How to Tame & Breed Frogs in Minecraft?

minecraft frogs

Minecraft is home to a ton of loveable animals and creatures, all of which flaunt unique traits and personalities. Plenty of players adore the frogs in Minecraft, but these wild amphibians are not so easy to befriend compared to other mobs.

Frogs in Minecraft cannot be tamed, but players can lead frogs to follow them around using a leash or by carrying a slimeball. Frogs will enter love mode and breed when fed slimeballs, and they will give birth to tadpoles which can be taken home in a bucket.

While players will not be able to tame frogs and make them pets, you could still get a frog to accompany you on your various Minecraft adventures. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about frogs in Minecraft, what they enjoy, and how to get them to like you in the game.

Frogs In Minecraft

Minecraft frogs arrived along with the Wild Update, update 1.19, which also included a ton of amazing content for players – such as the Deep Dark biome, the adorable Allay mob, and much more. Plenty of players have been hopping around trying to catch a glimpse of this slippery mob.

There are various mobs and animals in Minecraft, some of which are far more eager to befriend humans than others. Frogs are the first cold-blooded creature to be added to Minecraft, and they are classified as passive mobs meaning that they will not naturally attack players.


Occasionally, frogs may inflate their vocal sac and croak. These mobs have a ton of different sounds for a bunch of different occasions and moods, namely:

  • Frog dying
  • Frog eating
  • Frog gets hurt
  • Random sounds
  • Frog long jump
  • Walking
  • Frob eats mob

Frogs do have some unique abilities compared to the other mobs and animals in Minecraft. They have the ability to jump really high – up to 8 blocks high – and they can withstand fall damage far better than other mobs, taking 10 damage hearts less from falling.

Where Do Frogs Spawn In Minecraft?

Minecraft Frogs typically spawn in groups of 2 to 5, and they generally spawn in the swamp or mangrove swamp biomes. However, frogs can spawn in other biomes and locations around the overworld as well.

But, they can also be spawned by developing tadpoles. Frogs in Minecraft prefer spaces with lily pads, as they love to relax on these leaves – they also love trying to sit on big drip leaves, although they typically just slide off again.

There are 3 different types of frogs in Minecraft, spawning depending on the biome that they were born in. Frogs in Minecraft can occur in the classic green color, brown, or in a pale grey tone.

Frog Drops

Unlike other mobs that reward special drops and loot, frogs are not really worth hunting in Minecraft. They have no drops other than between 1 and 3 experience points when they are killed – either by a player or by a tamed wolf.

But, they can be useful for acquiring some cool items when you simply let them live and eat. They attack using their long and agile tongues, much like real frogs. They pull in certain mobs causing the mob to instantly despawn.


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They are somewhat picky when it comes to what they see as prey. Frogs in Minecraft generally only attack slimes, which drop slimeballs upon their deaths, as well as small magma cubes causing frog lights to drop.

One of the most interesting uses for frogs is the acquisition of frog lights, as frog lights will drop when frogs attack small magma cubes. The type of frog light that drops will depend on the type of frog that killed the magma cube, as seen below:

Frog Type
AppearanceFrog Light Type
Tropical frogsgreen frogOchre frog lights
Snowy frogsgrey frogVerdant frog lights
Swamp frogsbrown frogPearlescent frog lights

Frog lights are not overly useful in Minecraft, but they can be really handy for just about any player. Similar to glowstone and sea lanterns, frog lights can be used for some solid lighting around your base, in addition to some stellar decorations.

Can You Tame Frogs In Minecraft?

While frogs in Minecraft are classified as passive creatures, this does not necessarily mean that they are interested in being players’ pets in the game. They are not tameable creatures, and players will not be able to get them to willingly follow or live in their Minecraft base.

What Do Minecraft Frogs Eat?

That being said, players can get a frog to follow them around with some persuasion. Frogs can feed on any little critter or bug that can be found in their habitats. Much like other animals, frogs will follow any player who openly flaunts their favorite food.

Originally, during the Wild Update beta phase, frogs were tempted and bred using seagrass – but, this was confirmed to be a placeholder. When the Wild Update was officially released with the 1.19 update, this breeding food item was changed to slimeballs.

How To Find Slime In Minecraft The Easy Way 01

This coincides with frogs’ primary choice of prey, which are slimes – they absolutely adore eating slime in all its forms. As a result, frogs will follow any player who has a slimeball in their hand.

Players can also use a lead to get frogs to follow them around, as one could actually attach a lead to a frog – odd, but it works. You will need 4 strings and one slimeball in order to craft a lead for your new froggy friend.

They still won’t be tamed and will likely run away the second the leash breaks. But, you’ll at least have a frog accompanying you like a pet for quite a while.

How To Breed Frogs In Minecraft

Frogs may not be tameable creatures, but it’s certainly possible to breed them. Players can breed frogs by feeding a slimeball to two adult frogs. We’ve covered the process of breeding adult frogs and potentially acquiring a new friend, with images thanks to PC Gamer.


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Feeding two adult frogs a slimeball will cause them to enter love mode. But, unlike many other mobs and animals in Minecraft, the frogs will not simply pop out a baby on the spot.

Similar to the process in real life, one of the adult frogs (the female) will become ‘pregnant’ and begin searching for a water tile with air above it. Once she finds a suitable water tile, she will lay her frog eggs, after which they will become developing frogspawn.


The frogspawn will later turn into tadpoles, which are actually classified as a completely different mob in Minecraft. The process of becoming tadpoles from frogspawn can vary in terms of time, but it generally takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Six tadpoles hatch from a single block of frogspawn, and the tadpoles will eventually grow up to become frogs. Unlike most Minecraft mobs, their variant will depend on the biome they were born in – not specifically the variant of the parents.

How To Tame Frog Tadpoles

While it is not possible to tame an adult frog in Minecraft, players may be able to have a tadpole tag along on their way home. If you would like to take a tadpole home with you, you’ll be able to bring it along by scooping it up in a bucket and keeping it in your inventory.

You can specially nudge your tadpole friend along a specific developmental path by paying attention to where it grows up – including where you carry it in your inventory. The type of frog they eventually become will depend on the temperature of the biome they are in, so take care to watch where you’re headed.

Building A Frog Pen

If you’re keen on having a happy and hoppy frog farm on your Minecraft base, it will be challenging – but it is possible! Once you’ve got 2 tadpole friends, you can take them back to base and take care of them until you have 2 adult frogs.


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From this point, you’ll be able to keep breeding the two adult frogs for more little frog babies. Players can make a little pen with everything that frogs love in order to keep them healthy and feeling at home, including:

  • Lily pads
  • Plenty of water blocks
  • Water blocks with air above it (for breeding)
  • Plants and flowers
  • Drip leaves

To make it even easier, you could build a pen in a watery environment – or one of their natural habitats. Remember to ensure that the pen is at least 8 blocks high, possibly using a glass block or fenced ceiling to keep them in. Frogs can jump super high, and if they are able to get out of the pen, they will certainly try.

Since no prey mobs will be spawning inside the frog pen, players will need to make sure that there is a safe way to get in and out without the frogs escaping. Players will need to gather food for them, ideally slimeballs, and feed them often to keep them happy.

Although you won’t be able to snatch a frog’s attention and make it want to willingly be your pet, you should be able to help it breed and potentially take home the babies. Tadpoles will ultimately become adult frogs in time with some proper love and care. With these easy steps, you’ll have your new amphibian friends back at home in no time!

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