‘I Came By’ Ending, Explained: Who Is Sir Hector Blake?

I Came By

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for “I Came By” the newest Netflix thriller to come to the streaming platform this weekend. Netflix has been amping up its catalog of thrillers very quickly, especially by adding tons of international productions to the roster. “I Came By” is one of those productions, and it feels totally like something that could only be made in Europe, and in this case, in the UK specifically. The amazing cast also serves as a great incentive. There are some excellent performances here.

The film can be classified in the serial killer genre, and it shares a lot of things with movies such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, for example. The film is very well shot, and it manages to create some very unnerving sequences. Some depictions of homosexuality in the film might feel a bit dated, as they only harken to a time when this type of people was only depicted negatively in media. So, that is a bit troublesome. However, in general, we are in front of a very solid film.


Is “I Came By” Based on a True Story or a Book?

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for “I Came By”. Read at your own risk.

Who Is Sir Hector Blake?

The film starts with the introduction of both Toby and Jay. The two friends have taken on a secret identity, one of “I Came By” The duo goes into rich people’s houses, and then they leave on the wall graffiti with the words “I Came By”. The act is done as a way to rebel against the rich and the famous. To tell them that they are being watched, and to warn them that they are not safe in the glass castles. It feels a bit childish, but Toby and Jay are still young.

After one of their missions is accomplished, Jay says to Toby that this is the last one for him. Jay is having a baby on the way, so now he has to think of other people other than his own. He decides to leave the duo, which really hurts Toby, who wants to keep going. Toby’s mother, a psychiatrist named Lizzie, is having a hard time with his son. They don’t know how to communicate, and Lizzie thinks his son is just wasting his life. When Toby decides to continue on their mission without Jay, things take an awful turn.

I Came By

Jay works in construction, and a couple of weeks back he worked on the house of an ex-judge called Sir Hector Blake. Jay gives this information to Toby, and Toby decides that the ex-judge will be his next target. He manages to enter the house and follows a trail into the basement. There he finds a secret door, and when he looks over the peephole, he sees something that terrifies him. Toby goes to Jay but is rejected. Jay says he can be looking for trouble anymore.

Toby calls the police. They go inside the house but find nothing, so they leave. It is there that Toby takes the matter into his hands. He has decided to go back in. Toby goes back to the basement and manages to open the door. Inside we see a man wounded, with clear signs of having been tortured. However, Blake arrives, and the rescue plan goes awry. Toby tries to attack Blake but fails, and the serial killer captures him as well.

Who Dies In I Came By?

Lizzie starts to get worried that her son is not back. He calls the police and places a notice for his search. Meanwhile, Jay, knowing Toby went to Blake’s place, goes there and steals a letter and then plants it on Toby’s desk. This is his way of giving a clue to Lizzie and the police without him getting involved. The police search the place, and the main detective almost manages to find something strange, when Blake insults her and gets arrested. However, Blake is well-connected and goes free quite easily.

Lizzie continues to be suspicious of Blake and parks her car outside his house almost every day. Jay says she could get into trouble for it, but she doesn’t pay attention. One night, while Blake was trying to seduce and capture another young man, his victim managed to escape, and because Lizzie was outside in front of his house, the young man is able to escape. However, he is scared and doesn’t want to report it to the police because he is an immigrant.

I Came By

Lizzie wants Jay to help her get inside Blake’s house and look for Toby. Jay says he cannot do it. He cannot go to jail and leave his son behind. Jay hides everything from his girlfriend, and the relationship starts to deteriorate. Meanwhile, Lizzie goes inside the house, but she is captured by Blake. The killer confesses he threw Toby’s ashes into the toilet, and that Lizzie will be the next one. He says this as he butchers the body of a young man in front of her.

Weeks pass and Lizzie doesn’t answer her phone, and when Jay visits her, the apartment seems to have been empty for many weeks. Jay decides to take matters into his own hands, he feels responsible because he didn’t help Toby and Lizzie when they asked for help. He gets inside the house and fights Blake. Thankfully, Jay comes on top and rescues another young man that was trapped inside the room. Jay leaves and calls his girlfriend. He cries as he realizes that both Toby and Lizzie are dead.

The police arrive at Blake’s house, and they find Blake tied up and bloody. On a wall, a new “I Came By” graffiti can be seen, in honor of his friend. Justice has been served.

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