How to Use Whisper of Atonement in Diablo 3?

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Diablo 3, known as the “brightest” of entries in the Diablo Franchise is popular again. This cult classic is still being played today. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2012, it was generally well-received, but a bit too easy compared to Diablo 2 mechanics and gameplay. Now with Diablo Immortal released just a few weeks prior, fans are revisiting Diablo 3 and one question keeps popping up. What does Whisper of Atonement do? How do you get them?

Whisper of Atonement is a type of legendary gem, earned by completing Echoing Nightmare runs. This gem can be then used to augment your legendary gear. The rank of Whisper of Atonement you will get depends on your overall performance in Echoing Nightmare. But keep in mind they can be upgraded. You upgrade your gear with the gems using the recipe Caldesann’s Despair.

Now that you know what Whisper of Atonement is, and how to get it. It’s time for an in-depth explanation of how it works. So stay with us!

What is Echoing Nightmare?

Echoing Nightmare Entrace
Echoing Nigtmare Portal

It’s basically an endgame system or activity whatever you want to call it designed to allow you to complete challenges. It was introduced in Season 26. After you’ve hit that level cap you are able to collect so-called “Petrified Screams” from Rift Guardians (Another end-game activity). Those Petrified Screams are then used to open Portals to the Echoing Nightmare. The minimum requirement for Echoing Nightmare is that you are at least level 70 when you begin it.

Once there you will be overwhelmingly attacked by waves and waves of mobs. Echoing Nightmare ends in two ways. Either you are overwhelmed by waves of attacks or you are defeated. The longer you survive and the quicker you can clear of the waves your tier scales with it. Difficulty also scales which means that every incoming wave of mobs will be stronger and more difficult than the last one.

Mobs that you clear within the Echoing Nightmare will never drop loot, health, gold, and other common resources that you are used to. Instead, your reward for clearing Echoing Nighmate will be experience, blood shards, legendary items, and a newly- introduced gem – Whisper of Atonement used to enhance those legendary items. Echoing Nightmares are similar in mechanics to Greater Rifts, but they are far more difficult to complete.

What is Whisper of Atonement?

“This fiery gem emerged from the ruined remains of the Petrified Scream. It thrums with the remnants of power left by distant generations of Nephalem.”

We’ve already mentioned Whispers of Atonement are gems used to improve your legendary items but there are some things to take into consideration. First, you can only get them through Echoing nightmare runs. There is no other way to farm them. Then, they can be improved just like any other gems. The highest level of Whisper of Atonement you can get is 125 (it’s strictly based on your performance within the Echoing Nightmare run), but you can improve them up to level 150 through Greater Rifts.

Whisper of Atonement as seen in game

Whispers of Atonement are also a seasonal thing. This means that any augmenting you’ve done on your legendary gear will stay after the season has passed but the gems themselves won’t. If you have any unused Whispers of Atonement at the end of the season, they will vanish.

How to use Whisper of Atonement?

Before you’re even thinking about using Whispers of Atonement you should know that you need Caldesann’s Despair from Kanai’s Cube. With the recipe, you will also need Legendary gems, aka Whispers of Atonement and Flawless Royal Gems. 

Diablo 3 Recipe

Once you’ve decided which stat to upgrade you will need 3 Flawless Royal Gems of the same type. You can augment the following stats with the Royal Gems: Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, and Intelligence. You can only have one applied bonus to the item at a time. Applying another bonus will cause the previous one to disappear.

Flawless Royal Gems Needed for Augmentations

Whispers of Atonement, once used are destroyed and that action cannot be undone. And as we’ve mentioned before. At the end of the season, your Whispers of Atonement that has gone unused will disappear but you’re applied bonuses will stay. Some players have been complaining about the fact that they don’t have enough Flawless Royal Gems to use all of their Whispers of Atonement. Maybe Blizzard should introduce another function for them?


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All in all Echoing Nightmare and Whispers of Atonement sound like a typical endgame activities designed to keep you engaged with the game and to keep both you and your Gear leveling past the leveling cap. It’s also gritty and repetitive, so equip yourself with lots of patience. After you’ve acquired Whispers of Atonement spent them wisely on stats you consider you’re most lacking.