How Much Can Captain America Lift? Compared to Real-Life Records

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As one of the faces of Marvel Comics, Captain America is a symbol of hope for the entire country and is a super soldier that was created for the purpose of winning World War II. In that regard, he is a very strong man that isn’t only trained in the art of military warfare but is also capable of physical feats that most humans aren’t capable of. Of course, Captain America can lift heavy objects due to his super soldier physique. But how much can Captain America lift?

Steve Rogers, as Captain America, can easily lift up to 800 pounds and even bench press 1,100 pounds as his warm-up set. However, it is believed that he is capable of pushing his body beyond its limits. This is due in large part to the super soldier serum that sustains his peak human physical capabilities.

It is worth noting that Captain America never had superhuman strength because the super soldier serum was never meant for that. Instead, he only has physical capabilities that allow him to reach the peak potential of any human being, and that means that he isn’t as strong as the other Marvel superheroes. Still, he is quite strong, and that’s something we are going to discuss.

How Strong Is Captain America?

One of the most iconic superheroes of all time is Captain America, who has been around for decades as a comic book character for Marvel Comics and is one of the most popular fictional characters ever created. Of course, the character’s history is actually reflective of his status and name, considering that he was always meant to be a symbol of hope for the American people.

Captain America started off as a regular human being that wanted to serve his country in the Second World War. But he couldn’t do so because he possessed a weak and frail body that wouldn’t have allowed him to last long in any battle. Nevertheless, he had the heart and determination to serve his people, and that was why he was chosen to undergo the super soldier program that was meant to create a group of specialized super soldiers for America.

In that regard, the super soldier serum gave Captain America his incredible physique as he was able to become bigger and stronger. The same serum pushed his body to its very limits to the point that he reached peak human levels in terms of what he could do from a physical standpoint. And that means that he is as strong, as fast, and as durable as any human being that has reached the peak of what a human can physically do.

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As such, Captain America is capable of lifting weights that are just as heavy or even greater than what Olympic-level lifters can lift. On a regular basis, he could easily lift 800 pounds and even bench press 1,100 pounds as his warm-up set. In one of the comics, he was seen benching 1,200 pounds casually while talking, and that means that this is easy for him.

There are also other accounts that would suggest that Captain America is capable of pushing his body to its very limits. That means that he could quite possibly reach nearly 2,000 pounds in terms of his bench press, although some writers have made him so strong that he could lift up to 2 tons. 


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Nevertheless, the consensus is that Captain America is as strong as any human being can be and is capable of reaching strength levels that the human body is biologically capable of. That means that, as far as regular humans go, he is quite possibly the strongest human being on Earth in the Marvel Universe, although he might not be as regular as most humans are.

How Does Captain America Compare To Real-Life Records?

We do know that Captain America is strong enough to reach or even break the limits of what the human body can do when it comes to strength. But how does Captain America compare to real-life lifters and the records that they were able to accomplish?

As of this writing, the only number that was ever given in relation to Captain America’s strength is the fact that he can casually lift 1,100 to 1,200 pounds in his bench press. But we do know that he can push his body even further than that, as he might be able to bench press nearly 2,000 pounds, depending on how strong the writer wants him to be.

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Meanwhile, the official world record for a raw bench press is right around 783 pounds, which was achieved by Julius Maddox in 2021. If you look at that number, it is far from the 1,100 pounds that Steve Rogers can lift in his warm-up set. That means that Captain America is capable of pushing the boundaries of what the human body can do.

In terms of his deadlift, which is arguably the greatest feat of strength in terms of a person’s lifting capabilities, there are no records in relation to Captain America’s achievements in that area. However, we can make assumptions based on the existing records.

The world record in the Strongman deadlift belongs to Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who you might be familiar with because he played Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in Game of Thrones. Björnsson deadlifted 1,104.5 pounds, which is around 29.11% more than the bench press record held by Julius Maddox. In that regard, if Captain America can deadlift 29.11% more than his bench press, then he might be able to deadlift around 1,420 pounds as his warm-up set. 

In that regard, when we compare Captain America’s lifting capabilities to the real-life records that we have right now, it is obvious that he is far stronger than the strongest person we have on the planet. This might suggest that the peak levels of what the human body can achieve are far greater than what our strongest person has achieved at this point in history. Or it might suggest that Captain America’s strength is simply a bit overblown.

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