How to Make Lead in Minecraft: Materials, Crafting Guide, Recipe, and More

How to Make Lead in Minecraft: Materials, Crafting Guide, Recipe, and More

Minecraft includes a lot of creatures. You can easily handle the passive mob creatures by using an item known as the lead. To make a passive mob follow you as a travel companion, you need to tie a mob by the lead. Moreover, you can also use a lead to keep them from running away. We can easily drag animals such as horses, foxes, wolves along with us. But how would you prepare a lead?

You can make a lead in Minecraft by using four strings and one slimeball. Arrange the strings and slimeball in such an order that two strings are in row one, a string and a slimeball in row two, and two strings in row three respectively. Keep in mind that the crafting area should at least have a 3×3 crafting grid.

Lead is a beneficial item that you can use as a leash in Minecraft. You can extend a maximum of 9-10 blocks before disengaging by using a lead in Minecraft. You can use this tool to tie up a mob creature, move the mob creature or animal alongside you or even tie it with a  pole to avoid running off. This item is used to tether and guide mobile animals and passive mobs. Let’s discuss how to make a lead.

Materials Required To Make Lead

Lead is a useful item similar to a harness. It can help you keep your passive animals along with you as a traveling companion. Moreover, you can use a lead to craft balloons in Minecraft too. Lead has several uses in Minecraft. You can command the utility mobs quite easily by using this tool. To craft a lead, you should collect some raw materials first. Those materials include:

  1. Two pairs of strings
  2. A slimeball

You just need to make an effort to collect these materials as they are not easily available. After gathering the above raw materials, follow the crafting guide below to make a lead for controlling your travel companion.

How to Make Lead in Minecraft?

How to Make Lead in Minecraft: Materials, Crafting Guide, Recipe, and More

Here’s how you can craft a lead yourself.

1. Open The Crafting Table

After collecting the required raw materials, go to the crafting menu and open the crafting table to make the lead. Remember that the crafting area should at least have a 3×3 crafting grid.

2. Arrange The String and Slimeball

After opening the crafting table, it’s time to arrange the raw materials in a specific order. Here’s how to do it:

  • Place the two strings in the first two boxes of the top row.
  • Now place a string and a slime directly below the above two strings in the second row. 
  • To finish your task, place two strings in the last two boxes of the bottom row. The crafted lead will appear on the right side of the grid. Now you can use your lead for various useful purposes.
  1. Drag the Prepared Lead Towards Inventory.

Never forget to move your crafted lead to your inventory. Now you are free to use it whenever you want.

Where To Find Materials Needed To Make Lead In Minecraft?

You cannot find the materials required in the preparation of lead in Minecraft quite effortlessly. You can collect four strings and one slimeball after following several different techniques and methods. 

However, you cannot craft the required lead in absence of either of the above-mentioned raw materials. There are few methods to find out these materials in Minecraft. Let’s discuss some of those methods.

  • Strings

You can get the required string used in the crafting of lead in Minecraft after defeating and killing some spiders. In addition to that, you can also cut some cobwebs with swords or daggers to obtain strings. Stealing or looting strings from forest temples and fishing can also help you in getting strings. It’s more convenient to get a string as compared to slimeballs. Slimeballs demand more hard work.

  • Slimeballs

Slimeball is not an easy item to come by. It demands your knowledge and time. You can get slimeballs in Minecraft after killing slimes in the swamp or marsh biomes. It’s a complicated technique because if you don’t have slimes, you cannot obtain the required slimeballs. Slimeballs are usually generated in the dark at night. 

You can get the required slime from sneezing baby pandas present in forests of bamboo. But this trick is also not worthy because you may or may not find the pandas in the bamboo jungles. Preparation of lead without slimeball is not possible. So, you have to detect them for the manufacturing process.

You can find slimeballs under particular blocks of the earth below layer 40. After gathering slimeball, you will be able to prepare a lead. In the absence of slimeballs, you cannot prepare a lead.

Where Can You Find Lead In Minecraft?

How to Make Lead in Minecraft: Materials, Crafting Guide, Recipe, and More

Lead is an extremely useful item for handling and binding your utility mobs with a fencepost. It’s a rare material in Minecraft. Let’s discuss some effective ways to find a lead in Minecraft.

1. By killing wandering traders

You can get a lead in Minecraft by killing a roaming trader. It’s the best method to obtain leads because a single trade after its death provides two leads by dropping them through llamas. After killing the trader, you have to separate leads from llamas. So, if you notice a trader strolling randomly then you can kill him to get two leads. It’s the simplest strategy to obtain a lead in Minecraft.

2. Inside buried treasure chests

If you are searching for leads in Minecraft, do try to find the buried jewel trunks or treasure chests. Because they are a great source of lead for leads seekers.

3. Inside woodland mansions

You can obtain the lead in Minecraft by visiting spots like a woodland palace and a woodland mansion. These places contain a good quantity of leads.

4. Crafting

Crafting is another method to gain a lead in Minecraft. In this process, after gathering the required materials, you should arrange them in a specific order in a crafting area of a 3×3 crafting grid. It’s an easy method to craft a lead but requires finds the raw materials first.

On What Level Is Lead Found In Minecraft?

You may find a lead ore with complexity bit of the hard work in Minecraft. Lead ore is an ore of dull blue or grey complexion. You can generally discover lead ore at or around 25 layers. You can find both silver ore and lead ore together during mining. So, if you locate any silver ore during digging, then make sure that there is no lead ore left behind. Lead ore is a quite beneficial item with a large number of advantages in Minecraft.

Can You Put A Lead On A Villager?

In Minecraft, you cannot put a lead on villagers without moving them first. You should make an effort to get villagers into a boat and drive the boat to a different area or location where you want to put the villagers. Indirectly, you can put a lead on a villager by placing him on the boat.  In short, you cannot grab villagers directly by using a lead. You can place a lead on the boat or ship while villagers keep traveling on the boat.

What Animals Can You Use Lead On?

Handling animals and making them follow you is a usual thing to do in Minecraft. But some animals create a little bit of problem in handling. So, you can manage these kinds of animals by placing lead on them. 

You can guide many animals in Minecraft using this kind can manage polar bears, cats, chickens,  dolphins, donkeys, foxes, horses, wolves, pigs, and many more animals by using lead in Minecraft. After fixing the lead on the above-mentioned animals you can move these animals all over the world along you without any issue. 

Remember you cannot utilize a lead on all animals. For example, you cannot use a lead on a panda.

You can remove lead from your animals at any time you want to. The procedure to unleash horses depends upon the version of Minecraft. In Java Version, you, have to right-click on the horse to do it. For the  Pocket Edition, you need to drag your pointer above the horse and click the unleash key.

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