25 Best Fallout 4 Mods of All Time

25 Best Fallout 4 Mods of All Time

Every Fallout game had an amazing story, creative gameplay, and one of the most important innovations in gaming history. Of course, that does not mean that games are flawless, they are rather great but bugs and sometimes dodgy graphics make it hard for players to play them. However, when Fallout 4 came out in 2015, fans were disappointed in the role-play, speech, and dialogue part of the game but praised combat and upgraded weapons and items. Regardless of everything, Fallout 4 is loved, so fans of the franchise decided to mod this game and make it even better for players who thought Bethesda did not do it well. That is why we decided to bring you the 25 best Fallout 4 mods of all time and praise the modders who made Fallout 4 better.

1. Higher Settlement Budget

The budget in Fallout 4 is quite important since the game introduces settlements, that a player uses as a home base. The settlements can be built all over the Wasteland but of course, that costs a lot of money. The modder GrimTech decided to give the players better options in building their settlements. He explains in the mod’s description that “the point of this mod is to allow you to build more for your settlements since Bethesda placed a limit …”

Fans of the Fallout games were baffled when they found out the limits of this option. Thankfully, modders noticed this mistake and got on to work on a suitable mod. Thank God for that.

2. Eli’s Armour Compendium

This mod arrived in 2017 and the mod became popular since it added 50 new lore-friendly armors, 20 accessories, and tons of moddable colors. The mod also adds accessories like Institute, Vault, Raider, Settler, and more suits that are available for both sexes.

This mod gives the players a great choice of battle gear and, at the same time, free-roaming suits that are diverse and suitable for Fallout lore.

3. Easy Hacking

Okay, so this one is a bit controversial. Specifically, this mod, as the title says, is a cheat code for easy hacking in the game. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of different puzzles a player needs to solve before even getting into a computer. After some time, these puzzles get annoying for the players, especially ones who replayed the game multiple times and don’t want to waste time on boring puzzles.

When the mod came out, some people were not happy and accused a modder of taking an easy way out with silly cheats but, all in all, this mod is a great tool if you are tired of Fallout puzzles that are repeating themselves throughout the whole game.

4. See Through Scopes

When you look through the scope in Fallout 4, an annoying black transition always happens. Of course, modders came to the rescue and made a mod that clears and smooths out the scope sight. Great mod that gives the players a great visual during combat and decreases the number of headaches that Bethesda bestowed on Fallout fans with this feature.

5. More Where That Came From – Diamond City Radio Edition

With every Fallout game, comes a great song playlist mod. Don’t get me wrong, Fallout has an amazing song playlist for every game but new ones are always welcomed. This mod contains 111 new, lore-friendly, thematically appropriate songs to Diamond City’s Radio (a radio station that players can listen to during the game).

There are songs from Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and more, which only makes the experience of the game even better. Definitely check out this mod before starting the Fallout 4 campaign.

6. Everyone’s Best Friend

So this mod is quite interesting and the reasoning for his mod stems from the fact that fans while looking through the Fallout 4 game scripts realized that originally your character can get two companions that help in your journey. With that said, this mod allows you to pick two companions – originally, you could pick only one companion.


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Of course, Dogmeat is a German Sheperd dog that you encounter during Fallout 4 is mostly picked but besides him, the players encounter tons of people who have the potential to be very useful. Great mod for helping the players stroll through the Wasteland.

7. Quieter Settlements

Settlements are great! However, the noise can become obnoxious. The modders realized that the settlements can be very loud and the generators and turrets that help the settlement run, are just too annoying after some time. Well, do not fret! When you install this mod, the sound can be adjusted by the player from volume options, which was not an option in the original game.

It is a great mod that does not erase the lore-friendly game atmosphere, since the generators and turrets are really loud, especially in a post-apocalyptic world. The players can make it just a bit bearable and that’s why this mod is one of the best on the internet.

8. Craftable Ammo

Ammo is always important in Fallout games and a lot of times the player does not have an access to ammunition since you need to try to find it throughout the whole Wasteland by yourself, and after some time that becomes really tiring. However, the modders decided to make an option for a player to craft their ammo on chemical benches used for crafting items.

This mod also prevents the player from constantly trying to find traders who are also wandering the Wasteland. Be warned, you need to find the materials for crafting so decide for yourself what’s easier for you.

9. HUDFramework

This mod is a technicality – it helps the modders to add their own options and perks to the already existing Fallout 4 HUD. That means if you want a mod that helps you look through certain stats, time, or widgets that help you in the game, definitely check out this mod.

Before this specification, modders had trouble with HUD mods since those were constantly overwriting the already existing game’s HUD. Well, this one prevents that. If you want to install this mod, check out its description.

10. Texture Optimization Project

Besides the obvious upgrade of the game’s texture, this mod is also great for minimizing drops of FPS. As already said, Fallout 4 is full of bugs and Bethesda didn’t help that much with their own patches to fix the problem. Thankfully, modders realized this issue quickly and created this mod.

On the other hand, the texture upgrade is always welcomed, which means that you should definitely check out this mod.


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11. Achievements

This mod has the purpose of enabling achievements while mods are active in the Fallout 4 game. This is unusual since Fallout: New Vegas does not have that problem. Regardless of that fact, the modders figured out a mod that enables the achievements you earned by beating Fallout 4. So, do not worry, it is not a bug.

Definitely check out this mod.

12. Longer Power Lines

As mentioned before, settlements are really important. Since we already mentioned the mod for an extended collection of items for building on this list, for all those items and buildings, of course, the settlements need power. Modders realized that Bethesda has not taken into account the power lines that you need to connect for settlements to run and they, specifically user Puma361, created a mod for longer power lines.

