How Was Homelander Killed in the Comics? (& 5 Theories for the Show)

Homelander Killed

We all know that The Boys has a Superman parody in the form of Homelander, who is by far the strongest character we have seen thus far on the show. Nevertheless, the show and the comics are quite different from one another in the sense that certain characters were changed in the live-action version. We also know that Homelander has already been killed off in the comics. So, how is Homelander killed in the comics’ version of The Boys?

In the comics, Homelander gets killed by none other than Black Noir, who was revealed to be a stronger and unhinged clone of Homelander himself. The two engaged in a later fight, but Black Noir ended up winning. Black Noir’s punch ripped off Homelander’s jaw and effectively killed him. 

The comics’ version of The Boys proves that the only way for you to defeat the biggest and baddest monster is by using a bigger and badder monster. In that regard, Black Noir was the bigger and badder monster of the two as he ended up killing Homelander because that was his mission. So, let’s look at how Homelander gets killed in the comics and some theories about his death on the show.

How Was Homelander Killed In The Comics?

As season 3 of The Boys draws near, more and more people are looking forward to the day that the big bad superhero called Homelander sees his demise as he has been responsible for some of the most awful things that have happened on the show. And this is going to be quite exciting to look out for because no one has come close to Homelander’s powers as of this writing.

Homelander is basically the strongest being in the entire world of The Boys as he is physically stronger than anyone and has powers that are similar to what Superman can do. In that regard, none of the characters have even come close to defeating him because of how incredibly strong this character is.


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Of course, we do know that The Boys is based on the comic book series of the same name. The comic book version of The Boys has already seen its ending, and that means that Homelander had already died. So, how was Homelander killed in the comics?

In the comics, Homelander became unhinged because of the psychological impact that the story has had on him. He ends up going rogue and murdering the president of the United States in cold blood as this sets up a confrontation with none other than Billy Butcher, whose only weapon against Homelander is his augmented strength.

As Butcher and Homelander were ready to square off, a familiar face in the form of Black Noir suddenly appeared to join the fight. Black Noir took off his mask and revealed himself to be none other than a clone of Homelander. He was created to serve as a fail-safe for Homelander in case the superhero goes rogue. As such, the only thing that could stop Homelander was someone who was just as strong or even more powerful.

Black Noir vs Homelander vs Butcher The Boys.jpg copy

Homelander became even more psychologically affected when he saw his clone as Black Noir revealed that he had always wanted to kill him. This set up a fight between the two as they destroyed the White House with their laser beams. In the end, however, Black Noir proved to be the stronger of the two when he dealt the final blow to Homelander.

Black Noir delivered a punch so strong that it ripped Homelander’s jaw off and killed the superhero for good. However, Black Noir, who didn’t escape from the fight unscathed, got killed by Billy Butcher, who used the clone’s injuries to his advantage.

So, in a way, Homelander was killed by himself because only a clone of himself was strong enough to defeat him. The only way to kill the biggest and baddest monster is by using a bigger and badder monster, and this beast came in the form of Black Noir, who was engineered to be stronger and more unhinged than Homelander himself.

5 Theories On How Homelander Will Die On The Show

As established, Homelander’s death in the comics came at the hands of Black Noir, who was his clone the entire time. However, we also know that the live-action and the comics version of The Boys have a lot of differences from one another, and Black Noir is one of them. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the theories we have regarding how Homelander will die in the live-action series of The Boys.

5. Black Noir Also Kills Him

We mentioned that Black Noir is one of the differences between the comic book and the live-action versions of The Boys. That’s because, on the show, he is a superpowered ninja that hasn’t shown any indications that he could be a clone of Homelander. But we are not dismissing the possibility that he could still be Homelander 2.0.


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At this point, we don’t know how the showrunners will do it, but they could still write Black Noir off as Homelander’s clone. That might be odd, considering that Black Noir is probably Homelander’s best friend on The Seven. Nevertheless, it could still be possible that we might get surprised by a Black Noir twist. Still, this is the most improbable theory.

4. The Boys Gang Up On Him

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The members of The Boys have their own reasons for hating supes, and that is why they are even in this anti-superhero group. In the series, the one member who has the biggest reason to hate supes is Billy Butcher because of what happened to his wife. Nevertheless, his motives may change in season 3 because of what happened in season 2. Meanwhile, the rest of the members of The Boys may still have their own reasons for wanting to kill Homelander and the rest of The Seven.

While Kimiko is the only member of The Boys who has powers, we know that Billy is going to get his own powers as well. It might be possible that, with the help of the other members of The Boys, Butcher stands a chance against the strongest supe and that Homelander gets killed through a group effort on the part of the main characters of the series.

3. Billy Butcher Kills Him

In the comics, Billy Butcher never got the chance to kill Homelander himself because Black Noir took that away from him. They were on their way to a one-on-one fight before the clone entered the scene and fought Homelander himself. Nevertheless, Butcher was able to get a consolation prize by killing Homelander’s clone.


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It might be possible that Billy Butcher and Homelander are going to have a one-on-one fight at one point in the future of the show, and that could happen in season 3. And this is possible because Butcher is on his way to getting his own powers in season 3, as he might end up being the one to kill Homelander using his own abilities.

2. Ryan Butcher Kills Him

The Boys ryan butcher

Ryan Butcher is Homelander’s son through an affair that he had with Billy Butcher’s wife, who everyone thought was dead but was just sent to live elsewhere to raise her son on her own. It was also established that Ryan Butcher has the potential to be stronger than Homelander, who he inherited his powers from.

As such, the only person powerful enough to fight Homelander is his own son, who could end up surpassing him at some point in the future. This could potentially set up a father and son battle with Ryan coming out of that battle as the winner.

1. He Turns Good And Dies A True Hero’s Death

This might not sound probable but bear with us here. We all know that Homelander became unhinged because of how he was raised and how traumatic his past was. He never experienced a real childhood because of the way Vought raised him. As such, we cannot fully blame him for being the asshole that he is.

As such, we are theorizing that at some point in the future, Homelander might actually turn to the good side after coming into terms with who he is and what he has done. He might actually think about becoming a true hero for a change and may end up dying as a result of it. And it might take a substantial threat to actually kill him, but that is more than possible if the showrunners decide to add a new character who is truly evil and is more powerful than Homelander. 

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