How To Repair And Disenchant In Minecraft? With Examples

How To Repair And Disenchant In Minecraft? With Examples

In Minecraft, it has become anything but ordinary that survival and building, measure one’s success. Repairing and disenchanting are very important tools for use leading us to one of the frequently asked of how to repair and disenchant in the game.

Repairing in Minecraft involves sacrificing a look-alike or different item for the one to be repaired. To disenchant items, the enchanted item is stripped of its magical powers either to gain experience points or onto a book. Repairing and disenchanting could be done using a grindstone or an Anvil.

Repairing and disenchanting items is usually done using a crafted grindstone. It is however important to note that while a grindstone can handle your repairs, it doesn’t protect the enchantments on such items and it becomes a serious issue when you need the enchanting powers of an item you just repaired. This and many other concerns need to be addressed.

Having played this game for years, I would share my experience with you which hopefully answers the most frequently asked questions as regards repairing, enchanting and disenchanting items in the Minecraft game.

How To Repair In Minecraft?

There are different methods that can be deployed when repairing tools in Minecraft. The methods have different levels of difficulty, the most difficult method coming with the most advantages. I would be taking you through how to do repairs using the grindstone method.

This method requires using a crafted grindstone or you could get one from a neighboring village. You can craft a grindstone in Minecraft using a regular stone (a cobblestone can be used to make this by placing it in a furnace for a moment). The next step is to use a 3 by 3 crafting grid. You place two sticks and the stone in the first row and two wooden planks in the second row. 

The crafting grid turns those into a grindstone looking like an end product on the right of the diagram below.

How To Repair And Disenchant In Minecraft? With Examples

The first two minutes of this Youtube video pretty much explains how to craft your grindstone. The grindstone has two input slots and one output slot as you can see depicted in the upper half of the diagram below.

So in this method, if you have two damaged tools that are identical and you need to get at least one good one, you move the two tools to the two input slots at the top of the right part of the diagram. The two tools would be used to make one good tool for you which displays in the output slot. There is a disadvantage though. You lose the tool’s enchanting power.

Here is how the grindstone interface looks when being used to repair items :

How To Repair And Disenchant In Minecraft? With Examples

The third minute of this Youtube video explains in simple terms how to repair items using the grindstone. The advantage of this is that it increases the durability of the output beyond your expectations as shown in the video. Repairing items in Minecraft could also be done using an anvil.

Oftentimes during the game, one might want to eliminate any prior work penalties on items unless of course the items are cursed. This is the reason for disenchanting items in Minecraft, Disenchanting an item improves the item’s durability. Let’s have a look at how this is done.

How To Disenchant In Minecraft? 

To disenchant in Minecraft, the grindstone can be used. The item to be disenchanted is placed in either of the input slots in the grindstone. What comes out in the output slot is the item without enchantment. It is noteworthy that disenchanting items is also the main reason during repairs. Else one can decide to repair without losing the enchantment on such items.

Another method of disenchanting a particular item using the grindstone is by combining two of such items to make a new one. The previous two items will be destroyed but the new one comes out having the previous two items’ combined durability plus an extra 5% up to the maximum.

Usually, the person playing spends some experience points when enchanting an item. During disenchantment of such items, the experience points are returned. These points could be used again when looking to enchant other items at an Enchantment Table. 

You can remove all enchantments from items except for curse enchantments. These exceptions are the curse of binding and the curse of vanishing. The curse of binding is an enchantment for the armor that doesn’t allow for any disenchantment once the armor is worn. The curse of vanishing means the item would disappear once the gamer dies with it.

There is also no removing of only one aspect of enchantment on an item. All enchantments on an item are wiped off during a disenchantment process. The exception to this is for curse enchantments.

Apart from removing enchantments using a grindstone, disenchantments can also be done using a crafting grid. It is just like the method of using a grindstone and combining two enchanted items to make one whilst their enchantments disappear. The only difference here is that for a crafting grid, you don’t get the extra 5% durability from the newly forged item. 

Using a crafting grid to disenchant also doesn’t return the experience points you spent when having the item enchanted at the Enchantment Table. 

You can follow up on this Youtube link to know how disenchantment in Minecraft is done, the methods of doing it, the advantages of one over the other, and when disenchantments cannot work.

When playing the Minecraft game, it is important to want to keep the enchantments on some of the items when repairing them. Since a grindstone always takes out all enchantments during repairs it now becomes necessary to seek other means of keeping the items’ enchantments intact during repairs.

How Do You Repair Items Without Disenchanting Them?

Earlier in this write-up, I stated that there were different methods of repairing items. I will be taking you through another method that aims at retaining the item’s enchantment. In fact, this method also combines the enchantments for two items when one is being sacrificed to repair another.

To repair items in Minecraft with the aim of retaining enchantments, I use an anvil instead of a grindstone. An anvil could also be crafted using the crafting grid and a number of those needs be produced regularly as it usually wears out from constant use. An illustration of the anvil interface in Minecraft is displayed below.

How To Repair And Disenchant In Minecraft? With Examples

In the anvil diagram, the first slot before the ‘plus’ sign is the target while the slot after the ‘plus’ sign is the sacrifice. When repairing items, I put the item to be sacrificed in the slot on the right after the ‘plus’ sign while the item receives the repairs, and of course the combined enchantments will be placed in the target slot.

The first function of the anvil will be to rename the item to be expected. The new name can be typed in the brown slot just below the ‘Repair and Name’ depicted on the anvil interface. 

There are two ways of repairing items I put in the target slot. I can put a similar item in the sacrifice slot but I would need to be sure that the sacrifice item is damaged enough to not allow a 100% durability to be exceeded after the repair process. 

In the case that the sacrifice item is not well damaged, an option would be to inflict more damage on the item so the combined durability could be less than 100%. This is to give room for the 5% plus durability and still ensuring that with that in place the 100% isn’t exceeded.

Another choice if the sacrificial item is not damaged enough is I can consider something else instead of damaging it a bit more. For example, if I was fixing a wooden ax, instead of using another wooden axe, I could insert wooden planks in the sacrificial slot gradually to improve the combined durability until I get the desired result. I could also repair iron swords with iron ingots.

The diagram below illustrates using wooden planks to fix a wooden ax using an anvil in Minecraft.

How To Repair And Disenchant In Minecraft? With Examples

Here is a Youtube video that explains how to repair items without losing the enchantments.

One of many other frequently asked questions is if one can transfer enchantments from one item onto another. The truth is that when you have an Anvil, almost anything is possible. This leads us to the next aspect of this article

Can You Disenchant Items In Minecraft Into A Book?

Using an anvil, I can transfer enchantments from an item into a book. All I need do is throw that item onto the anvil and then throw in the book and a quill also. The anvil will automatically disenchant the item and transfer the enchantment onto the book. So, the secret here is the quill. 

To disenchant items, I will need to enchant them first. I can achieve this by using an enchanting table with bookshelves around it to make the enchantment better and stronger with higher levels. This Youtube video avails you all you need to know as regards disenchanting items in Minecraft into books.

The interface below shows the enchanted books beside the items that have been disenchanted onto them.

How To Repair And Disenchant In Minecraft? With Examples

When the process of transferring enchantments is completed, it should be noted that the disenchanted items keep their damage values while the books retain the same enchantment that the items had.

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