How Tall Is Iron Man? With & Without the Suit (MCU & Comics)?

How Tall Is Iron Man? With & Without the Suit (MCU & Comics)?

Iron Man is one of the landmark Marvel characters, carrying huge importance in both the comics and the MCU. However, apart from his super-genius intellect, Tony Stark is, for what it’s worth, just an average guy – even height-wise. Many other characters tower over him, so the question is, how tall is Iron Man with and without his Iron Suits, both in the comics and the MCU?

Iron Man is listed at 6’1’’ without the Iron suit, both in the comics and the MCU. In his regular suit, however, Tony is around 6’5’’ in the MCU but around 6’6’’ in the comics. The actor, Robert Downey Jr., is listed as only around 5’8½’’.

Those are the regular height numbers for Iron Man, but with each suit, those numbers change, both in the comics and the MCU. In some suits, Iron Man could reach far more impressive heights. Here are all the answers you might need about Iron Man’s height.

How Tall Is Iron Man Without The Suit In MCU?

Officially, the MCU version of Tony Stark is listed at 6’1’’. He might seem bigger when compared to some other heroes, but even that 6’1’’ is actually more than what the actor’s true height is. I believe the producers listed Iron Man at 6’1’’ to stay true to Tony Stark’s comic book height and to make him a bit closer to average male height.


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In the Iron Man suit, though, that height significantly increases. That’s why it might seem that Tony Stark is up to par with some characters that are usually taller, especially when you compare the actors in real life, such as Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) or Chris Evans (Captain America).

How Tall Is Iron Man With The Suit In MCU?

In his regular Iron Suit, MCU’s Iron Man is 6’5’’ tall, meaning the height difference between him in the suit and out of it is around 4’’ (11 cm). The height difference is due to the metal exoskeleton encapsulating Tony’s body. When you think of it, 4’’ isn’t really that much. 

It’s also important to note that Iron Man’s height in the suit varies depending on what version of the suit we’re talking about. For instance, the initial version of the Iron Suit from Iron Man 1 is certainly more robust (hence, taller) than the nano-technology Iron Suit that Stark develops later.

The tallest suits Tony Stark had ever worn in the MCU were the Hulkbuster suit or Mark XXXVIII, aka Igor, which were both about 11 feet tall.

How Tall Is Robert Downey Jr.?

As I’ve mentioned, the MCU version of Tony Stark is actually listed to be a bit taller than the actor playing the character. Robert Downey Jr. is actually around 5’8½’’, which is about 4½’’ shorter than what Iron Man is listed at in the MCU. The change is probably done to make Iron Man more comic accurate and closer to average male height.

How Tall Is Iron Man Without The Suit In The Comics?

Without any Iron Suit, Iron Man is listed at 6’1’’ in the comics. That’s identical to what Tony Stark is listed as in the MCU. Iron Man’s height plays into the fact that there is nothing “superhuman” about Tony Stark except for his intellect.

He’s an average man with average height, strength, speed, and stamina, and yet, he finds a way to become extraordinary and compete with superhumans, aliens, and even gods.

How Tall Is Iron Man With The Suit In Comics?

iron man height godkiller

Again, similarly to the MCU, Iron Man’s height in with the suit in the comics varies, depending on which Iron Suit he’s wearing. However, his average in-suit height in the comics is around 6’6’’, as opposed to 6’5’’ in the MCU.

However, the tallest Iron suit we’ve seen in the MCU is nowhere near the tallest Iron Suit that Tony Stark had ever created in the comics. In the MCU, the tallest Iron Man has been is around 11’.


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However, in the comics, the tallest, largest Iron Man suit ever was named The Godkiller MK II. The original Godkiller suit was actually a huge ancient machine designed to battle Celestials. Tony Stark couldn’t pilot it, though, so he created an alternative, The Godkiller MK II.

The suit was so huge that it had to be stored on Mars. It was so big that it could go face-to-face with Celestials, who are, on average, around 2000 feet tall. The Godkiller MK II was in that ballpark, but unfortunately, it was quickly destroyed after being attacked by several Celestials at once, and it simply couldn’t handle them.

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