Minecraft: Here’s How to Repair a Fishing Rod

how to repair fishing rod in minecraft

Minecraft lets you craft a lot of items for fun. Among the nifty creations, there’s a unique one: the fishing rod. Fishing rod naturally allows you to fish, meaning that when you’re away from home on fishing expeditions, you may have several broken fishing rods in your inventory. However, it would be handy if you could repair them, and this is what we will deal with today. Let’s see how to repair a fishing rod in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The easiest way to repair a fishing rod is to combine two broken fishing rods in your Minecraft inventory crafting grid. This will result in a single fishing rod with more health points.
  • Fishing rods can also be repaired on anvils, crafting tables, and grindstones by using the same principle mentioned above.

Editor’s Note: This guide has been updated in October 2023 and reflects the latest version of the game.

Do fishing rods break in Minecraft?

Fishing rods indeed break in Minecraft and follow a fairly logical principle: the more you use it, the more worn out the fishing rod will become. A common fishing rod in Minecraft has a renewable durability of 64 units, allowing for a total of 64 uses before breaking. Enchantments like Mending or Unbreaking can extend its durability. Specific actions, such as fishing or catching items, consume different units of durability. With a Mending charm, a fishing rod can have infinite durability, but only for fishing and not while wearing damaged Mending armor

fishing in minecraft

Can fishing rods be repaired?

Fishing rods can be repaired through several means, although all of them use the same principle but different crafting stations. Unlike some armor and weapons, fishing rods cannot be repaired by using ingots. Generally, you will always need two used fishing rods that you will combine in a single repaired one.

You can create fishing rods via the following stations:

  • crafting grid in your inventory
  • crafting table
  • anvil
  • grindstone


5 Best Fishing Rods in Minecraft

Repairing fishing rods via crafting grid

This is the most efficient approach when it comes to repairing fishing rods since all you need is your own inventory crafting grid. Simply combine two used fishing rods and they will give you one slightly repaired fishing rod, depending on how broken the two combined rods were. This is probably the best approach to repair since it’s accessible everywhere and it comes with an added bonus of freeing up inventory space.

repairing fishing rod via crafting grid

Repairing fishing rods via grindstone

Grindstone is often used to repair items, but more often to disenchant them. It can also be used to repair rods by combining two worn rods. You can also disenchant rods via grindstone and combine two enchanted rods into one superior fishing rods that holds both enchantments.

repairing fishing rod on grindstone

Repairing fishing rods via an anvil and crafting table

It’s still possible to repair fishing rods on an anvil, and the same principle applies as on the crafting stations mentioned above. If you’re at the start of your game and you want to save up on resources by recycling your rods, a crafting table is also available as an option.

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