How Many Versions of Monopoly Are There? Ranking the Best 15

Monopoly Versions

Hasbro, the company that owns the rights and patents to the Monopoly game, develops new themed versions and licenses the game design to other companies. Thus, because the game is popular, new versions are always coming out. Some of the versions make only a few changes to the original rules and design while some make major changes. 

There are over 1500 different versions of the Monopoly game in the open market. There are thousands of other themed versions custom-made for individuals and groups. Nonetheless, some versions are more common, and popular, and have sold more units than others.  

There’s no denying the popularity of Monopoly. Since its release into the market in 1935, the game has been played by over a billion people worldwide and the Hasbro company has sold over 250 million boards. Now there are personal custom versions and online versions that are too many to count. Read on to find out more about the most popular versions of the Monopoly game.

What was the first version of the Monopoly?

In the late 1890s and early 1900s, there were several board games themed around renting property. One such game was ‘The Landlord’s Game’ invented and patented by Elizabeth Maggie of Virginia. Players could rent properties, and pay utilities, all while avoiding jail. 

Later in the 1930s, Charles Darrow played such a game with friends. He then worked on creating his own version. He made a circular board, color-coded the properties, and created rules where players could buy the properties, not just rent them. 

Soon after, Darrow couldn’t keep up with the demand for the game. So, Darrow sold his version of the Monopoly game to Parker Brothers, a toy and game manufacturer, and retired as a millionaire. Thus, Charles Darrow of Germantown (now Mount Airy), PA is credited as the designer of the first Monopoly game version. 


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15 of the most popular Monopoly board games

With thousands of versions of Monopoly in existence, it’s difficult deciding which versions are the best. Some versions have gained widespread fame and popularity while others faded into obscurity. Let’s see the most popular Monopoly Board games.

1. Monopoly Classic

Monopoly Classic

Charles Darrow’s original version underwent a few design and rule changes and thus was born the Monopoly Classic version. Many people still prefer this classic version over the newer versions. 

The Classic version uses the traditional property names, even though names are localized depending on where you are. Classic is ideal for players over the age of eight. It is best played by between two and six players. 

2. Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior

The Classic edition may be too complicated for players younger than eight years but that doesn’t mean your little ones can’t enjoy the game too. Monopoly Junior has been a world favorite for homes with kids. 

The recommended age for players is between five years and twelve years old though four and even some three-year-old can enjoy the game too. 

The board game version has chunky tokens that are easy to handle. The property prices are low, making the math easier. The properties include places like the Zoo and the Ice Cream Parlor, places young kids can relate to and enjoy owning. 

3. Monopoly Speed Die

Monopoly Speed Die

Monopoly games can last a long time. A 4-player game can last between 60 minutes and 90 minutes or even longer. That’s why Monopoly Speed Die is such a hit for players seeking quicker gameplay. 

A change in some of the rules encourages players to race for property investments and trade their way to victory quicker. 


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Monopoly Speed Die can be played with between two and eight players and is ideal for players above eight years old. 

4. Monopoly Millionaire

Monopoly Millionaire

Houses and hotels just aren’t enough for today’s Instagram lifestyle. In comes the Monopoly Millionaire version. You can build residences, and resorts, and win fortunes. The general rule is that the first one to hit a million bucks wins the game. 

It’s fancy, the board has a chic design, and the stakes are higher. All these make for a more exciting game with a modern flair. Between two and eight players is the ideal number for Monopoly Millionaire. Like the classic, it’s great for anyone above eight years old. 

5. Monopoly Friends

Monopoly Friends

This version is inspired by the TV show, Friends. You course through the Monopoly board using exclusive tokens such as a Friend’s themed handbag, acoustic guitar, or chef’s hat. 

Some additional themes you can look forward to include Ross’s teeth, All the Candy, and Holiday Armadillo. 

While older players beyond their 30s can relate more to the show’s themes, anyone over eight years old can enjoy the game. Play is ideal when between two to eight players. 

6. Monopoly Game of Thrones

Monopoly Game of Thrones

Another successful version based on a TV show is the Game of Thrones version. Players will enjoy traversing through the legendary continent of Westeros. You can trade property in the Seven Kingdoms. 

The themed tokens derive inspiration from the honorary sigils of the Great Houses. Instead of dollar bills and coins, you use 42 Gold Dragons and 53 Silver Stags for money. Instead of houses and hotels, you have 32 holdfasts and 12 castles. There’s even a card holder which plays the Game of Thrones theme song.

7. Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal

You want a card game instead of the regular board game? Monopoly Deal is card based, making it easier to carry around in your purse or pockets and play in limited space. 

For example, you can play a quick game in the car, train, or plane. Another advantage is the game doesn’t last as long as other Monopoly versions. Each two-player to four-player game typically lasts between ten and 30 minutes. 

8. Pokémon Monopoly

Pokemon Monopoly

There are several official Monopoly Pokémon versions. For example, there is the Kanto Edition and the John to Edition. 

Use the six tokens themed on the Pokémon characters Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and Eevee. Travel through the eight gyms and instead of houses and hotels, build Sculpted Poke Marts and Pokémon Centers. 

The age recommendation for Pokémon Monopoly is eight years old though younger fans of the Pokémon video and mobile game can understand and enjoy the Monopoly game.  


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9. Monopoly Star Wars the Mandalorian

Monopoly Star Wars the Mandalorian

If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi and the epic space opera, Star Wars, then you’re in for a treat with Star Wars Mandalorian Monopoly. 

You’re the Mandalorian, traveling the Universe and protecting Baby Yoda. You could also take on the character Cara Dune, IG-11, or Kuiil. 

The Baby Yoda token enables the player to enjoy a more immersive experience and use The Child’s peculiar powers. The player with the most imperial credits wins though the game ends anytime an imperial villain captures The Baby. 

10. The Big Bang Theory Monopoly

The Big Bang Theory Monopoly

Another TV show with a huge fan base gets its own version of Monopoly. You can get your geek on while traveling through Sheldon’s and Leonard’s apartment. 

Theme tokens are Leonard’s glasses, Raj’s puppy, Howard’s space helpmeet, Sheldon’s favorite sofa, Penny’s wine glass, Bernadette’s microscope, and Amy’s Tiara. 

Instead of houses and hotels, you have Colliders and Super Colliders. Locations include Mrs. Wolowitz’s house. The ideal number of players is four to six players. Adults may enjoy the theme more, though fans come from many different age groups.

11. World of Warcraft Monopoly

World of Warcraft monopoly

World of Warcraft is among the most played MMOs in the world, taking this into account it’s no wonder that it has its own version of monopoly. The locations featured in this version of Monopoly include various faction capitals, as well as other notable Azeroth locations.

Tokens were voted on by fans and include Corehound Pup, Doomhammer, Flight Path Boot, Hearthstone, Mechagnome, and Murky. If you’re a huge fan of World of Warcraft this is something you cannot miss.

12. Monopoly: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition

Monopoly Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition

This is one of the most detailed versions of Monopoly ever made. The game is based on Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The main differences between classic Monopoly and Lord of the Rings monopoly are mostly focused on converting monopoly gameplay elements to The Lord of the Rings terms. For example, Income Tax is the Palantir, Boardwalk is Mount Doom, Hotels are Fortresses and so on.

Included in the game comes the special token “the one ring” and 1 on the dice is replaced with the Eye of Sauron.

13. Monopoly Marvel Avengers Edition

Marvel Avengers Edition

This version of Monopoly is based on Marvel’s MCU, It’s no surprise that it features a plethora of Marvel’s MCU superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Nebula, Rocket, and many others.

The game comes equipped with 24 Hero Cards, 6 Infinity Gauntlet cards, and 16 Stark Industries cards.


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14. Monopoly Sailor Moon Edition

Sailor Moon Edition

This one is a true treat for anime fans. This special Sailor Moon Edition of Monopoly features a plethora of characters from the franchise as well as some unique items. Replace your vanilla monopoly tokens and locations with six rosé-finished tokens, Moon Chalice, Deep Aqua Mirror, or Cosmic Heart Compact.

The game is centered around love and friendship, so if you feel nostalgic, this is definitely a great investment!

15. Monopoly Shrek Collector’s Edition

Shrek Collectors Edition

I mean are you surprised that Monopoly: Shrek edition exists? I’m not. As we’ve mentioned, there are thousands and thousands of monopoly versions out there, and most major franchises have their monopoly game. Shrek is no exception to this rule.

Shrek’s Monopoly features notable locations from the franchise such as Charming’s Dinner Theater, The Poison Apple, Tower Castle, and Shrek’s Swamp. The tokens are mostly inspired by the main characters. Chance and Community Chest are replaced with Spells and Potions.

Overall it’s a great Monopoly version to have if you’re passionate about Shrek.

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