Diablo: Immortal Hilts – How to Get & Spend Them?

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One of the most popular action RPG franchises in the world recently got a new installment. Diablo: Immortal is set in the world of Sanctuary, approximately 5 years after the events of Diablo II. Tyrael is “dead”, worldstone is shattered, and demons are trying to use it to power up rapidly. Like with every new release, fans have a lot of questions. One of the questions that are often being asked is what exactly are Hilts in Diablo: Immortal? How do you get them, and what do you spend them on?

Hilts are in-game currency acquired by doing certain in-game activities such as Battlegrounds, events, and Bounties. You can spend them at the hilts trader to acquire special legendary items, crafting materials, gems, and Legendary Crests.

Now that you have a basic understanding of Hilts you can join as we explain them in detail. So let’s go.

So what are Hilts in Diablo: Immortal?

Diablo Immortal Hilts: How to Get & Spend Them?

Hilts are the so-called non-farmable in-game currency. It means that they can’t be farmed like regular gold. Some amount of Hilts can be earned just by playing the game (for instance exploration bonuses and filling out bestiary) and some of them are earned by doing certain in-game activities:

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  • Defending or raiding the Vault
  • Completing Battlegrounds
  • Running Bounties
  • Completing Conquest events
  • From the First kill of the day bonus
  • Leveling up in Solo or Group Challenge Leaderboards
  • Collecting weekly rewards
  • Completing Exploration Achievements

Since Hilts are not exactly easy to come across, unlike regular gold, they are a way to purchase some rarer in-game items. But where do you spend Hilts?


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Spending Hilts in Diablo: Immortal

Diablo: Immortal Hilts - How to Get & Spend Them?

There’s really only one place in-game that will take them. The Hilts trader, also known as Lieutenant Fizriah. You can find him in the game’s main hub – Westmarch, near the Immortal Overlook Waypoint.  Hilts trader’s inventory holds three tabs (if you are a member of Immortals). The first tab is dedicated to general goods, items placed in the general tab are always in stock but have a weekly or even monthly purchase limit.

Diablo: Immortal Hilts - How to Get & Spend Them?
Legendary Crest1600 Hilts1 per Month
Mystery Legendary Item1600 Hilts1 per Week
Ca’arsen’s Invigoration1600 Hilts1 per Month
Crest300 Hilts2 per Day
Normal Gem200 Hilts10 per Week
Reforge Stone200 Hilts8 per Week
Aspirant’s key50 Hilts5 per Day
Charm100 Hilts3 per Week
General Items Tab

Tab dedicated to Immortals holds special items that can only be unlocked if your Immortal Dominance reaches certain ranks.

Diablo: Immortal Hilts - How to Get & Spend Them?


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The third tab, the Limited-Time tab, is refreshed 2 times per day, at 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM (your server time). There are two ways to keep track of what is on sale in this tab. You can check every time the inventory refreshes, or you can check the „notify me“ option and be notified in case you forget. This tab holds rotating random items such as enchanted dust, crafting materials, crests, reforge stones, gems, etc. It’s worth checking often.

Diablo: Immortal Hilts - How to Get & Spend Them?

So are Hilts worth the trouble?

Definitely, Hilts are a valuable source of useful items and materials, besides you can earn a limited amount of Hilts just by exploring and playing the game without going through extra effort to earn them. If you are going out of your way to earn them, make sure to invest them wisely and buy Legendary Crests – those crests add 2 modifiers to the Rift. You should avoid spending them on easily farmable items.

So there you have it, now you know what Hilts, how to spend them, and most importantly how to farm them.  Make sure to invest them wisely.