How To Light Candles In Minecraft?

How To Light Candles In Minecraft?

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Candles are one of the newest addition to Minecraft. They provide illumination of level 3 that is not the brightest source of light but is enough for a player to see around and move. Many players now prefer candles over torches and other means of a flame, as candles are more aesthetic and are a novel element of the game.

Candles require a direct source of fire to light them up. A flint and steel is the most convenient object to light up a candle. The other ways to light candles are fire charge and flame projectile. Unlike lamps, torches, or campfires, they are not automatically lit without any external source of fire. 

After the recent addition of candles to the game, they have become quite popular. Wax was in demand for a long time by Minecraft players and its addition has taken over the popularity of the game. To understand more about how to light candles and what you need to light candles in Minecraft follow the next section of this blog post.

What Do You Need To Light Candles In Minecraft?

How To Light Candles In Minecraft?

To light candles in Minecraft you need one of the following items:

  1. Flint and Steel
  2. Fire Charge
  3. Flaming Projectile

Fun Note: Bedrock addition allows you to add some flare to your style of lighting the candle. You can add light to the candle using a sword enchanted with fire. It’s one of the many weird but flexible movements of the game that adds to the entertaining element of the game.

  • Flint and Steel

It is used to light fire in Minecraft and is the most direct and easy way to ignite a candle. Flint can be crafted from Iron ingot or can be traded with farmers in exchange for emeralds.

It has lot of uses in Minecraft except lighting up candles. If needed it can also be used to ignite creepers, light Nether portals, and ignite candles with cake.

  • Fire Charge

Fire Charge is mainly combat equipment used to light up anything that ignites.

Similar to flint and steel, it instantly lights a fire. It consumes the fire charge in the process. TNT can be primed with this and can light campfires and nether portals like flint and steel. 

Creeper-detonating devices cannot be used with this device.

  • Flaming Projectiles

Flaming projectiles are burning arrows thrown over a distance. They are not the most feasible way to light up a candle but are one of the most stylish ways to ignite a candle.

To make candles in Minecraft, you need the following items:

  • Honeycomb x1
  • String x1

Create the candles by keeping the honeycomb in the center and placing the string directly above the Honeycomb on the crafting table.

Honeycomb is available in the forest or villages with the honey breeders. It is easily located in the forest on top of trees. However, getting the honeycomb is difficult because the bees might start an attack on the players, seriously injuring the player in the process. Also, the honeycomb can only be extracted at a level of 5 or more.

String on the other hand is taken from the spider, dungeon chest, and cobwebs in old barren Minecraft mines.

Combine both of these items on a crafting table and you’ll get the candle to light in Minecraft.

Candles are a recent addition. They were added in the Minecraft Sandbox and Minecraft 1.17 update that was released in July this year.

Candle emits the light of level three, reaching the maximum level of 12 if 4 different candles are combined together.

How Do You Light Candles In Minecraft?

How To Light Candles In Minecraft?

Lighting a candle in Minecraft is possible in a number of ways. To start, you can make a simple flint and steel item with just one flint and one iron ingot. 

A steel ingot and flint are needed for flint to be converted into steel. Iron ore can be melted down into an ingot in a furnace, and gravel can be mined to obtain flint. 

As with sea pickles, candles can be placed as standalone objects, and you can group up to four of them together on a single block. Using a flaming projectile and flint and steel will light a candle. With Bedrock Edition, you can use a sword that is enchanted with fire to light a torch.

Light levels increase as you group together four candles, increasing to 12 once each candle is lit. Only one candle may be placed on a cake that has not been eaten. The candle falls to the ground once the cake has been consumed.

Candles can be extinguished with water – however, using too much water will cause the candles to become waterlogged, preventing them from lighting.

The flint and steel you get from those two materials can be created on a crafting table. Once you have the steel and flint, light the candle by right-clicking or using the use key. 

Using flint and steel is not the only way to light a candle in Minecraft. Fire charges can be used as well, but they are less durable than flint and steel, so they aren’t as good as flint and steel unless you have an abundance.

In addition to firing fire arrows to light candles after fire charges, why walk over and use a flint and steel to light the candle?

Can Minecraft Candles Start A Fire?

A candle can also be used as a light source in a similar way to a sea pickle. A single candle has a light level of 3.

Each identical candle increases the light level by three, for a maximum of 12 light levels for a block of four identically colored candles. A fire particle is also emitted from them.

When candles are placed, they are not lit and must be lit with flint and steel, fire charges, or any flaming projectile. A Fire Aspect book or any sword enchanted with Fire Aspect can also be used to light candles in Bedrock Edition. 

The candle may be waterlogged, but it cannot be lit.

The player can extinguish lit candles with water (even a water bottle) or by interacting with them.

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