Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock: 7 Main Differences

Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock: 7 Main Differences

Minecraft is a mega-popular game that lots of people love to play. Minecraft Java vs Minecraft Bedrock edition are two different versions of the game. In this article, I’ll take you through the differences between them so you can decide which one to play.

Minecraft Java edition is the very main updated version of this game. But these updates appear every half a year and it’s hard to notice all the changes. Therefore, we decided to compare Minecraft Java vs Minecraft Bedrock 10 main differences.

Minecraft is one of the best survival games. 

It is something that anyone can enjoy, even your grandmother. The game offers plenty of fun adventures for users of all ages. There are many different Minecraft servers, which come with their own unique features. You need to know the difference between Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Edition before joining a new server or making a purchase. 

It’s not simply about which one is better, there are multiple differences that you should take into consideration. This article will lay out some common differences that you should be aware of when deciding on which version to play.

Minecraft Java 

Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock: 7 Main Differences

Minecraft java development is a huge deal these days thanks to its popularity, especially after its mobile game releases. Minecraft was created by Markus Persson back in 2009. Since it came out, it has become one of the most played games in the world with more than 60 million users. Over 40 million people play Minecraft every month and this number is increasing each day.

Minecraft Java is one of the most popular games on the internet right now. And if you are playing Minecraft for quite some time now, you might need to know all the important Minecraft java features which could help you play the game more easily.

Pros – Java edition multiplayer developed over a decade. Because of this, it has a wide range of server platforms to run and tons of plugins and sidemodes. The Java platform has many platforms that are present across Minecraft servers. 

Cons – Due to the dominance of devices that don’t support the Java software’s the number of users for this edition has reduced. 

Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft bedrock edition is the only version of Minecraft which lacks combat. Your goal is to have a lot of fun with all the essentials when it comes to what you’re going to be doing out there for you to make sure that you can create whatever it is that you’re hoping to get done too as long as you keep on doing this right and better at least.

Minecraft bedrock edition is a stripped-down version of Minecraft. As the name suggests, it is a bedrock version where you won’t find any hostile mobs here or creepers that can destroy your buildings.

Minecraft bedrock edition was designed to be enjoyed by people who like simple and easy games.

Bedrock is a newer and nicer version of the game. It has gained popularity on mobile devices and consoles. Formerly known as pocket edition it now also supports the Windows 10 operating system. 

Pros – Bedrock Edition is now the default edition for Minecraft because it can run on every mobile device and consoles out there. However, there are caveats to it as not every device allows the player to connect to the community servers. This game compels the player to join its official partner’s servers. Besides this, if you miss the bedrock edition then you are missing a large player base. 

Customization options are more in the bedrock than Java. The look can be modified and the user interface is easily customizable. Java also has some of this but nowhere as good as bedrock.

Cons – bedrock has fewer third-party modifications than Java. Many popular plugins are not available in Bedrock. There is a limited command system that makes a larger community run smoothly. The chat interface is not as good as the level of Minecraft should have. 

Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock: 7 Main Differences  

Editions of Minecraft are based on which platform you are using. I will compare Minecraft Java vs Minecraft Bedrock Edition gameplay to help you decide which edition you should play.

There are a few differences. For one, Bedrock Edition allows for added difficulty as you are likely to run into any issues as you explore the complex landscape. Also, the latest version of the game has support for Mods which add new blocks and features to the game. However, some exclusive items in both versions may require certain mods to function properly. 

The Bedrock version has a few extra features that make exploration more exciting. Also, the latest version of the game supports mods, which add new blocks and features to the game. The Java version also has exclusive items not found in the Bedrock version. However, some certain mudded servers and plugins only work on one or the other versions. This guide will show you how to download and install these versions of Minecraft so that you can play online without issues!



Hardcore ModeAvailable
Graphics & PerformanceBetter
Controls Better

Let’s look into differences in more detail. 

1. Crossplay

Minecraft is enjoyable when playing alone but if you want to get the best of the game you definitely should consider playing it with friends. A multi-player Minecraft is a totally different experience and offers a variety of experiences that single-player gameplay can’t. 

That said, the Bedrock edition offers cross-play across consoles, mobile devices, Windows 10, which lets players play together irrespective of the platform they are playing it on. Java only runs on PC that too with high graphics that limits the cross-play. 

2. Mods

Mods are programs that are used to change the game’s features such as graphics and music and the ability to create something within the game. It is the biggest difference between the two editions. 

