Iron Man

Iron Man is a superhero created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Iron Man is one of the most iconic Marvel superheroes and has been featured in numerous works of fiction such as movies, animated tv series, video games, and other media. His most notable and latest appearance was in the MCU where he was portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.

Anthony Edward Stark, a wealthy playboy, genius, philanthropist, and entrepreneur suffers a horrible chest injury during a kidnapping. He was forced to build a weapon of mass destruction but instead managed to build a mechanic suit and save his own life. Eventually, Tony Stark takes over the identity of Iron Man and uses his suit in order to fight evil-doers.

Iron Man (movies)

Within the MCU three Iron Man movies have been released, with the character appearing in numerous projects within the cinematic universe.