When you install this mod, you won’t have to bang your head on the wall thinking about how to make your settlements work around power lines that are frankly, too short.

13. Spring Cleaning

Trash is a common thing in Fallout Universe. Construction material and every unnecessary rubbish that found itself in Fallout 4 after years of a polluted post-apocalyptic world, make the terrain for building settlements impossible. Well, modders thought of it too and enabled the players to clean the trash that is on the territory of their settlement.

Great tool for making the area around and in your settlement clean and neat.

14. Settlement Supplies Expanded

Building settlements demands effort. Especially if you want your settlements to look cool and neat. Well, the modder TroyIrving decided to expand the collection of items and objects for building settlements. Chairs, beds, cars, and items also include static decorative items like cars, trees, rocks, and more.

An alternate power rack is also included with multiple other stuff. Great mod for people who want to make their settlements “kingdoms”

15. Legendary Modification

Another mod on this list that some players have not approved of. This mod was the one that a lot of fans accused as a “cheat”. Why? Well, they thought that adding a perk where a player can add 3 legendary modifications on their weapon was just too much. Fallout 76 did the same exact thing and it worked, so if you’re interested in adding one more modification to your gear, check this mod out.

16. Sim Settlements

This mod is literally a Sims game style of building your settlements and it is really cool. One of the best mods ever that gives a player an opportunity to spend hours tinkering around their settlement and make them amazing with minimum effort.

The creator of this mod, kinggath, explains in his mod description how “one of the biggest problems of Fallout 4, is just how disconnected the Settlement system feels from the rest of the game.” He continues to say that it feels bizarre “that you have to micromanage every single settler to build something…” and this mod helps with that. Great mod if you want to build something.

17. Better Settlers

Fallout 4 is not flawless and that can be seen in settlers. Unfortunately, they have not made that many original settlers, and after some time playing the game, a player realizes that many of those settlers they encounter are repetitive. What modder Thom293 did with this mod is amazing. He added 240 lore-friendly new settlers to the game.

Clothes, faces, skin color, and more, diversified the Wastelands population and made Fallout 4 more fun to play, and since there was criticism of Bethesda and their sloppy work on some of these details, that makes this mod the best of all time.

18. Full Dialogue Interface

According to the creator of the mod Cirosan, The Full Dialogue Interface mod makes the game display the full lines of what your character is going to say in conversation and not just paraphrase, what the original game had. The interface is also revamped and the game with this mod displays dialogue options in a list and uses the number keys for input.

Great mod for cleaning up and putting more emphasis on the dialogue side of the Fallout 4 game which is one of the most important parts of the gameplay.

19. Armorsmith Extended

This mod revamps the whole clothing system from scratch, and there is so much more. Armor, hats, pants, shirts, and everything else is moddable, can be edited and the benches are suitable for adjusting the size of the armor.

Like the Sim Settlements mod that we already mentioned on this list, this mod is very similar since the player can adjust every clothing item however they want. Maybe that is an exaggeration but if you want to fully read up on what this mod does, definitely check the mod’s description on the posted link above. It is very long.

20. BodySlide and Outfit Studio

This mod brings the player an engine where a player can customize every single piece of clothing they like. Quite an easy tool where even newer Fallout players can download and install this mod, and easily customize their character’s bodies and outfits.

A player can even create their own body shapes if they are bored with Fallout 4 custom choices. Great mod for making your characters even more unique.

21. True Storms

This mod is kind of “ported” from the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim game to Fallout 4. True Storms: Wasteland Edition, like the title, says, is a complete overhaul of the storm systems in Fallout 4. Heavy rains, dust storms, radiation storms, and many new unique kinds of weather and sound effects that truly bring out the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic Fallout game.

Besides already mentioned perks, the player with this mod also gets new textures and particle effects for making Fallout games even more lore-friendly.

22. Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

Another Settlement mod, which we welcome with open arms. One of the best mods for Fallout 4 out there that gives a player an option to build their settlements however they want! If you’re wondering why are there so many settlement mods, well, the players just get too bored of building the same settlement every single time, and these mods, Homemaker include, make Fallout 4 more playable for players.

With mods installation, the player also gets 1000 new craftable objects and greatly expands on the vanilla crafting system of the original game. With cars, refrigerators, working street lights, and more, Homemaker mode is a must-install pick for Fallout 4.


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23. Improved Map with Visible Roads

Since the first Fallout, maps have changed which is normal, however, since Fallout 3, the maps are pretty similar – dots and markers are displayed where the player needs to go to finish their quests. This mod is nothing world-breaking, a modder put higher contrast on the world map and revealed roads and paths toward settlements and other cities.

A simple mod that makes players’ game experience easier.

24. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

This mod is quite popular in Fallout fandom. Already seen in Fallout 3 game, this mod made games so much bearable to play. The modder Arthmoor did their magic in Fallout 4 as well – he fixed the bugs Bethesda failed to do.

Features include hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text, and placement fixed bugs. These authors are also popular in Elder Scroll games like Skyrim and Oblivion and decided to “fix” Fallout 4 bugs as well. For that alone, the Unofficial Fallout 4 patch is one of the best of all time.

25. Cough

This list we end with an absolutely amazing mod that revolutionized the Fallout games – The cough mod. Yes, your character can cough. I know it seems silly but have you noticed while your character is strolling through the polluted Wastelands of the United States of America that the character is just breathing fine without even a little catch of a breath (you get tired while running but still)?

This mod is fairly new but we needed to include it on this list – the author says everything in his description of the mod. Even though this seems like a small joke … it is but the mod works and it is absolutely amazing, especially for the Survival Mode of Fallout 4. Truly authentic. If you managed to get until the end of this list, definitely check out our best Fallout 3 mods of all time.

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