There are various modes and textures in the Java edition of Minecraft while Bedrock only has paid add-on packs that you need to spend money on. If you plan to mod the heck out of your game then you are better to go with the Java edition. Java edition lets the player customize the game and change some settings that are not available in the Bedrock edition.

Moreover, there are only a few add-ons in Bedrock in numbers in contrast to Java that presents numerous ranges of nods to the players. And also, Java provides mods and resource packs for free. 

3. Hardcore mode

A very difficult level of the game that requires mastery in the game to survive. Minecraft has 4 game modes by default but the Java edition offers the fifth one, which is Hardcore. This version of Minecraft is immensely popular with players who love playing a level above the rest. 

This mode is only available to players on Java Edition. That is a major disadvantage for Bedrock fans but Mojang is planning to introduce the hardcore level in the Bedrock edition so hopefully, this major difference between the two editions will be short-lived. 

4. Servers

Java has broader server choices than Bedrock. Although both games need different kinds of servers and it boils down to the choice of player. 

5. Graphics and Performance

Both Bedrock and Java are designed on different software and creates a variance in the graphics. The Java edition here drives better because it is run on PCs that have high graphics. If you play on any simple PC or Laptop then Bedrock is a better choice because it can support any kind of system. Also, Bedrock can be played on any kind of device so its compatibility with different devices compromises the quality of the graphics it renders.

6. Controls

Bedrock edition may be better if safety control is important for you. For younger children Bedrock is safer and easier game as it has basic functions and can be played by people of any skill set. Bedrock is safer because of its parental control. It moderates the online connection as it is connected to the Xbox service and helps in adjusting the parental control better.

7. Costs

Bedrock is cheaper with Android price starting at $7.49, PS4, and Xbox at $19.99. Java edition costs around $26.95

There you have the list of all the major differences between the game. Before making any judgment about which one is better it is important to consider is what style of game suits you. There are numerous options available in Minecraft and for this very reason, players with different capacities play it regularly. You should understand what are your preferences for gameplay and then take a decision on which one you would have. 

It depends on what device you prefer playing games. If you’re planning to play it on PC then the JAVA edition is better. But if your preference is Xbox, PS4, and consoles then Bedrock is best. 

Often players are concerned with what edition to buy?

Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock: 7 Main Differences

I would recommend going with Bedrock if you are a new player or have less budget. Bedrock is more stable and easier to play.

Java edition requires the player to have a better skillset and is more expensive to buy. It should be an option if you have good playing skills and experience and enjoy playing at a high level without the fear of getting beaten and starting again. 

Is Minecraft Java harder than bedrock?

Java can be a more challenging edition than Bedrock simply because it requires more skillset to play. 

Minecraft Java Edition is one of the most used versions of Minecraft. It is also where all the Mods and texture packs are made. The reason it has a lot of mods and texture packs made for it is that it is more compatible with other computer programs, such as MCEdit and Bukkit.

Whereas Minecraft bedrock is a simplified version of Minecraft. It doesn’t have any block; you won’t find hostile mobs here or creepers that can destroy your buildings.

  • In Bedrock, you can spam without any repercussions but in Java, you need to limit your hits. Suppose, in the Bedrock edition if you swing a sword and it misses the hit then you can simply swing it again whereas in the Java edition you need to cool down before making another blow.
  • Java edition has lesser Armor value. In fact, 4-diamond armor protection doesn’t guarantee safety against Crystal end. While in Bedrock the 2-diamond protection is enough to defend against Crystal end.
  • Java has exclusive harder mode names “hardcore”. In that skeleton are strafe and harder to hit. But it is not available For the Bedrock edition. Bedrock is for mobile devices, so it has easier controls. 
  • Shields are easily activated in Bedrock than in Java edition. In Bedrock, you can activate shield while crouching down but in Java, you need to stop blocking and then activate. It helps in quick reaction during the game that helps to fight the monsters effectively. 

Bedrock is easier and more suitable for any of the devices while Java is better for PCs.

Can You Play Minecraft Java With Bedrock?

Yes, you can. With the new update, Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition now play together on what’s called unified servers. Therefore, you should have the same seamless and free experience on mobile, PC, and consoles.

Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock edition are two different games. These are not the same, but it is possible to play the former with the latter. But why would you want to do that? Simply because it increases the community that you can connect with and enjoy the game with a larger number of people.

Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition are different versions of this popular game. For casual players, Bedrock proves to be a better choice since it is easier to play and can be played on any device, and is more stable. Whereas the JAVA edition is more sophisticated and requires more skillset to outperform hardcore gaming.

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