70 Best The Boys Quotes Including TV Show & Comics

Best The Boys Quotes

Almost overnight, The Boys has become one of the most popular TV shows on the planet, and rightfully so. The show is amazing, and if you have read the comics, you know they are equally good. One of the main things that make this TV show this epic quotes. This is why we have decided to make this article about the best The Boys quotes, not only from the Amazon TV show but also from the comics.

Let us check some of the best The Boys quotes and dialogues below, and be sure to visit this article again when the new season comes out.

Best The Boys Quotes & Dialogues

We will try to sort The Boys quotes by their amazing characters, so we will list separately Homelander’s quotes, Butcher’s quotes, Meave’s, and all other important characters from both teams.

Quotes by Homelander

The Boys Quotes - Homelander

“I’m the Homelander. And I can do whatever the f*ck I want.”

“Sometimes It’s Hard Being Superior To Every Single Other Person On The Planet.”

“So They’re Starving But One Of Them Has A F***Ing Cellphone?”

“You See: Companies, They Come And Go, But Talent Is Forever.”

“Put Your Hands In The Air, Like You Just Don’t Care. Kill.”

“Now you’re just another useless f*cking blind guy.”

“You are dispensable, which means you answer to me.”

“Not even Madelyn would have dared to try and pull this kind of sh*t.”

“When I was his age I was breaking the sound barrier. He can’t even throw a fastball.”

“Becca we had a deal. A deal that is alive and well and running around as free as a goddamn bird.”

“We can do whatever we want and no one can stop us. That is a good feeling. A really good feeling.”

“You were right. I’m not gonna get bored and move on. I’m not going anywhere. So feel free to tell Dr. Park to go f*ck himself.”

“Who gives a sh*t if Vought burns to the f*cking ground.”

“Your gill is showing. Cover it up. It’s disgusting.”

Quotes by Billy Butcher

The Boys Quotes - Billy Butcher

“I’ll tell you who you are, you’re a moron. ‘Translucent’ doesn’t even mean ‘invisible,’ it means ‘semi-transparent.”

“You come between me and my Mrs. again, I’ll f*cking kill you.”

“If it comes to that, I’ll neutralize her.”

“Eat this, motherf*cker.”

“Don’t Be A C*Nt”

“Don’t you worry. Daddy’s home.”

“Expecting a happy ending, were we? Well, I’m sorry, Hughie. It ain’t that kind of massage parlor.”

“It’s Like Hughie Infected The Both Of You With A Raging Case Of V**Ina.”

“You tell anyone what you saw or heard here today, and I’ll cut your hands off and shove them so far up your ass, your fingers’ll give us a little wave out your throat, yeah?”

“See, people love that cozy feeling Supes give them… but if you knew half the sh*t they get up to… Fckin’ diabolical. But then, that’s where I come in. To spank the b*stards when they get out of line.”

“Well, A Stranger Is Just A Friend You Ain’t Met Yet.”

“Hughie, You’ve Done A Murder. Comparatively Speaking, This Will Be A Piece Of Cake.”

“I’ll tell you what. When we’re all done here, I’ll buy you a nice, big, family size bottle of top-shelf lube and I’ll tickle your balls till you beg me to stop and even then I won’t. I just won’t do it.”

Quotes by Queen Maeve

The Boys Quotes - Queen Maeve

“I Really Did Want To Make A Difference…And Then I Started Giving Pieces Of Myself Away And I Guess I Gave Away Everything.”

“Everyone always asks, what’s our special weakness? Gamma rays? Iron daggers? Some ridiculous, stupid thing? The truth is, our weakness is the same as anyone’s. It’s people. The people we care about.”

“I don’t think we have to damage control your f*ck up.”

Quotes by Hughie Campbell

The Boys Quotes - Hughie Campbell

“I Don’t Think It’s Morgan Freeman Up There Or Anything But It All Can’t Be Random Chaos.”

