Hunter x Hunter: Here’s What Hisoka Said to Kurapika (& What Does It Mean)

Hunter x Hunter Heres What Hisoka Said to Kurapika What Does It Mean

Hisoka is one of the most puzzling characters in Hunter x Hunter. He has a mysterious yet flamboyant nature, which seems contradictory but consistent with his character. Hisoka is always trying to stir up drama for his entertainment, so he’s not above using his words to push other characters to take action. One such time was when he whispered something in Kurapika’s ear during the Hunter Exam. What did he say, and why?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • During the Hunter Exam, Hisoka whispered in Kurapika’s ear, “I know something interesting about Spiders.”
  • The Spiders are referring to the Phantom Troupe, which is how they’re known to the general public and whom Kurapika wants to exact revenge upon. 

How did Hisoka know about Kurapika’s revenge quest? 

How did Hisoka know about Kurapikas revenge quest

This exchange between these two characters occurs in chapter 44 of the Hunter x Hunter manga and episode 25 of the anime. In the manga, Hisoka’s exact words are, “I know something interesting about the spiders.” 

Since Kurapika’s introduction and throughout his time as a Hunter, we know that his quest for revenge is central to his character. The Phantom Troupe slaughtered the Kurta clan, and Kurapika deals with this massive grief by seeking revenge. 

Haunted by the ghosts of long-deceased loved ones, Kurapika has always been a tragic character. The more time passes, the more consumed Kurapika seems to be by his desire for revenge. However, even in these early episodes, he showed extreme dedication to his cause and was eager to find a lead that would point him in the direction of the Phantom Troupe. 

Hisoka isn’t a trustworthy character, nor does he pretend to be. Kurapika never told Hisoka about what happened to his clan. However, Kurapika did tell Leorio, Gon, and Killua about his revenge quest. Hisoka likely overheard them talking about it and put this information away for later use. 

After Hisoka whispers in his ear during their fight, Leorio asks Kurapika what he said. Being a good friend, Leorio doesn’t push Kurapika to divulge this information, stating that it’s his business if he doesn’t want to say anything but that they’re all friends, so there’s no need to keep secrets. 

Kurapika reveals that Hisoka tipped him off about the Spiders, even though Kurapika himself never told him that he was looking for them. Kurapika hypothesizes that Hisoka overheard them or learned it from someone else who overheard them. Either way, it’s entirely in Hisoka’s character to be nosy. 


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Why did Hisoka give away this information? 

Why did Hisoka give away this information

Hisoka doesn’t seem to be motivated by any moral compass but by his whims. Time and time again, Hisoka puts himself into difficult situations, riles up dangerous individuals, double-crosses his allies, and many more unexplainable actions. 

Hisoka seems to take actions that would result in him fighting someone very strong or witnessing some exciting drama. The clash between Kurapika and the Phantom Troupe is bound to be exciting and dramatic, so Hisoka nudged Kurapika in the right direction so he could witness it. 

It’s not the only time Hisoka trolls someone in the Hunter Exam, let alone the entire series. In the same phase of the Hunter Exam, Hisoka whispers something in Bodoro’s ear that causes him to forfeit before the fight begins. 

What does Hisoka stand to gain?

What does Hisoka stand to gain

Hisoka’s final goals seem to be something only he knows but helping Kurapika gives Hisoka something he truly wants. At the crux of Hisoka’s character, he only wants to fight the strongest possible people. He derives great pleasure from this, making him seek out more robust and vigorous opponents, making him progressively more powerful. 

Hisoka helps Kurapika find the Spiders, but he keeps assisting him after the Hunter Exam. He allied with Kurapika, in would give Kurapika information about the Phantom Troupe’s whereabouts in exchange for Kurapika helping him fight Chrollo. 

Hisoka’s end goal is to fight Chrollo one-on-one. He can do this if Kurapika is busy distracting the rest of the Spiders. It’s not a big stretch of logic to assume that Hisoka told Kurapika about the Spiders because he was “manipulating” him to achieve this goal from the beginning. 

Hisoka’s personality is complex for some and confusing for others. His end goal isn’t immediately apparent, but it usually becomes more believable if you ask, “Does Hisoka get to fight someone or witness a big fight at the end of this?” If the answer is yes, you’ve found his motivation. This makes Hisoka simultaneously a fan favorite, and a character fans love to hate. 

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