengthy waiting time and the lack of interaction is most likely related to the game’s open-world nature. The chief of Digital Foundry, Richard Leadbetter, made the following statement in an interview with Eurogamer in response to the issue.

“We can only really speculate as to why Bethesda chose to bypass the consoles’ ‘fast start’ mechanism for playing Fallout 4 while the game continues to install behind the scenes, but it’s likely down to the fact that the initial, very linear introduction sequence is over fairly quickly. After that, you have immediate access to the open world – and the game cannot anticipate the direction you’re likely to travel in. Rather than impede progress with obtrusive installation screens and progress bars, it seems that the developer has chosen to ensure that all the data is installed onto the hard drive ahead of time – just like a standard PC game. It takes longer to get into the game as a consequence – and you’ll need to preload the entire game if you’ve bought the digital copy – but I’d say it’s the best solution overall, even if it’s not completely ideal.”


Fortunately, the entire waiting time isn’t limited to a simple loading bar and imagery. Fallout 4 plays some cool S.P.E.C.I.A.L. promo videos while the game continues its installation process – so, gamers at least have access to some entertainment while they wait for the process to reach 100%.

How to download Fallout 4 faster?

Downloading Fallout 4 involves transferring a ton of data from a server to the player’s chosen device, and this process can be influenced by a few factors. Some of the more influential factors have been outlined below.

Game download source

The download source has a major role in how long it will take for digital copies of the game, as popular, trusted, and official sources like Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live use CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). This ensures that these platforms can handle large numbers of concurrent downloads, due to distributing data across multiple high-capacity servers worldwide.

Internet speed

Internet speed is a massive factor when it comes to downloading and installing games. Having high speeds and better bandwidth will allow for faster data transfer, while slower connections will drastically impact the waiting time.

Game file sizes

Although Fallout 4 isn’t the largest AAA game out there, it’s still far larger than many gaming titles. When Fallout 4 was initially released, the entire base vanilla game was just under 25GB, requiring at least 30GB of free space for it to be downloaded, installed, and played comfortably.

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That being said, players who choose to download Fallout 4 with various DLCs will be hit with massive game data files – particularly with DLCs involving texture packs. These packs seemingly improve the game’s level of detail and bump it up to 4k, but it can easily double the size of the game, as well as estimated waiting times.

Platform being used

Some platforms have systems that can speed up the overall process, such as Steam’s P2P (peer-to-peer) system which allows users to contribute their bandwidth during the process, which can help ensure a faster transfer of data. On the other hand, some platforms may have other protocols and optimization systems that can aid the platform while slowing down the process for users.


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That’s everything there is to know about how long it takes to download and install Fallout 4 on all platforms. While it can be frustrating to sit through a seemingly endless installation screen, a few approaches can potentially cut down on time – plus, the game at least provides some great visuals to keep gamers entertained throughout the process.

What do you think about how long it takes to download Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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