How To Get A Sweeping Edge In Minecraft?

How To Get A Sweeping Edge In Minecraft?

Minecraft is an online gaming platform that enables you to create, improve, and explore your world. This online game helps a player improve his multi-tasking skills, memory, learning skills, and concentration. Minecraft also allows you to build your confidence and promotes teamwork as well. In addition, it offers you different enchantments for your weapons. Sweeping edge is one such enchantment. Not only it increases the sweep attack, but it also increases its damage. You can keep the mobs away from you with this enchantment. 

Sweeping edge is Minecraft’s enchantment for your sword that you can get by using an enchanting table, enchanted books, anvil, and enchant command. Enchanting your sword with the help of these items enables you to increase the damage attack of your sword. You will need to mine or collect the enchanted books in your world to get a sweeping edge enchantment for your sword. 

The very first thing about sweep attack is that it is only available in the Java Edition of Minecraft. So, you cannot use this attack in any other edition or platform. Sweeping edge enchantment is best suited to your sword. Most of the players want to get this enchantment for their sword to increase the working efficiency of the sword. However, it is a very useful enchantment to avoid or even kill all the mobs around you. 

This article will help you learn a massive difference between using a sword without a sweeping edge and using an enchanted sweeping edge sword. Let’s get started.

How to Get A Sweeping Edge?

How To Get A Sweeping Edge In Minecraft?

Usually, an enchanted sword with a sweeping edge enhances the damage of your sweep attack and makes your sweep attacks more effective. But what is the sweep attack? A sweeping attack is the downward motion of your sword when fighting with your enemies. However, the amount of knockback is about 2.8 blocks or knockback 1. Therefore, you can knock back all the enemies around your targeted one. You can get the maximum damage with sweep attacks only. There is no additional damage by any other attack. But how do you get a sweeping edge in your Minecraft? 

First, let’s find out how to get this enchantment. It would help if you got the following items to enchant your sword with a sweeping edge:

  • Anvil 
  • Enchanting table 
  • /enchant command 

Access to the enchanting table will help you get any enchantment of your choice. You can also collect the books for this purpose. You can mine books and enchant them with the enchanting table. Now you will use these enchanted books to get a sweeping edge sword in Minecraft. You can also get this enchantment if you have experience points in your inventory. 

There are different commands for different levels of sweeping edge. You can use the following enchants commands for all three levels:

  • Sweeping edge I

/enchant @p sweeping 1

  • Sweeping edge II 

/enchant @p sweeping 2

  • Sweeping edge III

/enchant @p sweeping 3

The following steps will help you to enchant your sword:

  1. Place all the collected items near the enchanting table.
  2. Turn on experimental gameplay to create a new world in Java Edition. 
  3. Open the chat window. 
  4. Use /enchant command for your sword from the menu list.
  5. Type your desired command there, e.g., sweeping edge enchantment, from the drop-down of the menu list.
  6. Press the “Enter” key to run your command.
  7. You will need to hold on for a minute.
  8. You will get a notification message for your enchanted sword.
  9. Drag it and then place it in your Minecraft inventory.
  10. You have successfully enchanted your sword.
  11. Your enchanted sword is ready to use now.
  12. It would have more damage attack percentage than the unenchanted sword.

Sword enchanted with the sweeping edge is worthwhile only when standing alone or walking with minimal speed. Then, you can hold your enchanted sword in your hand and fight with your enemies. It is the only enchantment that will help you to fend off your enemies when you have no other person around you. On the other hand, you won’t be able to use this enchantment if you are moving around in your world.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get A Sweeping Edge In Minecraft?

How To Get A Sweeping Edge In Minecraft 02

Sweeping edge is a sword enchantment that can quickly clear out the deadly mobs surrounding you. You can get a sweeping edge in Minecraft by using the method mentioned above. It is the fastest and the only way to get a sweeping edge for your sword. You can perform a sweep attack with an 84.8% recharge meter. Here, you can also get this enchantment for Minecraft Java Edition. You won’t be able to use it for any other edition. 

You can easily and quickly get this enchantment if you don’t move around your world. You must be standing still in Minecraft. It is an essential point that you should keep in mind to get this enchantment. There are a few pre-requisites before you get the sweeping edge in Minecraft. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Get the enchant command for your gameplay.
  2. Mine the enchanted books.
  3. You can use other methods such as fishing, loot chests, and trading.
  4. Gain maximum experience points in Minecraft world.
  5. Hold the sword in your hand and enchant it with the sweeping edge enchantment.
  6. Press the enter key and get your sword enchanted with this fantastic enchantment.

How Hard Is It To Get A Sweeping Edge?

Sweeping edge is a beautiful enchantment that can help you a lot in your journey. As long as you have access to the anvil, enchant command, and enchanting table, you can get sweeping edge enchantment for your sword. Otherwise, it would not be possible for you to get this enchantment in any other way. 

Getting sweeping edge for your sword would be difficult for you if you don’t stand alone in Minecraft.

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