How to Make a Mangrove Propagule in Minecraft? (& Use It)

How To Make a Mangrove Propagule in Minecraft? (& Use It)

The 1.19 ‘Wild update’ to Minecraft introduced new biomes, including the Mangrove Swamp biome and Deep Dark biome, as well as collecting the mud from Mangrove swamps, fighting the Warden, and breeding frogs. But how do you use and make a Mangrove Propagule?

To get a Mangrove Propagule, look for swamp biomes in warmer areas to find Mangrove Swamps and then look for the Mangrove Propagule hanging below the branches, or hit the leaves to spawn one.

We’ll look at how these mechanics work in Minecraft, and how to farm Mangrove Propagules to get as many as you want and how best to use products from the Mangrove Trees.

How To Make or Find a Mangrove Propagule

The Mangrove Propagule is a sapling in Minecraft, with its main purpose being to grow Mangrove Trees.

To get the Mangrove Propagule, you have to find a Mangrove Tree to get it from. So finding the right area that is more likely to have these trees is the first step to getting it.

Mangrove Swamps are a type of Swamp biome. To raise your chances of finding the specific Mangrove Swamps among the other swamp types, look for areas that are warmer and more temperate. 

Your best chance to find such unique swamps is to look near the borders of swamp biomes where they connect to Jungles and Deserts. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find Mangrove Swamps anywhere else, it will just increase your chances significantly.

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The characteristics of Mangrove Swamps help them stick out compared to other types of environment. First, look for the teal color of the water, as compared to the standard gray or light blue of rivers and oceans.

Trees that grow in such swamps will also have a distinctive color, with a mossy yellow and green look. One of the more notable features is the root systems, as they grow in the water, on the ground, and even above the earth, just like real mangrove swamps.

The Mangrove Propagules will extend from the leaves, and appear as long stalks hanging from the underside of the leaves of Mangrove Trees. It appears similar to a mushroom, with a green body and a yellow top.

Harvest the item like you would any other collectable in Minecraft, generally by selecting and holding it. You can also cut down the tree using whatever tool works, generally a stone ax or sword.

As the Mangrove Propagule will fall to the ground, make sure you pick it up before it disappears.

Unlike other items like the beehive, you will not need to use a tool with Silk Touch when getting the Mangrove Propagule. Instead, if you want to just cut down the tree that works just as well, even without a tool as you’re fine to use bare hands.

You can also try breaking the leaves of the tree as there will be a chance that a Mangrove Propagule will fall out.

If you’re not having much luck tramping around the swamps, you can even grow your own tree and thus own Mangrove Propagule. You can put bonemeal on the bottom of any mangrove tree leaves to cause a new Mangrove Propagule to grow.

A Mangrove Propagule will mature through four separate stages and its best to wait until it is fully matured to get the most out of it. You’ll need about five bonemeal per Mangrove Propagule to get fully through these four stages.

Keep in mind that it is not strictly necessary to use the bonemeal, as it is a sapling so it will grow on its own, it will just be much slower. 

How To Make a Mangrove Propagule in Minecraft? (& Use It)

Best Way to Use the Mangrove Propagule

The Mangrove Propagule is one of the few saplings that is plantable on both land and water.

This includes blocks such as dirt, grass, coarse dirt, podzol, mycelium, farmland, mud, rooted dirt, and moss blocks.

Planting the Mangrove Propagule underwater can produce some very interesting results, as the roots will grow into quite intricate patterns.

Keep in mind that any mud that a Mangrove Propagule sapling is planted into, this will turn any nearby mud into Muddy Mangrove Roots, this a mud variant covered in removable roots.

One of the unexpected uses of a Mangrove Propagule, is that it can be used as a decoration on buildings or other locations. For example, it is a nice cosmetic or visual look for your builds and structures.

However, as a Mangrove Propagule can be planted to grow Mangrove Trees, use it to recreate a mansion in the Sundarbans, or to add a marshy, swampy look to your tower.  

As the Mangrove Propagule produces Mangrove Trees, these can be harvested to get the great looking Mangrove wood, which is one block you’ll want to consider adding to your buildings to give them a unique look.

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Unfortunately, these trees don’t produce a lot of wood, so you’ll want to plant a large amount of Mangrove Propagule to get a nice amount of wood for your next castle.

You can also use this mangrove wood to create a whole range of mangrove wooden furnishings such as stairs, gates, and more. Consider also the excellent choices of fire pits, smokers, boats, barrels, and many more cabinet making alternatives.

The Mangrove areas produce a lot of goods, including Mangrove Leaves, Mangrove Log, 

Mangrove Planks, Mangrove Propagule, Mangrove Roots, Muddy Mangrove Roots, Stripped Mangrove Log, Vines, Moss Carpet, Bee Nest, and of course, Sticks.

This makes them the perfect choice for your farm, notably because it is one of the ways to get your hands on bee hives, which won’t spawn on every tree type or sapling.

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