Pickle vs. Baki: Who Would Win & Why?

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Netflix has just recently renewed the Baki Hanma anime for a second season, and one of the things that we know for a fact is that the next enemy that Baki has to take down while training to become strong enough to take on his father is Pickle, a primitive caveman who woke up in the current period. We know for a fact that this caveman is incredibly powerful and strong. But who between Pickle and Baki would win?

At this point, Pickle is strong enough to win a fight against Baki because of the fact that he simply is a physical freak that is just about as strong as Yujiro Hanma and is durable enough to withstand bullets. However, we do know that Baki will eventually catch up and surpass Pickle and even his father.

As strong as Baki is, one of the things that we know is that he is still on his way to becoming strong enough to take down his father in a fight. Considering that Yujiro is the strongest man on the planet, Baki has to fight and experience the strength of someone like Pickle before he can beat his father. That said, let’s look at this fight in greater detail.


Considering that he is a caveman, Pickle’s strength is well beyond the limits of any ordinary human being because he had to hone his body to the point that he was able to hunt and kill powerful creatures during the time of the dinosaurs. In a test of strength, he was shown to be able to take on Yujiro’s base level, and that means that his raw strength is something that is just as impressive as any character in the anime. He is simply a physical marvel due to his overwhelming size (at 8 feet tall) and incredibly muscular physique.

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At this point in the anime, Baki’s strength has improved so much to the point that he was able to defeat Biscuit Oliva, who is one of the strongest and most muscular characters in the anime. Strength was never Baki’s strongest point because he isn’t the biggest character in the series, but he has been shown to be incredibly strong at certain points in the storyline and was able to bench press 320 pounds quite easily early on. 

We do know that Baki is incredibly strong, but the fact of the matter is that Pickle’s raw strength is simply at another level due to his primitive caveman physique and the fact that he had to fight dinosaurs on a regular basis.

Pickle 1, Baki 0


One of the things that were clear during the Baki manga series was the fact that Pickle’s durability was on another level. In fact, he was able to easily take on 9 mm bullets with nothing but scratches due to his amazing musculature. Pickle’s neck is also so strong that he is basically immune to concussions as his head barely moves even when someone strikes him with their strongest attacks. He is so durable that Pickle is perhaps a lot more durable than Biscuit himself, who was so durable that his muscles allowed him to survive shotgun shells.

Pickle wars saga

If there is something that describes Baki the best, it is the word “resilient” because he has always shown his resilience time and time again in the entire storyline. While he doesn’t have the freakish body and durability that other characters like Yujiro or Biscuit have, he is so durable due to the fact that he is resilient enough to always keep on standing up after getting hit time and time again. On top of that, Baki only gets stronger the more that he gets beaten by opponents that are stronger than him.


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At this point, Pickle is still the most durable character other than Yujiro, as he is strong enough to take on bullets without even getting damaged or hurt. Baki may get there in time, but Pickle is still far more durable than him.

Pickle 2, Baki 0


Because of the fact that he is a caveman, Pickle’s fighting techniques are quite primitive as these were skills that he developed while hunting dinosaurs and observing them. In fact, a lot of the things that Pickle does during a fight mimic the moves of dinosaurs as he was able to learn how to fight by fighting and observing those creatures. Pickle was also capable of using chokeholds that he learned to grapple dinosaurs down whenever he was hunting them. Still, his techniques are quite primitive.

Baki is one of the most sound fighters in the entire storyline due to the fact that he won a lot of his fights by focusing more on his combat skills and fighting techniques. He is an expert in grappling techniques and is capable of grappling bigger and stronger opponents to pin them to the ground due to the fact that he has mastered this art of fighting. Baki’s punches and kicks are also so strong that he was able to do considerable damage to Pickle in their fight. In many instances, Baki was able to win against stronger opponents due to his fighting techniques.

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The fact that Pickle uses a more primitive style of fighting is what holds him back in a true fight. His fighting techniques might be useful when hunting beasts, but they are no match for someone who has honed his skills to their limits.

Pickle 2, Baki 1


The one thing that Pickle lacks is intelligence because he is a caveman that never had to spend his life learning things. His main goal back in his time was to survive, and that meant that he had to focus more on adapting to his surroundings and developing his body to the point that he could defeat dinosaurs with relative ease. Nevertheless, a much smarter fighter could find a way around Pickle’s incredible physical prowess.


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Baki has always been a genius fighter not only because he is the son of the Ogre but also because of the fact that he simply is an intelligent person when he is fighting someone. He is great at analyzing his opponents’ moves so that he can find ways to counter them. In fact, Baki is so good at learning his opponents’ techniques that he basically adjusts his own techniques in the middle of a battle. A lot of the reasons why Baki has been able to defeat stronger opponents was due to his prodigious intellect during a fight.

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Baki and Pickle are basically light years away from each other when it comes to intelligence because Baki is simply much smarter than this caveman. 

Pickle 2, Baki 2


Of course, while Pickle hasn’t been fighting people for a long time, he did spend most of his years fighting dinosaurs back in primitive times. The fact that he lived 200 million years ago and was hunting dinosaurs to survive is what makes him a class above almost all of the other fighters in the Baki series. As large and as powerful as a T-Rex may be, Pickle was strong enough to take one down on his own. Of course, Pickle was still able to achieve amazing feats against strong fighters by withstanding and defeating the likes of Kaiou Retsu, Katsumi Orochi, and Kaoru Hanayama.

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At this point in the series, Baki’s greatest achievement was defeating Biscuit Oliva, who was probably second only to Yujiro Hanma in terms of his strength and abilities prior to the arrival of Pickle and Musashi. In fact, Baki was able to learn and improve on the fly during his fight with Biscuit, and that was what allowed him to surpass his limits and become even stronger. At this point in the anime, the only person that Baki could not defeat is Yujiro, although both Pickle and Musashi were introduced after he defeated Biscuit.

While it was a great achievement that Baki was able to defeat Biscuit, the fact is that Pickle killed dinosaurs for a living back in his time. On top of that, in the anime, Biscuit was able to defeat Baki, although the latter was able to instill fear into him during their fight.

Pickle 3, Baki 2

Pickle vs. Baki: Who Would Win & Why?

Despite the overwhelming strength and physical advantages that Pickle has over Baki, this is actually a fight that is much closer than it looks because of the fact that Baki is a genius fighter that is much more fundamentally sound than the caveman. In fact, their fight was too close to call. Pickle ended up beating Baki using a chokehold, but he didn’t come out of the fight the same way he entered it because he actually feared Baki due to the young man’s prodigious talent and skills as a fighter.

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