How to Find & Complete Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal?

How to Find & Complete Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal?

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Diablo: Immortal – the latest installment in Diablo Franchise has just been released, the story so far revolves around locating world stones and stopping demons from empowering themselves using the said stones. Since Diablo: Immortal is an MMO it has a plethora of activities to keep the players busy before – and after hitting that level 60.  One of those activities are Demon Gates. If you’re looking for a complete guide on Demon Gates you’re at the right place. So, how do you find and complete Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal?

Demon Gates spawn throughout the „Realm of Damnation“ zone. They appear at random locations At seemingly random times. The main objective of this event is to clear the demons that reside inside.

So, we’ve covered the basics of the Demon Gates, and now keep on reading to find out the details!

The Realm of Damnation

How to Find & Complete Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal?

Realm of Damnation is the final zone for leveling players (55-60) in Diablo: Immortal.  And judging by its name it is not a very pleasant place to be caught in. Demon Lord Skarn – resides within the Realm of Damnation, it’s his personal hell so to speak. And you know what they say, home is where you trap your enemies’ souls at, I guess.  Realm of Damnation is divided into a couple of subzones:

  • Forest of Misery  – First zone, A forest made of remains of past demons that somehow angered Skarn.
  • The last Vestige – Verathiel’s Encampment within Realm of Damnation.
  • The Halls of Punishment
  • Pit of Anguish  – A Realm of Damnation Dungeon
  • And Demon Gates – Portals through which Skarn summons his recruits.

Before you decide to venture into Realm of Damnation you should know that you need to finish Frozen Tundra Questline and be at least level 56.

How to Find Demon Gates?

There are a couple of prerequisites before you start looking for demon gates. You need to finish the campaign and reach level 60. Only after you’ve reached the maximum level and finished all other storylines, you can set your game at „Hell“ Difficulty and you can start hunting for Demon Gates.  Unlike other zone events, Demon Gates are typically unpredictable in nature. They do share a notification system with other events, meaning that once they spawn within the Realm of Damnation you will be notified (if you are in the zone at the time of the event), so you can plan your activities in the area accordingly.  Demon Gates are time-sensitive objectives, it means that you only have a limited time to finish them and get your rewards.

How to Complete Demon Gates in Diablo: Immortal?

You can clear Demon  Gates while in a party of three people (or less depending on your skills). The main objective of Demon Gates is to clear all enemies within the area. Like many other activities, Demon Gates are timed events meaning that you need to clear the enemies within a specific time frame.  Once you cleared the waves and defeated the boss you can work on closing the portal and collecting your rewards. There is a special bonus reward available for players who managed to complete three Demon Gates in a single day. So you might want to redirect your activities and farming to Realm of Damnation if you’re planning on doing that.


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What do you get from closing a Demon Gate?

Unlike other zone events rewards, the rewards you get from Demon Gates appear to be random. Demon Gates do drop enchanted dust and valuable gear, and there is a minuscule chance that legendary items will drop. Your chances are higher if you complete 3 Demon Gates in a single day. So prepare for camping – you could be in the realm of damnation for a while. Ultimately it doesn’t really pay off. Other Zone events have a chance at better rewards and their spawning is more consistent than that of Demon Gates.

To sum up, Demon Gates are just another zone event in the Realm of Damnation zone you can farm once you hit level 60. You can earn some enchanted dust, gear, and maybe even legendary item by completing them. As far as mechanics are concerned, the event is pretty straightforward and easy to complete. The only downside is unpredictable spawning so if you’ve set your sights on completing three in a day for that bonus reward. You might wait longer than you’ve expected and miss better rewards in other zones or doing other activities.

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