How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia? The Age of Izuku Midoriya Through Anime

How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia? The Age of Izuku Midoriya Through Anime

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series as of right now and it got updated with another series fairly recently. Although the series stands out on so many levels there is one thing that is quite common with animes that My Hero Academia replicates and that is the main character seemingly doesn’t age. So how old is Deku?

At the beginning of the series, Deku is 14 years old, although we do see him while he is younger during certain parts of the show. At the end of the fifth season, Deku is 16 years old.

If you want to understand how Deku ages throughout the series make sure to read this article all the way through. 

Season one

The first season of my hero academia follows our main character, Izuku Midoriya, as we get introduced to the hero world. When we first meet him the viewers aren’t directly told how old he is, but we could conclude Dekj is on the younger side. 

Later in the series, we learn that he is 14 years in season one when he receives his quirk. However, when we first get introduced to Deku he didn’t receive his quirk yet. 

That all changes when he meets his idol and the world’s most popular hero All Might, which eventually leads to Deku receiving his quirk which allows him to stockpile and use energy.

The rest of the season deal with Deku trying to control his quirk and preparing for his entrance exam and quirk apprehension quirk. The season ends with an ark that deals with the newly formed Class 1 – A fighting the Language of Villians.

It goes as these arcs usually go in the anime. The Protagonists are forced into an unexpected situation where they are forced to face the antagonists while they are still not ready.

Although the League of Villians has the upper hand for most of the fight, the heroes put up a good fight, however, ultimately they are defeated. When everything starts to look like there is no way out for our heroes, All Might show up, and the Language is defeated which concludes season one. 

At the beginning of season one Deku is 14 years old, but how old is he by the time the season ends? We know that Deku’s training period with All Might is 10 months long making him 10 months older, which means he is either 14 or 15 years long by the time season one is over.

Season two

How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia? The Age of Izuku Midoriya Through Anime

Season two picks up a short while after where the first season ended. The season opens with a U.A. meeting where the members are discussing the attack which ended the last season and the ways the Language managed to pull it off.

However, our protagonists have another thing on their minds as we are introduced to the theme of the first arc of the season, the fast-approaching Sports Festival.

All of our main characters are aiming to win since the first place in the tournament could grant them an opportunity to showcase their skill to Pro Heroes which may want to hire them someday.

Since there was an almost year-long time skip before this event, Deku would surely be 15 years old at that point. This means that he is starting season two almost a year older than he was when we last saw him.

After the tournament arc is finished the series picks up the pace with the next arc which follows our protagonists as they get temporary internships with Pro Heroes. 

The series is introduced to the first villain, which brings more challenges to Deku and his friends. This part of the series is extremely interesting since we get to see our favorite characters dealing with having to improve quickly to keep up with their new opponents.

Season two ends with a class 1 – A taking their final exam and in an unexpected twist having to fight their teachers. The very end of the series follows the class as they try to overcome the stress and perform well in their final exam.

Deku starts this season as a fifteen-year-old. However, there aren’t very many clues as to how much time has passed since the beginning of the season. 

Luckily we can use a bit of common sense to help us hear. since the season more or less takes place over one school year and Deku was born in mid-July, we can presume Deku is still 15 years old when the series ends.

Season three

Season three starts with Forest Training Camp Arc which follows the events of the second season directly. Class 1 – A and 1 – B are finally done with a school year and are able to take a field trip. 

The two classes are continuing with their training and the Pro Heroes which help them push their quirks further than ever and our protagonists have the ability to improve more than ever.

Since it happens shortly after the school year ended, and Deku’s birthday is on July 15th Deku would be 16 years old by the time the first arc of series three takes place.

The rest of the series deals with the relationships between Pro Heros and the Language of Villians since many new Villians get introduced and the existing ones play a much more important role in the overall series.

The main conflict of the season is the conflict between the Pro Heroes and Villians while our protagonists have a mission of their own when they decide to save their trapped classmates while the Pro Heroes are preoccupied with the Villians.

The last part of the series deals with Deku and his friends getting their Hero License which would allow them to legally allow them to engage in fights with Villians, during which the story slows down a little bit.

At the end of the season, Deku is still 16 years old since that is the age that is written down in his Hero License. This would make sense since despite how many things happen in this season it actually takes place over a shorter amount of time.

Season four

How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia? The Age of Izuku Midoriya Through Anime

Just like a previous season, season four picks up right where season three ends. In fact, the fourth season picks up the second half of the arc that ended the previous season.

 For the most part, the season deal with Deku’s first actual mission, where he has to save a little girl whose blood is being used to create a drug that neutralizes quirks.

This part of the season is extremely entertaining since it focuses on Deku proving himself to be worthy of Sir Nighteye’s internship as well as a good Pro Hero. 

During this beginning of the series, Deku is still 16 since there was no time jump between the two seasons and there is no time when he could have grown older.

The series slows down a bit in the middle with two arcs focusing on other less important things. the first arc follows Shoto and Katsuki on their special training course as they prepare to retake the second part of the Hero License exam they previously failed. 

The second arc deals with the U.A. school festival and after that, the story picks up again as the new hero rankings are released. Endeavor is now the No. 1 Pro Hero and he has to live up to his title while having to face some of the most powerful villains yet.

This entire arc sets up season five. At the end of this season, Deku is still 16 years old since this season also takes place over a short amount of time.

Season five

During the season last season of the series Deku is still 16 years old and his age doesn’t change by the time the season ends. Since the season is relatively new the article won’t go into the story arc too much on the off chance that someone who hasn’t seen it is reading it.

In short, our team is back to training together and the work studies make a return under the new NO. 1 Pro Hero. While all of this is happening the Language of Villians is expanding and dealing with getting a new leader, meaning that an entire arc in the last season is dedicated to them.

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