How Many Words Does Keanu Reeves Speak in John Wick Movies?

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One of the things that we know about the entire John Wick film series is that all four movies feature scenes that are full of fights and actions that just don’t allow the viewers a second to rest. However, while we do know that John Wick spends most of their time fighting and shooting people, he doesn’t actually talk a lot. He is a man of few words and is someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time talking in the four movies. So, how many words does Keanu Reeves speak in John Wick?

John Wick Word Count

There is no doubt that the John Wick movies are some of the most popular action movies of all time. Of course, the thing about this movie series is that it really emphasizes on the action, and it would be an understatement to say that the John Wick movies are full of action scenes. That means that most of the John Wick franchise is dedicated to the action scenes involving John himself.


It goes without saying that John Wick doesn’t say a lot of words in the four movies. It’s a movie that allows us to see him speaking through his actions as a former hitman that was forced back into action and is now looking to find a way to rid himself of the people that are hellbent on killing him as well. He doesn’t even say a lot of words during the entire time that he is finding a way to stay alive. So, how many words did John Wick say in the movies?

There is no exact word count for how many words John Wick said in all four movies. However, some people did their own research. In the first movie, John Wick said a total of 511 words. While that may seem a lot for an assassin who doesn’t talk much, let’s not forget that most movies are full of dialogue.

The first John Wick movie had a total of 2,781 words. That means that only 18.37% of the words in the first movie come from John Wick. As such, for a character that is under the spotlight throughout most of the entire movie, less than 20% of the total words spoken in the movie seems to be quite a few, especially when you compare it to the fact that almost every scene in the movie features John himself.

Meanwhile, in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the movie has a runtime of 131 minutes. But the surprising part is that only 20 minutes of the entire movie is attributed to the dialogue. Of course, not all of the dialogue scenes in the movie include John Wick, which means that he probably said only a few words in the movie, considering that the total time for dialogue in the movies is only 20 minutes.


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As mentioned, we don’t know how many words John Wick said in the four movies. But he has always been a man of a few words and would almost always limit his dialogues to short sentences or even one-liners, such as a simple “yeah.”

Why Doesn’t John Wick Talk a Lot?

The one thing that people need to understand about the entire John Wick movie franchise is that it is action at its finest. While there are a lot of great action movies out there, not a lot of them personify the word “action” as much as John Wick does. And that’s because the movie has more action scenes than dialogue.

Then again, while John Wick may be an action movie, it is hard not to notice that some characters, such as Bowery King and Winston, are talkers in the sense that they would rather talk than fight. So, why is it that John Wick doesn’t talk a lot?


Simply put, John wick just isn’t much of a talker. He is someone who would rather let his actions do the talking. But it is more than possible that he is simply an introvert who doesn’t like talking or making many friends. And it probably goes back to his childhood.

In John Wick: Chapter 3, it was revealed that John was adopted by The Director, who is a woman in charge of the Ruska Roma, which is one of the most powerful organizations working together with the High Table. Considering that he was adopted into a family living in the underworld, it would make sense that hitmen raised John to become a hitman himself.


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As such, John Wick probably didn’t have a normal childhood that allowed him to make friends and talk to people normally. Instead, he probably spent more time training and killing people during his younger years instead of living in a normal society. That would explain why he was always a man of few words.

On top of that, John Wick spent years working as a killer, and that could affect a person’s psyche. This could mean that the years he spent killing people changed the way he viewed life. That probably forced him to become a more closed-off person because he doesn’t like talking a lot.

Then again, we know that John Wick isn’t as big of an introvert as some people may think because he does have friends that respect him well enough to betray the High Table just to help him. That means there was probably a point wherein he liked talking to some of them. But the pain of losing his wife and the dog that she left to him probably closed him off more and more. And the fact that he had to live through all four movies fighting for his life made it more difficult for him to open up to more people as a talker. 

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