How Strong Is Soldier Boy? (& How He Compares With The Other The Boys Characters)

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Season 3 of Amazon’s The Boys is nearing its release date as we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the newest installment of this bloody and brutal superhero series. Of course, The Boys is going to reveal a new character in the form of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, who is set to have a huge. Role in the new season. But how strong is Soldier Boy, and how does he compare to the other The Boys characters?

Soldier Boy, in the comics, has super strength that isn’t comparable to Homelander, Stormfront, or any of the other supes, but he still is quite strong. However, in the live-action version, he seems to be nearly as strong as Homelander. He also possesses super speed that allows him to dodge bullets.

It isn’t a secret that the live-action version of The Boys doesn’t exactly follow the comics in terms of the powers and abilities that some of the characters have. So, while Soldier Boy does retain some of his abilities in the comics, he might be even stronger in the live-action version. And this is where it will be interesting to see how he compares to the other characters in The Boys.

Soldier Boy Powers And Abilities

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One of the things that we know about The Boys is that this is a comic book series that isn’t shy about ripping off some of the characters that we’ve seen in the different comic books from Marvel and DC. After all, The Boys is supposed to be some sort of a parody comic book series that all rips off characters from different comic books while also allowing us to look at it from the standpoint of regular humans who hate how corrupted these superheroes have become.

In that regard, the live-action version follows the same story while changing a few things. Season 3 of The Boys looks to introduce a new character in the form of Soldier Boy, who is also from the comic book version of The Boys. Just like how some of the characters are parody versions of other famous characters in different comic books, Soldier Boy is a ripped-off version of Captain America.


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The comic book version of Soldier Boy was a member of a team called Payback, which fought during World War II. In fact, he fought alongside Stormfront in Payback. While Stormfront was indeed more powerful than Soldier Boy, he was more popular because he was deemed the original superhero and was the leader of the team.

In the comics, Soldier Boy was also very similar to Captain America in the sense that he had a moral compass that trended towards the right direction but still wasn’t exactly that right. But while he may not have been as depraved as the other characters, he is extremely naïve and weak-willed to the point that other supes could easily trick him into doing things. In the comics, he commits mass murder to please Homelander so that he can get a spot in The Seven.

Nevertheless, Soldier Boy is still pretty strong. He is also similar to Captain America in the sense that he possesses superpowers that give him augmented strength, speed, durability, and other improved physical capabilities.

However, the series version of Soldier Boy might be a bit different. His comic book version only has improved strength that’s similar to what a super-soldier has, and that means that he isn’t entirely that powerful. Meanwhile, the live-action version might be a lot stronger to the point that he has super strength that’s similar to what the other supes have. It’s going to be interesting to see how the series will portray Soldier Boy’s super strength.

The live-action version of Soldier Boy is reported to also have energy blasts that allow him to fire powerful energy projections. This is something that is quite new as not even Captain America, the character he is based on, has energy-based powers. Of course, the comic book version also doesn’t have the ability to fire energy blasts.

There is also the fact that, like Captain America, both the comic book and the live-action versions of Soldier Boy are experts at using their shields in combat. He can use his shield quite effectively in combat as he is an expert at utilizing it for both offense and defense. Of course, he is also a powerful combatant as he was trained for close-quarter combat and in different forms of martial arts. 

Being a WWII veteran and an expert in military tactics, Soldier Boy is also capable as a strategist. So, while he may not be able to stand up to the other characters in The Boys, he might be able to strategize his way to a win.

In many ways, he is simply a parody version of Captain America in his strength and capabilities. But the difference is that he is naïve and cowardly in the comics instead of being the brave and unselfish hero that Steve Rogers is.

How Does Soldier Boy Compare To The Other The Boys Characters?

Soldier Boy is a very strong supe not only in terms of his powers but also in terms of his abilities and expertise as a combatant. That means that he should be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming third season of The Boys. But how does he compare to the other supes in The Boys? Well, that’s something we’ll try to see based on what we know about his comic book and live-action versions.


The Boys Homelander

Homelander is the most powerful character in The Boys live-action series and is arguably the strongest character in the comic book version. He is the exact parody version of Superman because he has almost all of his abilities, such as flight, super strength, super speed, and heat vision. In that regard, there is no doubt that he is much stronger than Soldier Boy, who might not be as strong, as fast, or as durable as Homelander. Still, there is a good chance that Soldier Boy is a better combatant than Homelander.

Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve the boys

Queen Maeve is often regarded as the second-strongest being in the world and is behind only Homelander in terms of her strength. She is an expert hand-to-hand fighter and has augmented physical abilities that are almost on par with what Homelander can do. This means that she is most probably stronger than Soldier Boy because she is only a tad weaker than Homelander, who is far stronger than Soldier Boy.

Black Noir


In the comics, Black Noir is a Homelander clone that has all of his powers and abilities but is much more skilled in combat. We don’t know whether or not the live-action series will follow the same storyline for Black Noir, but we do know that he is quite strong and skilled. He has super strength that is almost on par with Queen Maeve because he could easily rip people apart with his strength.


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But the cream of the crop is his ability as a ninja because he has fighting skills that are probably on par with what Soldier Boy can do. So, if Black Noir is nearly as strong as Queen Maeve, he might be able to beat Soldier Boy in a straight fight.


A Train Jessie Usher in The Boys Season 2 Finale

While A-Train’s main power is his augmented speed, he still possesses super-strength that is far above what any normal human has. Nevertheless, he doesn’t have the same kind of super-strength that someone like Black Noir or Queen Maeve has, but he might still be strong enough to take on strong opponents. There is a good chance that Soldier Boy is physically stronger and much more skilled than A-Train. But A-Train might be able to speed-blitz Soldier Boy in a fight.


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Starlight’s main power is her ability to absorb ambient electricity and use them as focused blasts. On top of that, her strength is also augmented due to the fact that she could easily lift a car from one side. She isn’t quite as strong as the other members of The Seven, and she is also quite inexperienced in a fight. As such, there is a good chance that Soldier Boy, who is much more experienced and is physically stronger and faster, will win a fight against Starlight.

The Deep

the boys the deep season 2 1236091

The Deep’s main power is his ability to communicate with aquatic lifeforms. However, he still possesses augmented strength and durability, although he might not be quite that strong compared to the other members of The Seven. Considering that Soldier Boy is a powerful fighter that has augmented strength, speed, and durability on top of the fact that he is a better combatant, there is a good chance that he is stronger than The Deep.



Even Queen Maeve is often seen as the second-strongest being in the world, the introduction of Stormfront in season 2 changed all that as she is almost just as strong as Homelander. On top of the fact that she has the power to manipulate plasma.


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Because of her overall strength, she was able to fight on par with three supes in the form of Queen Maeve, Starlight, and Kimiko but eventually got overpowered. Considering that she is strong enough to probably fight Homelander on par, she is more powerful than Soldier Boy.

The Boys


If we aren’t going to look at the comic book version of The Boys, Soldier Boy is considerably stronger than any of them. However, the comic book versions of The Boys have augmented super strength that allows each of them to be almost as strong as Homelander. In that regard, Soldier Boy probably won’t be able to take them all down.

However, in the live-action version, Kimiko is the only member of The Boys that has powers. She does have augmented physical capabilities that allowed her to fight Black Noir and A-Train on par, but her best ability is her regenerative factor. In a one-on-one fight, Kimiko might not be able to beat Soldier Boy because he is the better and stronger fighter, but she would certainly make it hard for him to beat her because of her regenerative ability.

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