How to Make Ender Portal in Minecraft? The Easy Way

How to Make Ender Portal in Minecraft? The Easy Way

Minecraft is an adventurous and exciting game enjoyed by all age groups, although, for younger players, the help of their parents is needed to open an account for them before they can play. 

This game is popular among gamers because it is great fun playing this game, it is also a sure way to pass time and is very easy to understand. This game can be played in two ways, one is called a survival mode of play and the other is called a creative mode. 

The creative seems the most exciting mode of play, in this style of play, players are in charge of sourcing for their food, other supplies for building and succeeding in a Minecraft Video game, alternatively, the game can be played in the survival mode, this allows the players to make use of structures that already exist in the stronghold making it easy to find them. 

A major goal of playing Minecraft is gaining entrance into the END Biome, and this is where the Ender  Dragon is located, once a player gains access to the stronghold and combats the Ender Dragon. But to reach this level in the game, we need to make the Ender Dragon. The question remains how do we make the Ender Portal in Minecraft?

How to make Ender Portal in Minecraft?

As earlier stated, the Ender portal is a unique passage through which game lovers can reach the Ender Dragon when they arrive at the End Biome.

This game is developed to allow game lovers to make the Ender portal during gaming, you have the choice of constructing frames that will be used to formulate the Ender Portal by yourself or you may also decide to make use of an already designed frame that is abandoned in the stronghold even though it may not be in a perfect condition. It would still deliver the same End result. 

To make an End Portal by yourself, it would be a great idea if the player collects some of the Eyes of Ender, these Eyes are produced from a combination of powder and fine pearl.

A player may also perform this function by right-clicking on the mouse at the same time you should hold the selected item with a mouse, the Eye of Ender is dispersed right into the air, if you desire to enter into the stronghold, you may need to release more Eye of Ender into the sky as some may vanish into thin air. 

More often than not, the Stronghold may be ruined, after locating the Stronghold, the player may then make use of some Eyes of Ender to fix it back to its former beautiful state. 

How to make end portal in Creative?

How to Make Ender Portal in Minecraft? The Easy Way

Building an End Portal in Creative mode in the Minecraft game is quite easy if some of this advice is adhered to. Attention must be paid to the process. if the steps are not applied properly, the End Portal refuses to become activated after building it. Using the right number of tools is necessary, they should also be pointed in the right direction.

The major step to assembling the End portal in the Minecraft game would be gathering the necessary materials namely, Ender Eyes(12) twelve in number and twelve(12) Portal Frames. 

To make the frame that will be used to make the End Portal, a total of twelve (12) Portal Frames should be used, three of these frames are put together to form one of the mandatory side of the Portal, this process must be repeated till you assemble a group of four frames, these frames will be used to form the four corners with a rectangular view. 

Next, you would be to assemble these frames in circular motions, with the Eyes focused on the right angle. Failure to assemble this right may lead to non-activation of the End Portal.

After assembling the frame, you should put the Eye of Ender inside the frames, while still positioned in the center of the circle with your player, before adding the twelfth Eye of Ender to the middle frame, you must leave the circle you have arranged to avoid being ushered unprepared into the End Biome, as this will definitely activate the End portal thereby bringing the game to a premature end.

How do you activate the end portal?

One of the most frequently asked questions by gamers is on how the End Portal can be activated in a Minecraft Video game. A major feature of the game that players find exciting is the act of activating an End Portal as things can change very quickly through the course of the game, once this very important feature is unleashed. 

To simply place End Blocks in the End Portal, you should type in certain commands such as setblock,  fill commands, these would perform the function of a real portal. you would need to carefully highlight all the Eyes of Ender on the Portal Frames and click the right-hand side of the mouse, repeat this action on the twelve frames to reach the End. 

A new window will usher the player into the End Biome and there he would have to confront the Ender Dragon.

The process is different when trying to activate the End Portal in the more traditional mode. The materials the player will make use of twelve or fewer eyes of Ender to stuff in the already created twelve existing frames. 

If there are already Eyes of Ender in some of the Frames, it may not be necessary to gather up to twelve Eyes of Ender. To activate the Ender Portal, the twelve Eyes of Ender must be placed strategically inside the twelve frames of the End Portal. 

Once the Eyes of Ender are fixed, the End Portal will become activated and this will automatically activate the portal, if the player finds any of the End Portal Blocks, you will be instantly ushered to End.

How big is the ender portal?

How to Make Ender Portal in Minecraft? The Easy Way

So much has been said on the End Portal, you may begin to wonder how big the portal needs to be, also, what size of the End Portal is required to have a satisfying game, this paragraph is going to address this concern. 

Although the size of the device that the video game is played on has a large role to play in how big the Ender Portal is going to be. The mobile version that is played on mobile devices will naturally be smaller than the video game that uses various sizes of televisions. 

Generally, as of the latest update, the End Portal Room is usually under the ground, players have to find a way to navigate and is situated right inside the stronghold of the game, it has some lava beneath it, it is usually surrounded by the End Portal Frames in a square that measures 3×3 centimeter. This is the standard and generally acceptable size.

What is the smallest nether portal?

A Nether Portal is quite different from an End Portal, while an End Portal signals the end of the game, a Nether Portal acts as a passage that leads from the Overworld to the Nether. The Nether is where more gaming and fun take place. 

This structure is built with different sizes in mind, depending on the specific need of the player, he may build the Nether to be 4×5 in size which is the smallest size a Nether Portal is supposed to have or it could be as large as 23×23, this is the maximum size a Nether is allowed to be. The Nether Portal must be built in a vertical position. 

Flames of fire are used to activate the frame, once they are built. Nether Portals can be made in any shape or size. For economical reasons or others, the smallest Nether can be made by simply placing two blocks on top and beneath and about three blocks to the left and right to create something that looks like a door, that should be sufficient to play the role of a Nether Portal.

Can a Nether portal be 5×5?

Nether Portals can be built to suit the gaming pleasure of the player, they can be big or small but the structure must be horizontal and never vertical. Portals can be 5×5 centimeters wide and tall. 

The smallest Nether must be 4×5 centimeter, so, any number above this is workable. To change how the Nether Portals look and operate, they can now make use of data that are in block values. It is believed that the wider the Nether passage, the more fun the game will be. As true as this may seem, the Nether Portal cannot be more than 23×23 centimeter wide.

From the foregoing, it is clear that the Minecraft Video Game can be a very pleasurable and time engaging game for both professionals and newbies, even though some features of the game are strange and a little bit hard to understand, with constant practice, a beginner can become a pro and get to the End of the game. 

The main catch is to make an Ender Portal and through it locate the Ender Dragon, defeat it and that signals the End of the game. This is really a game worth trying out.

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