How Strong Is Cosmic Fear Garou? (& What Are His Powers)?

How Strong is Cosmic Fear Garou? (& What Are His Powers)?

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Garou is a recurring antagonist of One Punch-Man. After being fired by his master Bang, he spent a few months hunting dojos. Currently, he considers himself to be a “Human Monster” and a hunter of heroes. Garou is a powerful fighter but so far, his powers weren’t really above average. He was powerful, but he couldn’t really stand a chance against Saitama. Yet, at one point, after the intervention of God, Garou entered a mode known as Awakened Garou: Cosmic Fear Mode. In this article, we are going to tell you just how powerful this form is and what Garou’s current powers and abilities are.

Awakened Garou: Cosmic Fear Mode is the strongest form of Garou we’ve seen. It came to be when Garou combined his powers with the so-called “God” of the One-Punch Man universe. This form is currently able to withstand a fight against Saitama and from what we know, its sole purpose – the reason for its creation – was to defeat Saitama

The rest of this article is going to be focused exclusively on Awakened Garou: Cosmic Fear Mode. We are going to tell you all the details about this form’s creation, as well as how powerful it is, and what its powers are. You have to be aware that there are going to be many spoilers in this article because the events we are about to describe are the latest in-universe developments.

How strong is Cosmic Fear Garou?

The one who apparently poses to be God passed on his powers to Garou, causing him to evolve into Awakened Garou: Cosmic Fear Mode. Awakened Garou: Cosmic Fear Mode is a metamorphosis resulting from this gift of powers and whose sole purpose is to defeat Saitama. With these new powers, Awakened Garou possesses the ability to control “all forms of energy”, implying that he controls energy both literally and abstractly.

He can not only unleash blasts of divine energy, but he can also replicate his opponents’ abilities and their power exactly, even if he doesn’t have a base power equal to theirs. It is therefore a capacity for total and almost perfect imitation, but it obviously requires seeing the technique first before being able to reproduce it.

Coloured Cosmic Fear Garou

For example, Garou was waiting to see Saitama use his Worship Moves Series to emulate him. In addition, Awakened Garou: Cosmic Fear Mode constantly releases cosmic radiation in this ultimate transformation. As a result, anyone approaching it within a hundred yards suffers horrendous radiation that rapidly deteriorates their physical condition.

In the short term, victims could die just from Awakened Garou: Cosmic Fear Mode’s presence. Flashy Flash and Silver Fang struggle to stay conscious within a few blocks of the Hero Hunter, but some very powerful people like Blast, Genos (due to him being a cyborg), and Saitama easily put up with them.

What are Cosmic Fear Garou’s powers and abilities?

After receiving powers from “God,” Garou also gained knowledge of the flow of all energy and the behavior of all the known forces in the universe. He can now even control the energies of the universe at will. This allows him to unleash extremely powerful strikes of cosmic energy. After being transformed by the influence of “God,” Garou constantly emits deadly radiation from his body, damaging and incapacitating everyone around him.

They suffer from the symptoms of acute radiation syndrome, such as bleeding and hair loss. This ability seems to appear unintentionally as a side effect of his attacks but on a much larger scale. Even explosive comments are extremely dangerous and can kill all life on the planet.

Garou’s usual ability to replicate others’ fighting styles has been taken to incredible levels, as he can easily mimic Blast’s ability to open portals and manipulate gravity while briefly battling the number one hero. This ability is so useful that Garou thinks if he can copy the hero’s own power and use it against Saitama, he can win against Saitama.

After briefly battling Blast, Garou was able to recreate the S-class hero’s ability to create portals, allowing him to travel through dimensions. He later uses this ability to create portals against Saitama to help him attack the hero from multiple angles and make it difficult for Saitama to react. However, since he asked Saitama about how they would return to Earth after Io, it is implied that Garou’s ability to create portals to various locations is still limited.

Garou using Mode Saitama

Later, it has been revealed that the process of creating portals requires a sense of orientation to where a location is in order to teleport to where Garou wants. Otherwise, he will make a mistake and teleport to where he suspects the location.

A completely new, totally different martial art that Garou developed after receiving powers from “God” is the All Life Eradication Fist. After gaining a revelation of how energy flow works through his teachings, which he received while studying under his former master Bang, combined with the “God-granted” knowledge of energy flow and behavior of everything in the universe.

This new martial art skill allows the Hero Hunter to concentrate and harness the natural flow of energy from the universe itself in conjunction with its internal channeling of power, allowing the simulation of universal natural phenomena through pure physical abilities. Garou can use his energy manipulation coupled with his incredibly fast and powerful punches to create nuclear explosions, creating large mushroom clouds and being strong enough to be detected by nuclear detection tools.


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Witnessing this technique in action, Psykos called these blasts “divine power” and compared them to the homeless Emperor’s energy orbs. A spin-off from this technique is the Nuclear Fission: Gravity Knuckle, a powerful attack that simultaneously uses two powers in each of Garou’s two fists. After mimicking Blast’s Gravity Knuckle and adding it to his nuclear fission, Garou unleashes a barrage of punches, his right hand having the power of gravity. At the same time, his left contains the power of nuclear fission.

Garou can utilize his energy manipulation skills to summon the same attack as the Gamma Ray Burst. When utilized, the area directly around Garou becomes a small singularity, and he releases two parallel beams of energy in the direction he wants. This specific attack is powerful enough to make Saitama think it would be wrong if he just brushed it to the ground, causing him to prevent it.

Some of his new secret martial arts techniques borrow nature’s power by imitating the movements of living beings. Garou calls them “modes,” which he says sounds cooler. With this ability, any techniques copied by Garou will also be honed very quickly, soon rendering the original user unable to keep up with the duplicated techniques. Garou copies Saitama’s fighting style and gives him the face of the hero.

After transforming again under the influence of “God,” Garou’s strength reaches an even more absurd level. He was able to encounter suppressed Saitama punch after punch in a fist collision, unlike before when he was overwhelmed by the hero’s consecutive normal punches.

Later during the fight, after Garou copied Saitama’s strength and deadly movement, he was even able to outrun the hero in a collision from his Serious Punch, resulting in an extremely powerful blast of kinetic energy that seemed to be on the order of thousands to millions of light years in space, destroying many star systems in its path in a matter of seconds.


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Garou’s exceptional resilience is even more greatly increased in this form, as he was able to withstand consecutive normal hits from Saitama in a trade. He also escaped relatively unscathed after taking a powerful punch to the face from the underdog Saitama. Garou was also able to withstand Blast’s Gravity Knuckle Punches without any visible damage.

During their fight on Io, Garou could survive a few direct hits from Saitama, who began to fight him in earnest. Garou’s incredible speed and reflexes are additionally enhanced in this form, as he could keep up with the underdog Saitama and match him in an exchange of blows. Surprisingly, when an enraged Saitama threw a serious punch at Garou, knowing that the Hero Hunter had apparently killed Genos, Garou could hit back at him, immediately mimicking his killer move and using it to try to counter the hero’s.

When Garou appeared on the surface in front of many heroes in Cosmic Fear Mode, they all realized at that moment that he was the monster causing the massive energy blasts. He apparently possesses a fearsome aura and pressure, and all of the heroes sweat in fear almost immediately upon approaching him.

Even S-class heroes like Zombieman and Flashy Flash felt the plight of the situation in their own skin and realized there was no point in running away. Seeing Garou’s evil presence, many of the underclass heroes began to scream in fear and would use any means possible to crawl out and escape.

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