How to Use Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager? A Complete Guide

How To Use Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager? A Complete Guide

Dragon Age is a fantasy role-playing video game created and developed by BioWare. After two very very successful major games titled Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, which are for some considered one of the best games of all time, Dragon Age: Inquisition came out in 2014. For mods, there is always a mod manager, and in this article, we will discuss how to use the Dragon Age Inquisition mod manager, and ultimately, bring you the complete guide.

To even start using the Dragon Age modding process, one first needs to download Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager – the old one was discontinued, so the alternative is the Frosty Mod Manager, which allows more features, and is updated regularly. After installing the mod manager, in the games folder, you need to create a new folder for mods and open the mod manager to begin modding.

If you are interested in the more detailed part on how to use mod managers properly, we will mention the alternatives, explain which mod manager is better, and provide you with a complete guide on how to mod your games using these engines. Let’s begin!

What Does Mod Manager Do?

When a player discovers mods for certain games, they usually do not know what they need to do or what they need to install to make the mods work. Essentially, Mod Managers are PC software utilities that manage plugins of your mods in order to get the best experience out of playing a certain game. We already mentioned in our articles ones for Fallout games, Mod Organizer 2 and Elder Scrolls Online, and the Minion. Of course, every moddable game has its own managers, and some cover multiple games.


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Frosty Mod Manager, besides Dragon Age Inquisition, is also used for Mass Effect Andromeda game, and in recent years or so has been a really popular choice for players wanting to mod these games. For example, if you wish to have a bigger collection of weapons in your game or maybe more accessories for your characters, Mod Managers are a must-install tool for them to work. Yes, games like Sims 4 do not need mod managers but some really do, and Dragon Age Inquisition is one of them.

All in all, Mod Managers are engines for mod utilities and plugins you want to add to your game, but also great organizers as such, which make player’s life much easier. It is better if an engine has a clear-cut picture of every mod you have in the game in one place than if you have to look for them one by one by yourself.

How Do I Use DAI Mod Manager?

After we explained the main purpose of the mod managers, now it’s time to discuss how to use mod managers for Dragon Age Inquisition. As we already mentioned, there are two available mod managers available for Dragon Age Inquisition – Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager and Frosty Mod Manager.

Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager has been a main engine to the game for years but the creator announced that the mod manager is abandoned, which means there won’t be any further updates. Because of that, we will lead you through the installation process and tutorial on how to use the Frosty Mod Manager. Remember, you need to install the mod manager in the game’s main directory.

How To Use Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager? A Complete Guide
  • Create a new folder titled Frosty Mod Manager in the games main directory, usually located in the Steam or Origin folder, depending on where you acquired it.
  • After you install the mod manager, click on Frostymodmanager.exe to open the application, and click the command New.
  • A new window or dialogue box will pop out where you need to find DragonAgeInquisition.exe in the main directory of the game (where it is installed), and just double-click it or click on the Open command.
  • You will get a new window where you need to select Dragon Age: Inquisition in Select Configuration. Just click on it and the mod manager window will pop out.
  • Then you can start downloading mods – our recommendation is the Nexus Mods website which has available mods for more than a thousand games and Dragon Age Inquisition is one of them. Remember, we recommend making an account on Nexus Mods website for easier access to the mods and safer download.
  • After you download the mods, just drag the mod file to the mod manager window. On the left side, you will have visibly installed mods and to apply them, you either double-click on them or just highlight them and press the command Apply Mod(s).
  • Remember, some mods won’t be able to work if the order in the queue is not right, so you have an option as well to move your mods up or down on the queue.
  • After you apply the mods you wanted for your game, just press the Launch command on the mod manager and you can play your modded game.


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The Frosty Mod Manager needs to be opened during the game for your mods to work.

How To Use Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager? A Complete Guide

DAI Mod Manager Not Working Error

There is a possibility that after the installation of the engine, your mod manager won’t work. There is a good reason why that happens. The mod manager needs to be upgraded to the latest version so you won’t have any issues applying your mods and worrying if they are going to work or not.

Other common errors include your mod manager not running because it is not installed in your game’s main directory. That is a must. Mod Managers and mods always need to be installed in the game main directory in specialized folders so you don’t get lost while trying to locate them. Also, there is a possibility, if you have an antivirus on your PC, that it will block Mod Managers running because of the “suspicious files”. Disable it or just don’t have antivirus on your computer, in 2022 it is truly unnecessary. Windows Firewall is enough.

There are a lot of possible errors, and most mod managers have the same solution to the problem, so if you’re having problems different than the ones we mentioned, definitely check out this link.

Old DAI Mod Manager is not up to date – it is abandoned and it’s not been upgraded in a very long time. Frosty Mod Manager is available for Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect Andromeda games, and it is our recommended manager to use for these particular games. All links are provided in this article.

Thank you for sticking with us until the end, and see you next time!

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