How Strong Is Baki? Compared to Other Powerful Characters

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When it comes to manga and anime series that focus on martial arts, the Baki series seems to be the most popular. The storyline focuses on the journey of Baki Hanma as he makes his way to the top of the ladder of the strongest fighters in the world while trying to become stronger than his abusive and cruel father. That means he is incredibly strong and possesses the power of the Hanma bloodline. But how strong is Baki?

Baki is undoubtedly superhuman in strength, speed, agility, and durability. That’s because he is capable of strength and speed feats that are impossible for even the strongest and fastest humans to achieve. But as strong as Baki may be, he still pales compared to the heroes of other shonen manga and anime.

Even though the Baki storyline was always supposed to be more realistic compared to other shonen manga and anime, let’s not forget that almost everything in the world of Baki is exaggerated. That means Baki is a lot stronger than any real-life human being and is superhuman. But let’s look at just how strong Baki is compared to other characters.

How Strong Is Baki Hanma?

One of the most popular manga and anime series that focus on martial art is Baki, which follows the storyline of Baki Hanma as he grows and develops into a strong fighter. Ever since he was a child, Baki was trained and groomed to become one of the strongest fighters in the entire world, and this was because he was the son of Yuujirou Hanma, who was the strongest creature on the planet. In that regard, Baki trained hard as a fighter and consistently improved as the series went by.

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The fact that Baki won the Tokyo Underground Dome championship as a teenager speaks volumes about his strength, as he went up against grown men that were bigger and much more experienced. As such, there’s no doubt that Baki was a born prodigy in the world of martial arts. On top of that, he had the strength, speed, and durability of a superhuman being.

Regarding his strength, Baki could bench over 320 pounds as a teenager. His strength continued to increase throughout the entire series, which means that it is safe to say that he can bench press weights similar to the ones that the record holders of the real world. As a 13-year-old boy, he was even able to beat up 37 grown thugs all on his own. His legs are also strong enough to jump 20 feet in the air from a standing position.


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When he went to the Arizona State Prison to fight Biscuit Oliva, he matched his opponent’s strength even though Oliva was known as the most muscular man in the world. He brawled with Oliva and outlasted him using his strength alone, as it became clear that Baki’s physical strength had reached a point where it rivals the likes of Biscuit and Yuujirou. And he showcased just how strong his punch is by completely vaporizing a punching pad with a single punch just before he fought his father in their ultimate battle.

Even when he was still just 13, Baki was capable of durability feats beyond superhuman. He tanked some punches of his father, Yuujirou Hanma, who is strong enough to stop entire earthquakes with a punch. As such, there’s no doubt that Baki is incredibly durable, as he can take attacks that can easily kill other people.

In terms of his speed, Baki has shown the capability to perform ten pull-ups in just two seconds, as this feat is seemingly impossible in the real world. His reaction time is also incredible because he can easily dodge an attack that moves at 100 miles per hour.


Baki is also a genius in martial arts because he is said to possess the same kind of mastery over almost all forms of martial arts that his father possesses. Baki’s fighting style is akin to mixed martial arts because he uses a wide combination of kicks, punches, and grapples that allow him to adjust to the different fighting styles that his opponents use against him. In the fight with Pickle, he even combines the fighting styles of five different dinosaurs to scare the caveman and make him think he is the most dangerous dinosaur.

In that regard, there aren’t a lot of characters in the Baki universe that can match Baki Hanma in terms of his overall abilities. His father and grandfather are perhaps the only people who can match or defeat him. But, other than those characters, Baki is right at the top of the list in terms of the strongest characters in the Baki storyline, especially during the events of the third series.

How Does Baki Compare to Other Characters?

As strong as Baki may be in his own universe, comparing him to powerful characters from other manga and anime universes is important.

Ohma Tokita

Ohma Tokita is the main character of the Kengan Ashura anime and is an incredibly powerful fighter capable of becoming stronger just by training in his mind. He is one of the strongest characters of the Kengan Ashura anime storyline but isn’t necessarily the strongest. Nevertheless, he is right up there at the top regarding his abilities.


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However, the world of Kengan Ashura isn’t as exaggerated as the Baki universe. While there are still superhuman characters in Kengan Ashura, they don’t have the exaggerated abilities of Baki characters. And that’s why Baki should be able to easily handle Ohma in a one-on-one martial arts bout.

Son Goku

There was a time when the Dragon Ball storyline was all about martial arts, and that happened when Son Goku was still just a child. We all know how strong Goku eventually became during the latter part of the storyline, as he could effortlessly destroy planets. However, he wasn’t strong in the original Dragon Ball series.

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Even though Goku wasn’t strong beyond imagination during the start of the Dragon Ball storyline, he was still stronger than Baki ever was. That’s because Goku could do many things that could easily knock or kill Baki out, even when he was still just a child in the Dragon Ball series. And let’s not even get started on Goku’s power when he matured into adulthood.

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto isn’t like some of the other anime characters due to his lack of innate talent. As a child, Naruto struggled as a ninja. However, he worked his tail off to become physically strong enough to break boulders with his punches and move at the speed of light. Naruto also mastered many different techniques that allowed him to become the strongest ninja in the world.


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In that sense, Naruto should be more than a match for Baki, especially during the Shippuden storyline. Baki may be able to fight Naruto’s child version on par, especially if Naruto isn’t allowed to use any ninjutsu. And that’s because his physical feats match Naruto’s own physical feats. However, once ninjutsu comes into play, Baki won’t be able to handle Naruto.

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