Homelander vs. Black Noir: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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As the new season of The Boys is on its way, we cannot help but compare some of the strongest characters in the series, especially when we look at The Seven. The two strongest male characters we have seen thus far are, of course, Homelander and the mysterious and stoic ninja called Black Noir. These two are powerhouses in their own right, as they are meant to be the Superman and the Batman of The Seven. So, who would win in a fight between Homelander and Black Noir?

The live-action version of Homelander will easily defeat Black Noir because he is the strongest being in the entire world. However, the comics’ version of Black Noir is an unhinged and more powerful clone of Homelander. But, if we’re talking about the show, Homelander will always win. 

It is worth mentioning that there are plenty of differences between the comic book and the live-action versions of The Boys. One of the biggest differences can be seen in the fact that Black Noir is yet to be shown to be a clone of Homelander in the series, but that could still happen. But, as it stands right now, Homelander is still the most powerful being in The Boys.

Physical Abilities

One of the best attributes that Homelander has is his amazing physical capabilities. He is among the strongest characters in The Boys and among the strongest superheroes ever. Even if he didn’t have any powers, Homelander would still be probably the strongest supe out there because his physical attributes are head and shoulders above everyone else. His superhuman strength, speed, durability, and agility are all several levels higher than anyone else’s. And while Stormfront and Queen Maeve are second behind him in terms of their superhuman capabilities, the gap between them and Homelander is still quite wide.

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Like all of the different supes, Black Noir is gifted with enhanced physical abilities that allow him to become stronger, faster, more agile, and more durable than any ordinary person on the show. He has displayed amazing levels of strength, speed, and agility, especially when he uses them to his advantage as a ninja. Then again, he isn’t entirely superior to all of the other supes in terms of his strength, but he has shown agility and durability that are on par with some of the best.


Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander in the Show?

As powerful as Black Noir is when it comes to his physical abilities, especially when he uses them in conjunction with his skills as a ninja, he still pales in comparison to what Homelander can do with his physical attributes. Homelander is simply exponentially stronger, faster, and more durable than Black Noir.

Homelander 1, Black Noir 0

Fighting Skills

Out of all of the members of The Seven, Homelander is probably at the bottom when it comes to his fighting skills because, let’s face it, he never needed to develop his fighting skills at all because he could just kill anyone with a single hit of his fists. Homelander is so powerful that his combat skills rely on his brute strength and heat vision. His lack of combat skills might end up becoming a weakness at some point in the future, but, as of now, no one has become skilled enough to defeat Homelander in battle.

Black Noir is arguably the most skilled fighter in all of The Seven because he is a trained ninja that can use any weapon in a deadly manner. Probably the only member of The Seven who is nearly as skilled as Black Noir is Queen Maeve, but the gap is wide because this ninja’s close combat skills are unrivaled. And when he uses his ninja swords, he becomes one of the most dangerous people on the planet as he can slice people up in a hurry.

Black Noir Strength The Boys

There is no doubt that Black Noir can win a test of pure combat skill against any member of The Seven because he is head and shoulders a lot more skilled than they are, including Homelander. There is a reason why he is the assassin and the most feared member of The Seven.

Homelander 1, Black Noir 1


In many ways, Homelander is simply a parody version of Superman because this character has everything that Superman has. That means that he has the ability to use heat vision, X-ray vision, and superhuman voice. He can also fly, but his flight capabilities are limited in the sense that he cannot use his super strength while he is in midair. Nevertheless, Homelander is every bit of a superpowered powerhouse as Superman is because he is basically The Boys’ version of the legendary comic book superhero.

Black Noir is one of the supes that don’t have a lot of powers other than the fact that he has augmented physical abilities. However, he uses his abilities to great effect because he uses them for stealth and for covert operations. Then again, he still has some powers, which include superhuman hearing and healing factor. Black Noir is basically The Boys’ version of Batman and Deadpool combined, although his healing factor isn’t the same as Deadpool’s.

Due to the fact that he is basically Superman, Homelander is the most powerful member of The Seven and has a lot of abilities and powers that he can use at his disposal. Black Noir’s own powers don’t stand a chance against what Homelander can do.

Homelander 2, Black Noir 1


With the exception of Starlight, who is the youngest, newest, and most inexperienced member of The Seven, Homelander himself hasn’t had the same kind of experience that the other members of The Seven have. It was shown in The Boys Presents: Diabolical that Homelander is still relatively new to The Seven and hasn’t had a lot of experience. In fact, he didn’t even know how to properly use his powers in Diabolical. Still, it doesn’t take a lot of experience to excel as a hero if you’re someone who has the same powers that Homelander has.


Homelander vs. Queen Maeve: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Black Noir is one of the most experienced members of The Seven because he has been around for quite a long time already. While we don’t know when exactly he joined The Seven, his experience speaks for itself because he is often the member that is sent on different missions that require his expertise as a ninja and a covert specialist. As such, he has amassed a ton of experience working as the go-to guy of The Seven, and that’s why he is arguably the most feared member of the strongest superhero group in the world.

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It was shown in Diabolical that Homelander’s lack of experience has led to fatal errors that eventually allowed him to develop a no-care attitude that has forced Vought to cover up all of the mistakes he has committed while on the job. Meanwhile, Black Noir’s experience has allowed him to efficiently complete his missions with minimal collateral damage, and that’s why he gets the point here.

Homelander 2, Black Noir 2


Homelander’s feats speak for themselves because he has been the only one who has displayed the ability to defeat his opponents with relative ease. There hasn’t been a moment where Homelander actually exerted effort in killing a victim because he often does it with one quick hit and or by using his heat vision. And among the other supes, he was the only one who was able to stand toe-to-toe with Stormfront’s strength when they had rough sex.

No Mans Land

In the show, most of Black Noir’s feats are unknown, but he was able to survive Homelander’s attempt to kill him during the events of The Boys Presents: Diabolical. Meanwhile, in the series, he was able to fight The Female on par and nearly killed Starlight in a fight. Other than that, most of the missions he undertook were never really mentioned, and that’s why it is tough to judge him based on his feats.

Because we know how powerful Homelander is based on what we’ve seen him do on the show, there is no doubt that he wins this round against Black Noir, whose feats aren’t too shabby but pale in comparison to what Homelander has done.

Homelander 3, Black Noir 2

Homelander vs. Black Noir: Who Would Win In A Fight?

There is a reason why Homelander is the strongest and most powerful being in the entire world as there is no other supe that could equal him in terms of physical capabilities and powers. He is the perfect killing machine because of his Superman-like powers, and that’s why he is the poster boy of The Seven. Black Noir, meanwhile, is the most efficient and most effective killer that The Seven has, and that’s why he is often called the most feared supe in the world. Nevertheless, he just doesn’t have the strength or powers that could help him win a fight against Homelander.

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