“Just ’cause you fall on your *ss doesn’t mean you have to stay there.”

“You know, you’re always calling people “c**ts” or “tw*ts”. But I never really got how that’s an insult? They’re flexible, take a pounding, and they’re the reason behind, like, 98% of my life decisions.”

“Let’s Go F**K The Wife…Consensually.”

“You’ve been walking around for months like you want to kick my ass. So do it already.”

“But I can be Harry Potter. Or John Conner. Or what’s her name, from The Hunger Games. The point is, I can be that person that nobody thinks is awesome, but it turns out, they’re kind of f*cking awesome.”

Quotes by The Deep

The Boys Quotes - The Deep

“I’m The Diversity Hire. I’m A Joke.”

“Yeah, I Can Talk To Fish. So What? How Often Do You Need To Be Saved By A School Of Salmon?”

“My Road Is Long And Hard”

Quotes by Starlight

The Boys Quotes - Starlight

“The Bad Guys Don’t Get Punished. What We Do Means Nothing. It’s Just All For Money, And I Am In The Middle Of All Of It.”

Since when did “hopeful” and “naive” become the same thing? I mean, why would you get into this business if not to save the world? That’s all I have ever wanted. 

“I’m sorry but we’re not anything.”

Quotes by Frenchie

The Boys Quotes - Frenchie

“I know a little about a lot of things. I’m a gunrunner by trade, but, as you can see, I’ve developed a certain niche.”

“Girls do get it done.”

“My father was bipolar. One night, when I was ten, he tried to smother me with a Hello Kitty duvet.”

“You see, I know your secret. You’re not a bad person. Just a scared one.”

“Tell Butcher About The Thick Pen*S Around Your Neck”

Quotes by Mother’s Milk

The Boys Quotes - Mother's Milk

“If I’m gonna make a difference, I just feel more comfortable doing it on a smaller scale. I’m a motherf*cker with a heart.”

“Sometimes you get further with people by treating them like people.”

“If you’re the f*cking reason I can’t finish that Vermont Country Dollhouse, I will f*cking end you.”

“You are not a soldier, you’re not a spy. You’re just a kid that sells stereo equipment.”

Quotes by Stormfront

The Boys Quotes - Stormfront

“As if Homelander and Maeve were gonna eat MREs and piss in a ditch with the rest of the grunts.”

“You can’t win the whole country anymore. No one can. So why are you even trying? You don’t need 50 million people to love you. You need 5 million people f*ing pied. Emotion sells, anger sells.”

“Aw, you can’t do your magic little hand thingy anymore? How come?”

“Lazer My F*****G T*Ts”

“My Nana’s your biggest fan.”

“Shouldn’t we all just be competent at our jobs?”

“I mean this in the nicest possible way but I don’t need some f*cking Vought spy Barbie sniffing around to see whether I’m a team player.”

“Open your eyes. I like to see the light go out.”

“Life isn’t actually a PR strategy. You can say what you think.”

“Pippi Longstocking would bite a D, that’s for damn sure.”

“You write all women as either unknowable Hitchcock b*tches or Michael Bay f*ck dolls. I mean, I get that a lifetime of jerking off to Transformers didn’t exactly make you popular with the ladies, but a little effort would be nice”

Quotes by A-Train

The Boys Quotes - A-Train

“FK That Nazi BCh”

“How does everyone feel about you helping your traitor f*cking boyfriend escape? Or maybe you didn’t mention that part.”

Other Random The Boys Quotes

“You and your corporation are fcked. Unequivocally, unilaterally fcked.”

Susan Raynor

“Come on, you’re not the first person to call me a “c*nt”, Mr. Butcher. I’m starting to think it’s like a badge of honor.”

Victoria Neuman

Why have average when you can have extraordinary?”

Madelyn Stillwell

“I thought we were friends.”


“You are not our most valuable asset.”

Edgar Stan

“You need to get the f*ck out of my house.”

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