How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft? 3 Easy Steps

Sometimes, a day spent in Minecraft can be hectic and tedious. Along with all the exhaustion, if you feel a bit lonely in the game, you may want to keep or raise a pet yourself. And what could be better than finding a feline companion as a pet? However, finding and taming the cats is pretty tricky. They don’t tend to stay around you if they are not tamed. Here is how to tame a cat in Minecraft.

To tame a cat in Minecraft, you have to feed it with fish (raw salmon or raw cod). When you have about 20 fish in stock, try to find a stray cat in either a village or in a Witch Hut. The cat will keep consuming the fish you offer. Keep feeding until a collar appears around the cat’s neck and hearts appear above its head.

You can tame a cat just like taming ocelots. Just keep feeding them fish until they become friendly and docile. Once you have tamed a few cats, you can also breed them. But new players find it difficult to tame cats initially. That’s why this article will guide you on how to tame a cat in Minecraft with detailed instructions and tips.

Where to Find Cats in Minecraft?

The spawning of cats in Minecraft has a bit of a technical factor. Just as a cat can spawn, it may despawn as well. They spawn in two places:

1. Villages

Untamed stray cats spawn in the villages if they meet the following conditions:

  • there is at least one villager,
  • and there are at least four beds in the village.

That’s because one cat spawns for every four beds present in a village. A village can have a maximum of 10 cats in the Java Edition of Minecraft. Any additional cats can despawn on their own. In the Bedrock Edition, a village can have a maximum of five cats.

2. Swamp Hut

A stray black cat would always spawn in the Swamp Hut alongside a witch when a new world is generated. This black cat would never despawn. Other black cats can also spawn in the witch hut if there are more witches & is a grass block present.

Required Materials to Tame a Cat

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft? 3 Easy Steps

To tame a stray cat in Minecraft, you need to have only one item; fish. Fish can either be raw salmon or raw cod. 

The reason to use fish is probably that the cats love raw fish in Minecraft. It is not just used to tame the cats; it also makes them breed and heals them if their health is low.

You can stock up fish by fishing from a nearby lake or river. For fishing purposes, you will need to craft a fishing rod. Craft a fishing rod on your crafting table using three pieces of sticks and two pieces of string.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Taming a cat is relatively easy but tricky; hence many newbies find it difficult. The process of taming a cat is similar in all the newer versions of Minecraft on every platform. 

Here’s how you can tame a stray cat in Minecraft:

1. Collect Ample Amounts of Fish

Make sure you have ample fish in your inventory. Stock up raw salmon or raw cod for this purpose. You can catch both of these fish using your fishing rod in ocean biomes. You will find plenty in normal and cold oceans.

2. Find a Stray Cat 

As I have mentioned previously, you can find cats in the villages or a Witch Hut in the swamps. A village with 40 beds can have a maximum of ten cats. Cats spawn every minute in a village. Find the one closest to you and visit it to tame a cat.

Alternatively, you can also find a stray cat, particularly a black one, in the Witch Hut. These huts primarily spawn in the swamp biomes and are hard to locate quickly. Just remember to stay away from the witch while trying to find the black cat, as they will attack you if you get too close.

3. Feed the Cat

Once you have found the cat, equip the fish and move closer to the cat slowly. If you get too close too quickly, the cats tend to run away. Approach it gently, and then feed the raw fish to the stray cat. 

A grey smoke will appear when you will feed the cat. Continue to feed more fish until you see red hearts appear above the cat’s head. When you have fed the cat enough fish, the hearts will disappear. The cat will then gain a collar, signifying that you have tamed it now.

The cat will now follow you everywhere you go unless you command it to sit or tie it to a fence or a pole.

How Many Fish Do You Need to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

To tame a cat, all you need is raw cod or raw salmon. If you don’t have enough in your stock, go fishing and catch around 20 fish to be on the safe side. Different types of cats may require different amounts of fish for you to tame them.

Can You Tame the Witch’s Cat in Minecraft?

The stray black cat spawns alongside the witch in the Witch Hut. Once you find it, you can tame it like other regular cats by feeding it raw cod or salmon. Just be cautious of the witch present at that location. She may attack you if you get too close and she notices you.

What Is the Rarest Cat in Minecraft?

The black cat is the rarest in Minecraft. That’s because you can only find it in the Witch Hut or breed it during the full moon. All other cats have equal chances of spawning in the villages. During a full moon, 50% of all the cats that spawn will be black. Hence, this makes the black cat the rarest of them all.

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