How to Put Armor On a Horse in Minecraft? 5 Easy Steps

How to Put Armor On a Horse in Minecraft? 5 Easy Steps

Minecraft has creative features and unlimited resources to explore endless worlds, crafting weapons and armor to fend off risky mobs. Horse armor is among such items. It is used to shield the player’s horse from taking harm. Horse armor has four types in most versions of Minecraft: Iron, Gold, Leather, and Diamond. Horse armor decreases harm done to horses due to raged attack or melee attack from the player or some other mob. But how would you put armor on a horse in Minecraft?

First, you need to find a horse in the plains biome. If you have any difficulty finding a horse, you can always call a horse using a cheat or spawn egg. Now tame it by trying to mount the horse or backing off. After you have tamed it, you can put on the horse armor of your choice. Add your selected horse armor in your Hotbar and move that item from the Hotbar to the armor box. Finally, go back to your game screen, you will see that your horse is wearing that armor.

Horses have a huge role in fast and efficient transportation as well. They used to cross huge distances in a faster way. Most players prefer to ride a horse. Because horse armor protects the player’s horse from taking any damage as they did for themselves. Let’s learn how to put armor on a horse in Minecraft.

How to Put Armor On A Horse in Minecraft

How to Put Armor On a Horse in Minecraft? 5 Easy Steps

There are four types of horse armor in Minecraft. Horse armor can be crafted from iron, gold, diamond along with a combination of any color. You can only make the leather horse armor yourself, and the rest of the armors can be found in the Minecraft world.

You can find horse armor in chests from dungeons, end cities desert temples, villages, and Nether fortresses. You can put the armor of your choice on a horse in Minecraft. You have to do this by yourself. Before riding you have to tame it. Here is the step-by-step guide for you to do it.

1. Find A Horse

The first step is to find the horse in Minecraft. You can find horse armor in the plains biome. If you are finding any difficulty, then you can also use the spawn egg to call a horse.

2. Tame A Horse

The second step is to tame a horse after finding it. You have to do it on your own. Make sure that you have nothing selected in your Hotbar.

3. Equip The Horse Armor

The third step is to put the armor on the horse. Here, you have your own choice to select the type of armor like Gold horse armor, Iron horse armor, Diamond horse armor.

4. Add  The Armor On A Horse

The fourth step is to add armor in the Hotbar of your choice and move that item from Hotbar to the armor box. After that, you will see that your horse’s look has changed and it is now equipped with armor.

5. Riding the Horse 

How to Put Armor On a Horse in Minecraft? 5 Easy Steps

The fifth step is to move back to your game and you will see your horse is wearing that armor. Now you are all set to ride the horse.

If you want to put diamond horse armor on the horse, add it to your Hotbar first. Now you will see that your horse’s look has changed again, as you equip the armor again. When you will move back to your game screen now, you will see that your horse is wearing diamond horse armor. Diamond Horse Armor is superior to all other horse armors.

Finding the Gold horse armor in chests is a little less common. It is more powerful than iron horse armor. Leather horse armor is also a type of armor but it is not as powerful as other armors. The leather horse armor is considered the lower tier of horse armor.

You cannot find it in any loot chests in a Minecraft world. You have to craft it by hand. Iron horse armor is mostly present in loot chests. It is slightly stronger and will add a small cover of protection when you put it on a horse.

How to Tame A Horse in Different Versions of Minecraft

In Minecraft, you just have to approach the horse and you will be able to ride it after following some easy steps mentioned below.

How to Tame A Horse in Minecraft 1.15.2

It takes some time to tame a horse. You have to simply approach the horse on your own and click the animal you want to tame. Wait until it bucks you off and repeat this process until the hearts appear on your screen.

How to Tame A Horse in Minecraft 1.16

There is the same process is used in Minecraft 1.15.2. If you want to tame it, just follow these simple steps. First, you have to click on the horse, you want to tame, with your hand. Stay and wait until it stops bucking off. Repeat the process until you tame it.

How to Tame A Horse in Minecraft 1.16.4

You will still need to tame it with your hands, no change in the process. Use the steps mentioned above.

How to Tame A Horse in Minecraft 1.17.10

How to Put Armor On a Horse in Minecraft? 5 Easy Steps

Taming a horse in this edition is the same as in the previous versions of Minecraft. To avoid it mistakenly attacking you, you must interact with it with your empty hands. By continuing with this technique, it will eventually stop bucking you off and you will be able to tame it.

You will notice that the process of taming the horse is the same in almost all versions of Minecraft. 

How to Put Armor On A Skeleton Horse In Minecraft. 

Skeleton horse is considered as a passive mob. This term usually refers to all moving and living creatures present in the world of Minecraft such as creepers, skeleton horses, and chickens. Because it is a passive mob, it will never attack you back in the game in survival or creative mode.

In Minecraft, skeleton horses have 26.5 hearts of health. This will give a skeleton horse 53 points of health at any time. If you need to kill it, you will lose 53 points of damage. In Minecraft, the skeleton horses usually appear when the horse is stuck by storm or lightning. If you are having any difficulty in finding one, then you can use spawn w=egg to call or find the skeleton horse.

It is one of the rarest mobs in the world of Minecraft. You can also spawn them in the most secretive circumstances, which most players had never had such a chance to experience that. You must be careful if you will ever see a skeleton horse during a storm. They pretend to be innocent at first, but you will realize at the end that they are tremendously hostile.

 A terrible foe, skeleton riders will shoot players, while maintaining the distance. Players can kill them too. Then the result will be a passive skeleton horse. If it is not tamed, then it will automatically despawn after 15 minutes. Once the skeleton riders have been killed, you can tame the skeleton horses. 

You can do that by riding the horse. In Bedrock Edition, these skeleton horses cannot be equipped with armor, neither ridden nor given a saddle. A skeleton horse doesn’t have an inventory and can’t be prepared with a saddle or armor. It is possible to add this as a mode of transport in your Minecraft game.

  • As you know that you cannot tame a skeleton horse through a spawn egg. So, it will have to appear naturally. You have to find the skeleton horses first. If you facing any difficulty then you go to the biome horse spawns and wait. Remember this will happen only during the thunderstorm.
  • When the horse is hit by lightning, it will turn into four or five skeleton horses, and they may have riders. You must know about the skeleton trap in Minecraft. You will see a lone horse at times, they are wandering around a biome. But if you get close, then they will be hit by lightning and the split happens instantly. It’s like a trap. You have to be careful at that time as you may be up for eradicating or killing the skeleton riders.
  • When you want to ride a skeleton horse, you don’t need to go through any process of taming. Here, when you kill all these skeleton riders, you can go up to the remaining skeleton horses and arm a saddle from your inventory. Then you will be able to control the horse. 
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